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Postby spiesr on Tue Nov 28, 2006 10:53 am

One time at bandcamp I destroyed a trombone, and made a glueman. Suddenly, I heard a car with squeaky brakes, the fragment scared me. Then the car suddenly exploded five feet from my hideous bandcamp tent & my broken trombone pieces & the chanting, creepy, ice-cream man. Afterwards I remembered that I ate the trombone. When I looked up this thread died again. Also, wcaclimbing got eaten by an enormous mutated Swedish meatball that screamed loudly. Then the Swedish Meatball went home to Sweden to see his family. Then I was scared because his family is heterosexual not normal homosexual. Stranger still was his need to look up antidisestablishmentarianism in a dictionary. If i slept with my funny squeaky stuffed giraffe. I would wake up with cheese in a plate and a banana. But enough about that. It's time to kill vtmarik and his buddy, but that's not allowed in this nuclear-free zone. Instead, we should use a little bobble head and ram it up his head and nose and watch him scream as his face falls of the roof to burst like a sack. Then the creepy man creeped creepily across the creeping red fescue sod and creepily devoured vtmarik's crawling squiming crazy piece of poo that he kept in his second stomach. Now with hunger satisfied, the creepy man went into the house of commerce and said I want an appeal of bacon! It is just unfortunate that I did already eat them all and kill them. then, I decided to go to the store for a bag of skittles, but they were all moldy and reiked of terrible spelling of "reeked". But now a fire burned all the dictionaries, I managed to save a pizza slice from the burning hand of the library assistant's small lawn gnome. It tasted like old, sweaty feet. Nauseous, I threw up. The Jesus freaks said "That is a sin you fu**ing retard!" I got killed by them because I tortured a koala with scripture. Then mexicans jumped off a cliff and everone cheered because they spoke another language. Then the Incas came to eat all the crap the mexicans left because they were Spanish-ish. Then nazis came with giant potatos of death but got killed by the spanish inquisition which had AK-47s. Afterwards, they played risk using teeth and dominoes, but without a risk board, they had use the real world. After conquering an arm, and a leg. Two young fine gentleman started doubting their motives and began to eat each other, slowly, extremeties first, they were hungry. Koalas then began to eat my anus because it tastes like Chicken and they thought it asked to be eaten alive. After adding some ketchup a bomb landed in my underwear and got blown up after I set a torch in Econ2000's enemy spiesr's wife and remembered I'm dead. I was then resurrected by my mum who killed me as soon as I killed her. Then, somewhere in eastern Nevada the US flew spaceships to Roswell, NM so we could continue buying alien technology from Hillary Rodham Clinton and cheap tacos from Mr. Bush and the Quicky Mart. I drew my gun and killed the aliens who peed on the ugly chevy that I bought for my mother-in-law. Emo people suck because all they ever do is mope and feel like slitting thier wrists. Hendy sucks at life, the way that clams eat dead people's flesh. Boy, do I like mocking retards like Skittlesandmnms with insults such as: loser, fu**faYce, coc*sucker, fag, assface, buttmouth, and invalid. I insult him because he asks why hated is a word that has only 5 letters? It boggles the mind. "Eat my flying farts" an idiot Liberal screams. Then Liberals all over start stabbing George Bush with double posts of death. Bush kills them and starts sucking Cheney's balls. Then wicked kills gays with a golden dildo to prove that when gays die, that a russian citizen will revive them and kill them until all hell breaks Twill's face off. Twill
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Postby shultz on Thu Nov 30, 2006 1:21 am

shit, and here iam thinking this post is 4 word or less.... sorry
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