Conquer Club
Tournament: [CL4] Div 1 Championship KORT vs AOC - batch 1 12 hrs fog

Game 11960054

Round 8

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
No Spoils

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerRegionsTroopsTroops Due
Team 1:
r:josko.ri 4.9 28 28 11
g:Moonchild 4.9 25 25 16
b:niMic 4.9 19 19 6
y:Astoriana 5.0 40 73 18
Team 2:
p:IanG7 4.9 0 0 0
c:ccatman 4.7 0 0 0
o:EagleByRob 4.8 0 0 0
s:kjg21 4.9 0 0 0

Game Log

2012-11-21 04:07:20 - Game has been initialized
2012-12-08 19:43:54 - Astoriana eliminated ccatman from the game
2012-12-09 07:46:46 - josko.ri eliminated IanG7 from the game
2012-12-12 10:52:53 - josko.ri eliminated EagleByRob from the game
2012-12-12 17:25:33 - Astoriana eliminated kjg21 from the game
2012-12-12 17:25:33 - josko.ri, Moonchild, niMic, Astoriana won the game
2012-12-12 17:25:33 - IanG7 lost 22 points
2012-12-12 17:25:33 - ccatman lost 22 points
2012-12-12 17:25:33 - EagleByRob lost 22 points
2012-12-12 17:25:33 - kjg21 lost 22 points
2012-12-12 17:25:33 - josko.ri gained 22 points
2012-12-12 17:25:33 - Moonchild gained 22 points
2012-12-12 17:25:33 - niMic gained 22 points
2012-12-12 17:25:33 - Astoriana gained 22 points

