Danny.L Rating abuse/endless accusations [warned]

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Danny.L Rating abuse/endless accusations [warned]

Postby Galvanicos on Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:09 am

Accused: Danny.L


The accused are suspected of:

Rating abuse/endless accusations

Game number(s):

Game 11975849
Game 12174753
Game 12017757
Game 12165663
Game 11995752

My own game with him: Game 12079432

Comments: The pattern is always the same. When Danny does not win a game and his position is hopeless he starts accusing the others of a truce. After the game ends he gives the players one star overall. Mostly he also says that he will report it to the mods or even saying that the mods agreed with him. There are so many games he did that, that I only grabbed 5 plus my own game as example. In reality there are 50 or even more. His rating pages shows his giving ratings and there you can see that it is endless. To be honest, I don't think players like this belong on cc, but at least stop his rating ability and warn him for this behaviour.

The chat goes like this (also only a small grab of all the games with players he gave the one star rating with the secret diplomacy tag):

Game 11975849
2012-12-16 13:34:52 - Danny.L: been waiting a long time 4 blue and yellow 2 declare thier abovious truce
2012-12-16 13:35:06 - Danny.L: teal i wont attack your bonus
2012-12-16 13:35:21 - Danny.L: we are being teamed so no point in helping them

Game 12174753
2013-01-05 20:05:35 - Danny.L: and how he tries his very hardest to let u win
2013-01-05 20:05:43 - Danny.L: fkn unbelievable
2013-01-05 20:06:40 - Danny.L: guy cant pretemd he's a novice
2013-01-05 20:06:47 - Danny.L: there must be another reason
2013-01-05 20:06:53 - Danny.L: secret alliance maybe?
2013-01-05 20:07:01 - Danny.L: ah no i see ur both american
2013-01-05 20:07:06 - Danny.L: say no fucking more

Game 12017757
2012-12-02 03:07:47 - Danny.L: even the american and canadian run mods will have to ban people 4 the cheating in this game.
2012-12-02 03:07:54 - Danny.L: ive just got pm back
2012-12-02 03:08:03 - Danny.L: when u rewind this, it reli doesnt look good
2012-12-02 03:08:13 - Danny.L: i am the only non american in this game
2012-12-02 03:08:24 - Danny.L: and its been every1 against me from d start
2012-12-02 03:08:31 - Danny.L: reli pathetic tbh
2012-12-02 03:09:03 - Danny.L: i am repeating d mods words, not mine

Game 12165663
2013-01-03 20:53:02 - Danny.L: yellow broke ur bonus mate
2013-01-03 20:53:08 - Danny.L: rewind
2013-01-03 20:53:42 - Danny.L: ive placed loads on beunos but u wont even move out of d way
2013-01-03 20:53:50 - Danny.L: green is obviously yellows partner
2013-01-03 20:54:03 - Danny.L: cashed in a set abd left a 3 defending 17 bonus again
2013-01-03 20:54:12 - Danny.L: guy is obviously foed and reported

Game 11995752
2012-12-27 20:29:08 - Danny.L: man or woman u r cheating
2012-12-27 20:29:18 - Danny.L: rucking 1 dwfending all scots and wales
2012-12-27 20:29:21 - Danny.L: goodbye

Game 11805930
2012-11-04 01:07:08 - Danny.L: yellow and teal u r both foed
2012-11-04 01:07:10 - Danny.L: goodbye
2012-11-06 19:30:07 - karinokas: what is wrong?
2012-11-08 19:33:42 - KCStymie: Game has a time change bug. Lost a turn and the armies. really sucks
2012-11-21 22:17:03 - Danny.L: just making sure u dont win yellow u cheating dirty cunt faced twat
2012-11-22 06:37:54 - Danny.L: doesnt help wiv green suiciding on me either

Game 12079432 (my game)
2013-01-11 17:57:17 - Danny.L: teal u r foed
2013-01-11 17:57:25 - Danny.L: goodbye i hate teaming cheats
2013-01-11 17:57:51 - Danny.L: play with yourselves
2013-01-11 18:48:50 - Galvanicos: teaming cheats? I think you have to think twice before you say something like that.
2013-01-12 09:34:43 - Danny.L: there are a lot of people watching qute amused by you 2 by the way
2013-01-12 09:34:52 - Danny.L: your cheating antics are quite amusing
2013-01-12 09:34:59 - Danny.L: so obvious it is laughable
2013-01-12 09:35:02 - Danny.L: pathetic

The game ended today, but no doubt that he filled in the rating form already and gave me and yellow the one star overall with the diplomacy tag.

I made some screenshots of his rating pages. 10 is the maximum I can place here, so again this is only a sample. I do this to prevent that he maybe delete his ratings after seeing this thread.












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Re: Danny.L Rating abuse/endless accusations

Postby king achilles on Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:49 pm

Danny.L has been warned.
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