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Game 12219002

Round 12

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:Indrid Dragon 4.3 0 0 0 0
g:Cadowyn 4.4 7 42 88 38
b:Hurlothrumbo 4.8 0 0 0 0
y:patxolin 4.8 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2013-01-15 01:18:38 - Game has been initialized
2013-01-18 13:29:27 - Cadowyn eliminated Hurlothrumbo from the game
2013-01-18 19:27:50 - Indrid Dragon eliminated patxolin from the game
2013-01-19 13:57:39 - Cadowyn eliminated Indrid Dragon from the game
2013-01-19 13:57:39 - Cadowyn won the game
2013-01-19 13:57:39 - Indrid Dragon lost 25 points
2013-01-19 13:57:39 - Hurlothrumbo lost 32 points
2013-01-19 13:57:39 - patxolin lost 21 points
2013-01-19 13:57:39 - Cadowyn gained 78 points

Game Chat

2013-01-17 01:37:40 - Indrid Dragon: "Risk all your troops on a daring land grab. Use diplomacy to coordinate a group assault on the game leader. Feel the thrill of victory as you crush your last opponent." Copied from the homepage
2013-01-17 01:46:25 - Indrid Dragon: My friend is new to this game. He mentioned the treaty in a personal discussion and I told him that we should make it clear to you gents if we wanted to make a he let you guys know. There shouldn't be a problem.
2013-01-17 01:47:36 - Hurlothrumbo: If you can't see what you have done wrong, i.e. entering a game with pre-arranged commitments to not attack each other, this agreement being merely publicly ratified in chat, you have a problem. I suggest you check the abuse forums and take the matter up
2013-01-17 01:47:57 - Hurlothrumbo: You both feature in my report. Good luck/
2013-01-17 01:51:59 - Indrid Dragon: We never agreed on anything entering this game. You, Sir, are beyond reasoning with apparently. Do what you must.
2013-01-17 02:26:19 - Hurlothrumbo: Yup, no probs. I sympathise with your point of view, but most strongly disagree with your belief that you have done no wrong.
2013-01-17 02:27:23 - Hurlothrumbo: You obviosuly entered the game with the agreement not to fight each other...that is manifestly clear in your first line in public chat, where you "assume" Green will agree top your long-winded statement.
2013-01-17 02:52:16 - Indrid Dragon: I just read under the secrect diplomacy rule that "proposing truces" must be done in game chat. Technically, we proposed the truce (mid-game) via phone, and declared the truce in game chat. I can see where you're coming from now. I was not aware of such
2013-01-17 02:56:23 - Indrid Dragon: explicity in the rule. However, the game has not been effected in any way that it wouldn't have been if we had typed the proposal. This was a simple misunderstanding and not a malicious act of secret diplomacy.
2013-01-17 02:58:44 - Indrid Dragon: Therefore, I must say that reporting us would be an abrasive act.
2013-01-17 03:41:37 - Cadowyn: Hurlothrumbo, we did not enter this game with the agreement not to fight each other. We entered with the intention of having a full fledged war, and enjoying a gentlement's game of courage, honor, intelligence, discipline, and myrth.
2013-01-17 03:43:53 - Cadowyn: Now, however, do to your preconceived notions of unfair play--because you're getting your ass kicked--I propose, publicly, that Indrid Dragon and I form a full fledged alliance and commence to exterminating your presence from the battlefield.
2013-01-17 03:46:51 - Cadowyn: I am a man of honor, courage, and a strong moral code. I'm highly dissatisfied that you would take such an abhorant stance against a mere rookie with no rank. I have played this game but twice, and this is my second time in the experience of warfare.
2013-01-17 03:50:04 - Cadowyn: *Please read my aforementioned posts with a Franklink Delano Roosevelt voice.*
2013-01-17 05:59:58 - Hurlothrumbo: rofl...guys, have made an error of judgement: it's not a hanging offence, however, declaring that you will exterminate me, most certainly is.
2013-01-17 06:01:29 - Hurlothrumbo: Perhaps for the next training exercise, might I suggest a two-man scenario so you can whip the pants off each other without upsetting any other precious players who might be around?
2013-01-17 13:21:49 - Cadowyn: ^Franklin
