Three Kingdoms of China - v10.0 [2013-12-31] p22 GFX & XML

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Re: Three Kingdoms of China - v10.0 [2013-12-31] p22 GFX & X

Postby chouette on Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:34 am

First off, I just wanted to say that I really like this map. The three kingdoms theme and the artwork is great. I've seen a few comments about the capital bonus and how not very many people try to grab that bonus. I agree with this sentiment and feel like changing capitals to count as cities for the city bonus and adding a +1 auto-deploy on top of them might make more sense. Changing them to 3n from 2n might be necessary to balance out that change. Having said that, leaving the capital bonus the same really wouldn't bother me. I just don't like bonuses that are never used :). Other than that, my only complaint is the readability of the text. Maybe I'm just going blind, but I find myself squinting to try to read the text, especially the red territory names. Otherwise this map is great, keep up the good work
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Re: Three Kingdoms of China - v10.0 [2013-12-31] p22 GFX & X

Postby iancanton on Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:28 pm

thanks for ur comments, chouette, and welcome to the foundry!

the last 30 completed 1v1, auto-placement, sequential, escalating, chained, sunny, non-trench games with unlimited rounds are those from Game 14572968 to Game 15045777 inclusive (excluding Game 14760447, where one player deadbeated). these all used the xml with the +6 bonus for holding 3 capitals. 3 capitals were attacked successfully in 6 games (20%), 2 capitals in 11 games (37%), 1 capital in 5 games (17%) and 0 capitals in 8 games (27%). the 2 capitals bonus was held in 11 games (37%) and the 3 capitals bonus in 2 games (7%). in 10 of the 11 games (91%) where the 2 capitals bonus was held, the first player to receive this bonus won. in both games (100%) where the 3 capitals bonus was held, the only player to receive this bonus was the eventual winner. 45 capitals were held in these 30 games, which is an average of 1.5 per game.

given the above figures, the +6 bonus is big enough to prevent the capitals from being ignored, even though the +6 rarely pays out in full. on the contrary, 2 capitals is one of the most popular bonuses now.

adding an auto-deploy bonus to each capital is something that we're trying on the czecho slovak fragmentation map. despite this map being in some ways similar, we can probably conclude that there is enough capital activity to be satisfied with the gameplay.

as well as the red names mentioned by chouette, there are two graphics niggles from a previous post of mine that haven't yet been answered. once seamus puts these to bed, i see no reason to delay quenching the map.

iancanton wrote:two things i've noticed about the map images are that the shu character to the left of the kingdom of shu mini-map is barely visible and there appears to be the shadow of a character to the left of jiaozhi. perhaps u can darken slightly the background behind the shu character?

ian. :)
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