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Re: It's Easy to stop Farming and Ranching (Revised)

Postby Viceroy63 on Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:36 pm

Chariot of Fire wrote:Good post Viceroy. And you are quite right in that many high-ranking players will cooperate to eliminate a low-ranking one for fear of points loss. There really is seldom a need for experienced players to take on the new and inexperienced (or useless). By having divisions it would encourage/stimulate the desire for promotion.

In anticipation of the argument against this ("But what if friends want to play together?") it could easily be worked around by allowing low ranks to invite high ranks (but not vice versa). A friend can accept the invite; a perplexed high-ranker can simply decline the invite (as he knows better). Any games set-up for tournaments are the exception to the rule - also easy to program into the revised system.

Thanks for your thoughtful insight. It threw a new perspective on an ongoing problem.

A though about the lower ranking players inviting the higher ranking one's is, that the higher ranking player should be able to win the lower ranking player most of the time. The factor of experience is what makes the game more fun and enjoyable. When two like minds meet in the field of battle and put to the test their intellects, that's what makes for a great game and even greater enjoyment. Otherwise it's just an onslaught. Most of the time. In any case the lower ranking player can wait until he meets his friend as an Equal.

Also if the higher ranking player truly desires to play with his lower ranking friend, then he might be better motivated to mentor his friend along and help him progress that much more faster through the ranks. I think that a part of the reason why more people don't mentor others is because they would rather keep the knowledge to themselves. That is just so selfish and unworthy of a friend. People who only care for high scores over fun games don't really have friends. They have victims. That's what would happen when you put older children to play with with the younger ones. The older kids usually beat up on the younger ones. Even when the younger ones want to play with the older children, the parent in their wisdom always say, "No, I don't want you playing with the older kids."

I think that it is just a good idea all the way around to just keep everyone playing at their levels and separated. Otherwise we could also be seeing Farming, only in reverse. The more experience higher ranking player could always initiate first contact and ask to be invited to the lower ranking games. In which case the higher ranking player, if he is a really good player, could clean up a whole lot of points from the other, younger kids. :D Not to mention that the higher ranking player could know the lower ranking player and both be in on what is really happening. Like a sting operation for points.

At any rate with the exception of tournaments, this idea of separated class players will only work if it is a complete and total separation of classes and ranks. Any thing else could provide a loop hole to a problem.
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Re: It's Easy to stop Farming and Ranching (Revised)

Postby jgordon1111 on Sat Feb 04, 2012 12:59 am

I would Like to thank all posters for your input and support.

After looking at many other threads and complaints I believe that a change is more then can be accomplished by any small group.

Ok admin you can archive this one now
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