Conquer Club
Tournament: Queen Bee - Round 2, Group 2, Game 2

Game 11616389

Round 50

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
50 Rounds
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:Tripitaka 4.9 5 43 2445 0
g:blonderic 4.9 0 0 0 0
b:torres44cm 4.8 0 48 2521 0
y:agentcom 4.9 3 149 888 0
p:paulgamelb 4.8 0 0 0 0
c:musteriuz 4.8 0 0 0 0
o:Lt Corwin 4.8 2 110 2557 55

Game Log

2012-09-04 15:28:03 - Game has been initialized
2012-10-24 03:09:07 - agentcom eliminated musteriuz from the game
2012-10-24 03:09:07 - musteriuz lost 12 points
2012-10-24 03:09:07 - agentcom gained 12 points
2012-11-08 17:39:14 - agentcom eliminated blonderic from the game
2012-11-08 17:39:14 - blonderic lost 14 points
2012-11-08 17:39:14 - agentcom gained 14 points
2013-01-03 21:11:47 - Lt Corwin eliminated paulgamelb from the game
2013-01-03 21:11:47 - paulgamelb lost 24 points
2013-01-03 21:11:47 - Lt Corwin gained 24 points
2013-01-08 20:46:32 - Lt Corwin won the game
2013-01-08 20:46:32 - Tripitaka lost 33 points
2013-01-08 20:46:32 - torres44cm lost 30 points
2013-01-08 20:46:32 - agentcom lost 35 points
2013-01-08 20:46:32 - Lt Corwin gained 98 points

