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Game 3208538

Round 16

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:krusher 3.8 4 113 167 110
g:LFAW 4.7 0 0 0 0
b:Azathoth 4.6 0 0 0 0
y:LionStorm 4.9 0 0 0 0
p:Haggis_McMutton 4.9 0 0 0 0
c:SuicidalSnowman 4.8 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2008-09-15 23:42:56 - Game has been initialized
2008-09-27 19:51:40 - krusher eliminated Azathoth from the game
2008-10-02 11:13:14 - LionStorm eliminated Haggis_McMutton from the game
2008-10-03 18:38:53 - krusher eliminated LionStorm from the game
2008-10-07 18:21:01 - krusher eliminated LFAW from the game
2008-10-08 19:27:10 - krusher eliminated SuicidalSnowman from the game
2008-10-08 19:27:10 - krusher won the game
2008-10-08 19:27:10 - LFAW lost 33 points
2008-10-08 19:27:10 - Azathoth lost 15 points
2008-10-08 19:27:10 - LionStorm lost 20 points
2008-10-08 19:27:10 - Haggis_McMutton lost 20 points
2008-10-08 19:27:10 - SuicidalSnowman lost 14 points
2008-10-08 19:27:10 - krusher gained 102 points

Game Chat

2008-10-02 18:45:51 - LFAW: I did as asked an assaulted the terrorist stronghold of Oceania
2008-10-02 18:46:34 - LFAW: and now you betray me as I showed mercy towards an ally?
2008-10-02 18:48:31 - LFAW: you call me a snake and yet your words show no difference
2008-10-02 19:29:22 - krusher: There appears to be a misunderstanding. Chancellor Krusher says that the "snake" imply was for the European Union that now controls the HRF and have killed their own brothersth to raid and loot their warehouses
2008-10-02 19:30:38 - krusher: Chancellor Krusher says he will not go as far as atatcking his hispanic brothers, but that their relationship has deteriorated due to the imcompetence and neglicense of their Allies to attack the terrorist nation located in America
2008-10-02 19:33:10 - krusher: Chancellor Krusher would liek to remind the A.N.M that the real powerhouse is the HRF and their obvious army superiority over the rest of the world.
2008-10-02 20:16:29 - krusher: on another note I want to remind Lion and suicidalsnowman that we have another diplomatic game up and we would like you both to join.
2008-10-02 20:16:38 - krusher: 3346477 pw is RPG join up guys.
2008-10-03 03:05:19 - LionStorm: ooc: work schedule is crazy right I will not be getting in to any new games for a bit. However if its still open when I get some time I will be in. Many thanks for the invite.
2008-10-03 18:51:52 - krusher: With another terrorist organization whiped out from the world, the communist citizens can only rejoice in this happy triumph
2008-10-04 17:57:12 - krusher: diplomatic relations worsen as the last remaining world super powers build up for what reseambles a cold war build up of military might.
2008-10-05 00:01:12 - SuicidalSnowman: Sensing an incredible strength build up, the ANM fortifies their home positions
2008-10-05 07:43:17 - LFAW: The HRF sensing betrayal at the hands of the Communists does gather its armies and in a last ditch attempt does throw its armies into the vast Communist Legions
2008-10-05 07:46:38 - LFAW: after taking the United States from Communist hands the HRF does await the counter attack that will inevitably spell the end of HRF Power
2008-10-05 07:49:13 - LFAW: The HRF does ask the ANM to use its limited supplies to weaken the Communists (break bonuses) so to hope that the HRF will live to fight another day
2008-10-05 07:49:31 - LFAW: for if they let the HRF fall, the ANM is soon to follow
2008-10-05 13:57:43 - SuicidalSnowman: The ANM checks with his advisor BOB, and sees that both remaining foes are equally epic!
2008-10-05 16:36:41 - krusher: Chancellor Krusher disgusted at this betrayal, decides to add the HRF to the terorrist list, encouraging his A.N.M allies to whipe out this snake in oceania while Communist forces focus on the western hemisphere.
2008-10-05 16:38:31 - krusher: Chancellor Krusher signs a 5 years (Rounds) cease fire treaty and hands it to the A.N.M
2008-10-05 16:39:31 - krusher: encouraging A.N.M to take it while pointing out that this will only strenghten the A.N.M for 5 rounds while communist troops battle the terrorist organization.
2008-10-05 18:51:59 - LFAW: in 5 rounds you will be dead
2008-10-05 18:52:07 - LFAW: look at how easily he crushed me
2008-10-06 03:01:12 - LionStorm: **The Ghost of the Late Lion Storm hovers over the world and prays for the brave and faithful**
2008-10-06 03:01:57 - LionStorm: ooc: Really good game guys, LFAW, Krusher excellent job on this. Very well played **Salute**
2008-10-06 08:22:59 - LFAW: The sound of alarms
2008-10-06 08:23:08 - LFAW: as the Communists march onto HRF home soil
2008-10-06 08:23:18 - LFAW: with a charge and a last ditch effort
2008-10-06 08:23:35 - LFAW: the reclamation of the home land begins
2008-10-06 08:24:34 - LFAW: and with a valiant defence by the communists they hold the panama canal
2008-10-06 08:25:29 - LFAW: the HRF fighters in Africa do assault the Communists claim over the rest of africa but to no avail
2008-10-06 08:26:34 - LFAW: the remaining HRF forces have gathered in Guatemala
2008-10-06 08:26:50 - LFAW: for their final assault on the canal to stop Communist Victory
2008-10-06 21:28:42 - SuicidalSnowman: Although the ANM finds it appealing to be allied to a world super power, they are not ones to forget their own culture in order to make friends
2008-10-06 21:29:08 - SuicidalSnowman: and looking at history, the ANM knows that it is not long before the communist forces look hungrily at their own armies
2008-10-06 21:29:24 - SuicidalSnowman: therefore, the ANM proudly must decline the offer of a cease fire
2008-10-06 21:29:33 - SuicidalSnowman: knowing full well that it is likely suicidal
2008-10-06 21:29:41 - SuicidalSnowman: still, the true honor lies in fighting to the end
2008-10-07 07:40:24 - LFAW: The ANM still has a chance
2008-10-07 07:40:29 - LFAW: fight them
2008-10-07 10:25:57 - LFAW: The HRF does take back Amazonas
2008-10-07 10:26:13 - LFAW: as its troops are crushed in the indies and in Africa
2008-10-07 10:26:25 - LFAW: it does tell the ANM
2008-10-07 10:26:40 - LFAW: to break all Communist Continents to have a chance
2008-10-07 14:42:00 - SuicidalSnowman: The ANM is crushed by the failures of its fighting force (ie, the dice)!
2008-10-07 18:31:40 - krusher: Chancellor Krusher captures the leader of the HRF and executes him in a public display of power and conquest.
2008-10-07 18:32:09 - krusher: he now sets his eyes at Europe
2008-10-08 09:49:40 - LFAW: OOC: GG Krusher
2008-10-08 09:49:44 - LFAW: Well played
2008-10-08 19:25:20 - krusher: gg.
2008-10-08 19:27:47 - krusher: the world is now unified under one world power! all hail chancellor Krusher and his Communist Regime!
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