Game Chat

2012-12-05 18:13:06 - josko.ri: so all top clans, and starts were like 30% by rough opinion
2012-12-05 18:13:54 - josko.ri: especially in hive triples, when first player has 171 troops to attack fort. and we already won the triples va aoc, who had first turn there
2012-12-05 18:14:29 - josko.ri: unlimited is settings of real skill, in comparing with baseball doubles for example. which you sent
2012-12-06 03:21:38 - josko.ri: in this challenge aoc had 3/1 starts in unlimited fort games, but result will be 3/1 for kort
2012-12-06 14:31:33 - IanG7: ok, it's an advantage right now, but when we all get that unlimited thing figured out, watch out, lol
2012-12-07 20:01:37 - ccatman: lets be honest
2012-12-07 20:01:47 - ccatman: it doesn't matter what settings you choose
2012-12-07 20:02:06 - ccatman: when 2 teams are this equally close in skill level luck will be a larger majority then skill is in the out come of the game
2012-12-07 20:02:48 - ccatman: and hive is an awful comparison
2012-12-07 20:03:10 - ccatman: due to scale size it can't be compared to a map like w2.1 or conquerman
2012-12-07 20:04:03 - ccatman: we were done to majority of 1's in troops per regions in hive when you guys still had a 20 stack just sitting around like it was nothing and you guys had a good 30 regions on us before you even deployed more troops then us
2012-12-07 20:04:10 - ccatman: down to*
2012-12-07 20:05:23 - ccatman: in hive unlimited its about whoever gets the most attacker odds directed towards goals that will get you some form of bonus as the starting counter troop and the troop count after 1 round drops from 500+ to about 200
2012-12-08 02:36:17 - niMic: I know nothing about Hive at all, but something tells me josko is not the right person to be lectured about it =P
2012-12-08 06:04:23 - josko.ri: ccatman, our 20 stack was sitting around to be forted in right time to right player which you targeted. it was not doing nothing like you imply
2012-12-08 06:06:16 - josko.ri: and we had 30 more regions, true. when you have 5 o10, 3 o13, 4 P12 (and many similar examples) doing absolutely nothing, then no wonder that we had 30 more regions, we do not have dead stacks of 3,4,5 around the mao which are doing absolutely nothing
2012-12-08 06:08:41 - josko.ri: Before pink turn round 3, the hive was already decided, and this is from our game chat at that time: 2012-11-30 01:39:29 - Foxglove [team]: 226 - 217 troops
2012-12-08 06:09:20 - josko.ri: so, in the worst case for us, if you have all 1s in fog, troops count would be 226/217 for us, in moment when I could sya the game was already decided in our favor
2012-12-08 06:11:01 - josko.ri: If we could have so big lead with more or less equal total troops, that means no luck was on our side (troops are equal, no?). that means we knew to use our available troops better than your team, if we are able to get more drop per turn by having equal
2012-12-08 06:11:38 - josko.ri: ... by having more or less equal total troops (in that moment, after pink made his drop, your team had even more troosp).
2012-12-08 06:12:48 - josko.ri: That is skill, not luck. I think I am enough qualified by speaking about it with 100% winning percent on hive team games, more merit that you with only 99% on 1 minute 1v1 hives ;)
2012-12-08 06:17:04 - josko.ri: And that will be 2/0 KORT vs AOC in Hive map, both times KORt started second. other game is 8767821, won very fast in round 7
2012-12-08 15:06:57 - ccatman: i don't even have time for cc it is very low on my priority list i in no way have the time to make all the necessary moves in hive and help my team do the same
2012-12-08 15:07:05 - ccatman: "like it was nothing" is an expression sorry didn't mean it was doing nothing
2012-12-08 15:07:35 - ccatman: you on the other hand seem to have time to take your entire clans turns (not meant as an insult) which i wish i did too but i just don't
2012-12-08 15:09:35 - ccatman: hive isn't even a matter of skill at this point everyone just downright hates that map its very hard to be enthusiastic about unlimited forts when it comes to that map
2012-12-08 15:11:45 - ccatman: someday i'll break that 100% just you wait :D but i'm in a rough time personally
2012-12-08 15:11:54 - ccatman: ggs
2012-12-08 21:54:19 - kjg21: gg all
2012-12-09 07:38:25 - josko.ri: lol at, "I have time to play turns for the entire clan". In Hive for example zero siting were done, all turns were played account owners. In this challenge I sit only for Moonchild during weekends when he has no internet
2012-12-09 07:41:08 - josko.ri: I will be glad to outplay you again on Hive like I did everytime, except when major strategy was speed clicking (1 minute turn), where I am weak
2012-12-09 07:43:02 - josko.ri: When it came to 5 minute turn, even on your settings that I played second game ever (trench), and with my second start, I managed to win that, just like I said in chat that I will win when it comes to strategy and not to speed clicking
2012-12-09 07:43:34 - josko.ri: 11702341 2012-09-23 21:03:56 - josko.ri: wanted to test your methods, and your only skill is speed play. if you disagree, we may play match the same settings, 5 minutes per turn, so there you present your strategy if you disagree with me
2012-12-09 07:44:42 - josko.ri: I am glad that I shpowed my skills even vs you, who are not among the ones who "hate" that map, by seeing your past map played
2012-12-09 07:45:31 - josko.ri: Someday that 100% will be broken for sure, like every series. We will see if you will be the one to break it ;)
2012-12-09 16:09:19 - ccatman: hey come on don't bs me you deployed 15 more then me but had 80 more troops then me in 5 rounds you can't use that
2012-12-09 16:11:10 - ccatman: i don't have time for speed games right now
2012-12-09 16:11:16 - ccatman: i could do casual
2012-12-09 16:12:14 - ccatman: and i know you didn't sit for anyone in the hive game i was making a point that you have more time to look at it then me maybe if you weren't being such an arrogant prick you would've got that point
2012-12-09 16:12:41 - ccatman: my team has little to not communication in hive cause we just don't have the time for it
2012-12-10 10:17:43 - Moonchild: Moon here
2012-12-10 11:51:40 - josko.ri: oh accept my apologize then. I have a lot of shit for other players calling me to sit for whole clan while that is far away from true. I think I even did not sit a single turn ever for like half of my clan.
2012-12-10 11:52:29 - josko.ri: I am just already used that everyone wrong accuse me that I play every turns of my clan. Even in that hive game, we played together round 1, and one turn later foxglove and me played together when we meet online
2012-12-10 11:53:17 - josko.ri: all other turns in the hive game were played with account owner alone, with just some principle notes in chat, so a lot of judgement was made by Foxglove or Astoriana themselves
2012-12-10 11:53:48 - josko.ri: I do not have so much time for CC like you probably think. I try to declare the stragtegy
2012-12-10 11:55:03 - josko.ri: and then when strategy is known in general, players do moves alone often, only rarely meet at the same time with me, when we tref each other. especially in last days, I really have low of time for CC, and I rarely meet with mates
2012-12-10 11:56:13 - josko.ri: I realized some of your hive moves was miscommunication, and I regret for that. the map is the highest fighting ground that CC can offer so I like have epic battles there, with both teams give their 100%
2012-12-10 14:36:01 - IanG7: gg everybody
2012-12-12 13:06:41 - niMic: gg y'all
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