Game Chat

2012-10-24 18:11:29 - agentcom: but for fortune ...
2012-10-24 18:11:31 - agentcom: gg cyan
2012-10-26 20:25:46 - Lt Corwin: Hate when I miss place troops :(
2012-11-06 16:29:35 - Tripitaka: Just taking back what you originally took from me torres - guess we're square now! ;)
2012-11-18 13:31:14 - torres44cm: hye orange, did'nt like you tresspassing and breaking my bonus, suggest you go another way
2012-11-18 13:34:10 - torres44cm: if your trying to expand, better for you to hit pink for termination
2012-11-18 13:35:57 - torres44cm: unfortunately with you and me fighting, no chance for one of us to take this one. yeah I know we all advance, but we're better taking the fight elsewhere
2012-11-19 13:25:00 - Lt Corwin: Yeah, noticed my little toe hold is gone:(
2012-11-21 21:17:19 - Tripitaka: Sorry yellow - just needed a card
2012-11-22 15:03:38 - agentcom: No, you don't get to take over the bonus where we were trading cards and then proceed to break more bonuses with the excuse of finding a card spot
2012-11-22 15:08:57 - agentcom: well there goes that idea
2012-11-22 15:09:14 - agentcom: bullshit dice ... thought I'd pick up a couple more points there
2012-11-24 14:47:21 - Tripitaka: lol - Firstly we we weren't trading cards - you took the two bonuses from green before taking him out, but you didn't have enough men left over to secure them I guess, so I took them in turn from you.
2012-11-24 14:49:43 - Tripitaka: You then took a stack out of mine (as opposed to the low numbers I had taken from you) to tak ethe small bonus back. True you did leave it open so I could take a card, but that's as far as the "trading" went, since you didn't take it back.
2012-11-24 14:51:02 - Tripitaka: Since you'd shown pettiness in your previous attack, I wasn't about to just sit there and wait for you to try to get the other bonus back, so when I got to cash the next round I took your precious 1 bonus with the 17 men it had in it...
2012-11-24 14:57:14 - Tripitaka: (still less than the stack you took from me). As for breaking "more bonuses" both time you left just a one protecting - both times I broke them to get an easy card. If you don't like that then don't leave them unprotected.
2012-11-24 14:59:26 - Tripitaka: No one forced you to react by taking out stacks of mine and breaking bonuses of mine in the process. Seems a waste of trrops to me, when you're going to loose more troops than the mere 5 you missed out on from the bonus, but each to their own!
2012-11-30 16:53:23 - agentcom: secure bonuses, sit and wait for round limit
2012-11-30 16:53:29 - agentcom: shit
2012-11-30 16:53:39 - agentcom: this isn't a team game? haha
2012-12-02 20:42:12 - torres44cm: wow red, your mean :-)
2012-12-04 15:05:19 - Tripitaka: Just wanted to get a card blue and yours was the smallest stack I could take to get one....mean would have bean to break your other bonus! ;)
2012-12-04 15:05:37 - Tripitaka: *been even!
2012-12-04 15:07:31 - Tripitaka: I'm more than happy to move back out if you want to keep M19 as a card spot.
2012-12-05 21:28:50 - torres44cm: hey red, yeah your right, could have been really brutal if you wanted, M19 is ok with me, I'll adjust, next turn
2012-12-07 11:07:41 - Tripitaka: Cool!
2012-12-08 17:44:02 - Lt Corwin: Pink, you want to use FO2 for trading cards?
2012-12-09 18:28:42 - agentcom: ok red, I guess we'll keep playing this game
2012-12-18 17:03:33 - agentcom: red, pull H09 back to I08 for 1 round please, to allow me to pull out of that E07 region
2012-12-18 17:05:10 - agentcom: I don't know when the idea started for everyone to hit me ... I've got blue hitting me on the right and green and pink hitting me on the left
2012-12-20 01:36:19 - Tripitaka: Ah, sorry guess I should have read the gamechat first. I'll move out next round.
2012-12-20 04:11:22 - torres44cm: hey red what happened to M19 card spot
2012-12-20 04:13:05 - torres44cm: M20 was not the deal
2012-12-20 04:29:31 - agentcom: yeah, I'm in retreat mode. Once I get those troops back there, you and pink are free to battle it out for E07 region
2012-12-20 19:48:52 - Tripitaka: Nothing happend to it - that's the problem you didn't take it back so I would have a spot, so I had no other choice (unless I wanted to hit a stack) but to deploy on it and take either M20 or N20. I even moved in so you could take it without losing...
2012-12-20 19:52:33 - Tripitaka: needless troops. I would have moved out again if I didn't have a better fort and also since you failed to take M19 previously I was trying to guarantee a card spot this round!
2012-12-20 19:54:22 - Tripitaka: It had no impact on you being able to get an easy card, or how many troops you would get, so I don't get why you overreacted - not like I took the bonus or you were in danger from the measely 8 I left there. Right now getting an easy card is way more ....
2012-12-20 19:54:41 - Tripitaka: important to me than a measley one bonus!
2012-12-20 19:59:04 - Tripitaka: Unless of course you're just using it as an excuse to take the bonus yourself without looking like you went back on your word. Pretty silly unless you are prepared to hit a large stack next round seeing as you don't have any easy spots yourself now!
2012-12-21 13:19:24 - Tripitaka: Sorry agent, didn't have any other card spot, but at least you can move your men out now and losing a potential 7 bonus is still better than losing 283 men to pink. .
2012-12-21 22:06:27 - torres44cm: hey red, misunderstood your intention, card swap np
2012-12-22 07:06:52 - agentcom: Carding there this round is fine with me. It means I don't have to use a for to get guys over there.
2012-12-22 07:08:32 - agentcom: Only problem with my retreat is that I now need a card spot ...
2012-12-23 02:11:56 - Tripitaka: No worries torres - just don't let it happen again naughty boy!!! :P
2012-12-23 02:15:52 - Tripitaka: Agent - you could always drop a few on H08, just enough to take one of those ones - then depending what pink/orange do I can always move back to I08 so we can share H09 - It is the season of sharing after all! :)
2012-12-23 19:15:02 - agentcom: Yeah, I was thinking something like that. I just don't have much leverage here. The only thing I can offer is that you will know it will be a card spot cuz it's about my only option
2013-01-03 18:36:49 - agentcom: round limit coming up ... we're gonna have to hit red next round
2013-01-03 21:13:03 - Lt Corwin: GG Pink, getting close to the end I had to try:)
2013-01-08 22:33:44 - torres44cm: wtf, that's was bs agentcom. you had no chance of winning, so you suicide to make sure Lt Corwin wins! what a jerk
2013-01-09 23:20:17 - Tripitaka: lol and ironically he lost the most points from doing it that way - nothing like a sore loser!
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