2013-01-17 21:12:24 - Cadowyn: Hurlothrumbo, I'm sensing a lot of pent-up frustration with your comments. Suggesting that my friend and I engage in a "two-man scenario." Sir, what ARE you trying to say?!
2013-01-17 21:13:14 - Cadowyn: Furthermore, I object to your notion of Indrid Dragon and I "whip the pants off each other." Good sir, I would be the one upset if such an event ever occured.
2013-01-17 21:14:48 - Cadowyn: Pray, if that be your secret fancy, no quarrel will ye have with me. But leave my likeness (And dare I say Indrid Dragon as well) out of your roaming thoughts!
2013-01-17 23:00:05 - Indrid Dragon: Bahahaha! Damn me, I have just spit my smoking pipe across the room. I'm laughing so hard. Let's be clear that nobody declared your extermination (from the game). It was proposed...publicly.
2013-01-17 23:11:07 - Cadowyn: *puts on monocle*
2013-01-17 23:11:10 - Cadowyn: *coughs*
2013-01-17 23:11:28 - Cadowyn: *peruses the map of the world*
2013-01-17 23:28:15 - Cadowyn: *In FDR Voice* Todaaaay....Europe is free. We have liberated our brothers and sisters from the grip tyranny.
2013-01-17 23:28:45 - Cadowyn: The Hurlothrumbonians have been displaced, and sentenced back to their home world of Australia.
2013-01-17 23:28:58 - Cadowyn: ^of
2013-01-18 00:07:08 - Hurlothrumbo: If I see you two twerps in the "Looking for Game" page, be assured I'll not entertainany thoughts of joining. Good luck with the rest of this game, cya.
2013-01-18 00:40:26 - Cadowyn: Sink me.
2013-01-18 02:44:15 - patxolin: red if ure smart take dakar from green otherwise we will lose in a few rounds
2013-01-18 03:10:06 - Cadowyn: Indrid Dragon: Don't listen to Sir Patxolin. He is trying to persuade you for his own devices.
2013-01-18 03:10:32 - Cadowyn: I'm but a humble soldier on the battlefield of war.
2013-01-18 03:10:42 - Cadowyn: I defend my territory with honor and pride.
2013-01-18 03:10:53 - Cadowyn: Cadowynia is a nation of justice and peace.
2013-01-18 03:11:00 - Cadowyn: We shall fight the good fight.
2013-01-18 03:11:06 - Cadowyn: Long live King Cadowyn!
2013-01-18 03:11:34 - Cadowyn: Praise be to his countrymen and their valiant efforts of justice, peace, and nobility!
2013-01-18 03:12:21 - Cadowyn: (Man, it would be awesome if we could play some sort of music on here.)
2013-01-18 03:13:43 - Cadowyn: *plays that old, kick ass Comand and Conquor song "Hell March" )
2013-01-18 07:24:40 - Indrid Dragon: Hmm...We
2013-01-18 07:30:05 - Indrid Dragon: Patxtolin. I am a man of my word and therefore will not attack Dakar on this turn, however, I'll have it known that from henceforth my nation will not recognize the non-aggression pact that previously existed between Sao Paolo and Dakar.
2013-01-18 17:28:22 - patxolin: easy win with a teammate lol
2013-01-18 19:33:28 - Indrid Dragon: Stop complaining. There was no alliance between us, only a pact between two territories that started a shit storm about secret diplomacy, even though all results would have been the same if proposed publicly.
2013-01-18 19:35:10 - Indrid Dragon: In the long run it screwed me over as well. I was hoping for a different result from that treaty, but horrible luck with the dice wouldn't allow it.
2013-01-18 20:14:31 - Cadowyn: For real. We tried to do the shit the right way and everyone flipped out. MY SECOND GAME.
2013-01-19 00:47:17 - Cadowyn: I propose we divide the spoils of war in Africa, and allow our nations in Europe and America to build.
2013-01-19 06:21:57 - Indrid Dragon: Cadowyn, what you propose may be defined as holding players hostage, but I am unclear as to what that means entirely, because I've never encountered it.
2013-01-19 06:25:06 - Indrid Dragon: We are the only two on the board, however Hurlo and Pat are still technically attached to the game. If we just screw around and build our forces up we may run into sme problems if it is indeed holding hostage, which it very well may be.
2013-01-19 06:25:51 - Indrid Dragon: I for one believe we've had enough problems for one game.
2013-01-19 13:54:38 - Cadowyn: Okay. We can always start a 2 player game and just see how big we can make the forces.
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