Trench Hive Open Invitational

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Trench Hive Open Invitational

Postby DoomYoshi on Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:51 am

This is just a placeholder thread for now. Once there are enough players that meet the criteria, we will have a series of games to determine who is the best of them all.

Criteria: must have won a Trench Hive gaming using the following criteria:
can not have been a random map
must have 6,7,8 players
must be either no spoils or nuclear
can be any reinforcement ,foggy, freestyle, manual, doesn't matter
must be standard or terminator\

As you meet the criteria, you can add yourself to the list below.
The idea is that everyone will have won a certain combination of settings. Every group of 8 will play on a combination of settings that none of them have won on yet.

Looking for 32 players. Winner and random player advance to final round.
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