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Tournament: Indiana Jones Tribute Tourney - Round 3 - Group 1

Game 3286434

Round 83

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
No Spoils

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:kingpin01 4.8 0 0 0
g:Tripitaka 4.9 44 48 44
b:MostMackinest 4.9 0 0 0
y:amos_trask 4.7 0 0 0
p:Kilazul 4.8 0 0 0
c:steve monkey 4.9 0 0 0

Game Log

2008-09-18 16:01:12 - Game has been initialized
2008-10-09 16:58:22 - steve monkey was kicked out for missing too many turns
2008-10-25 19:03:47 - Tripitaka eliminated kingpin01 from the game
2009-01-20 23:17:11 - Tripitaka eliminated Kilazul from the game
2009-01-20 23:20:57 - Tripitaka eliminated MostMackinest from the game
2009-01-20 23:26:23 - Tripitaka eliminated amos_trask from the game
2009-01-20 23:26:23 - Tripitaka won the game
2009-01-20 23:26:23 - kingpin01 lost 14 points
2009-01-20 23:26:23 - MostMackinest lost 20 points
2009-01-20 23:26:23 - amos_trask lost 19 points
2009-01-20 23:26:23 - Kilazul lost 19 points
2009-01-20 23:26:23 - steve monkey lost 17 points
2009-01-20 23:26:23 - Tripitaka gained 89 points

Game Chat

2008-11-26 21:55:25 - Tripitaka: Kilazul, I really don't see the logic in attacking my bonuses, weakening yourself in the process, while you let yellow get even stronger - he now has three times more men than anyone else in case you hadn't noticed!
2008-11-27 10:33:49 - Tripitaka: And I'm only attacking you, to take back those bonuses, so I can try to hold yellow back from running all of us- though I fear it might be too late for that now
2008-11-27 20:42:01 - amos_trask: so now its you three vs me..... eeerm excellent! lol
2008-11-28 00:59:17 - Tripitaka: Well that depends what Kilazul does - but since you attacked him on Ceara maybe he will stop attacking me and realise you are more of a threat! :)
2008-11-28 08:55:46 - amos_trask: well this could change the game as well... i8m moving house this weekend so will probably miss a few turns, sorry in advance.... which will probably end my campaign anyway! lol
2008-12-01 03:04:45 - MostMackinest: no more truce
2008-12-01 07:22:42 - amos_trask: sorry about the miss lads....
2008-12-01 07:46:19 - Tripitaka: No worries amos. Hope the move went well.
2008-12-01 07:48:15 - Tripitaka: Just bear in mind Kilazul, if you break my bonuses, I won't be able to break yellow's bonus again.
2008-12-02 02:32:38 - Kilazul: lol. Trip if I don't attack anyone you will get 19 troops and amos will get 7. If you really think that you are gonna convince me you need 19 troops to break through yellows 7 on bogota
2008-12-02 02:33:02 - Kilazul: or that it makes sense to leave you with 19 cause otherwise yellow will get 7, your crazy
2008-12-02 20:44:06 - Tripitaka: I didn't say I needed 19 men to break yellow's bonus - only that if you broke my bonuses (which if you got all three of the ones open to you would knock me to 9) then I wouldn't be able to break yellow. As it happened you got broke only two of them...
2008-12-02 20:49:15 - Tripitaka: But even with 12 men that wasn't enough to break him. Infact I only managed to take just one man because my dice were so bad,
2008-12-02 20:54:02 - Tripitaka: It's funny, because when yellow missed a turn and still held his bonus - meaning he'd get get 18 the next round to my 13 you didn't seem concerned with attacking the person with the biggest amount due then, even when they were and still are the leader ..
2008-12-02 20:56:24 - Tripitaka: in terms of army count. No, instead you attack one of my bonuses, so lucky I guess that that time my dice were a little better and I did manage to break the bonus.
2008-12-02 21:03:32 - Tripitaka: If I am way out in the lead, then of course I expect to be attacked by everyone and I wouldn't bother complaining about it , but that's just not the case here and if you could look further tahn just the currant round you are playing then you might see my.
2008-12-02 21:03:42 - Tripitaka: point.
2008-12-03 20:43:48 - Kilazul: amazingly enough despite all my stupid moves we are all still alive
2008-12-03 20:44:20 - Kilazul: Yellow may have more armies then you and I but he also has a ton more borders
2008-12-03 20:44:32 - Kilazul: His army count is higher but I wouldn't say he is overly strong
2008-12-04 16:52:52 - MostMackinest: why didn't you make yellow do it himself. we're only still alive because of no cards. which kinda sucks for my freemy arse
2008-12-09 11:00:53 - amos_trask: sorry about the misses... again...... finally got the net sorted at home..
2008-12-10 11:39:06 - Tripitaka: No worries Amos. Hope you are settling in to your new home.
2008-12-10 12:13:36 - amos_trask: getting there mate.... still tripping over boxes at ever available opportunity!
2008-12-11 20:18:25 - amos_trask: that was some unfortunate dice...!
2008-12-16 09:45:22 - amos_trask: round 56.. bloody hell, this is a monster!
2008-12-20 20:03:38 - amos_trask: what you reckon the chances are of finishing this by xmas.. cos im away.. or drunk.... or both...............
2008-12-23 09:38:07 - amos_trask: i may miss some turns here on in... as i mentioned its xmas and I dont think i'll be going anywhere near a computer.. have a good xmas all!!!!!!!!!!
2008-12-24 01:51:33 - Tripitaka: Merry Christmas Everyone!
2008-12-25 19:10:53 - MostMackinest: happy holidays y'all
2008-12-30 13:09:27 - Kilazul: wb yellow
2009-01-05 19:20:55 - Kilazul: gg green.
2009-01-05 19:20:59 - Kilazul: I'm done breaking you for yellow
2009-01-05 19:21:09 - Kilazul: if he cannot keep you in check after I break you time and again
2009-01-05 19:21:17 - Kilazul: you deserve to win
2009-01-05 19:21:48 - Kilazul: yellow evaluate your position
2009-01-05 19:21:59 - Kilazul: there are much better places for you to have your troops and still protect your borders
2009-01-05 19:22:08 - Kilazul: If you don't have BOB you should DL it
2009-01-07 12:57:40 - amos_trask: bob?
2009-01-08 03:14:48 - Kilazul: Yeah. Look at the addons. It shows you what territories can attack what. How many territories everyone has, number of troops everyone got last round.
2009-01-08 03:14:58 - Kilazul: It basically parses the logs so you don't have to.
2009-01-08 03:15:01 - Kilazul: Very useful
2009-01-16 21:33:43 - Kilazul: blue why do you keep attackng me?
2009-01-16 23:55:59 - MostMackinest: i keep attacking yours and yellows 1's that keep you from being able to attack the leader(which is green, in case you didn't notice) with a big stack. i then use whatever i have left over to attack green. but alas, you'd rather stay back and take second.
2009-01-16 23:57:01 - MostMackinest: oh wait, there is no second in cc. fumble!
2009-01-16 23:58:32 - MostMackinest: there, i did it again. now double team his ass!
2009-01-17 00:02:49 - MostMackinest: but yellow, when you do, take out Maranhao so purple can go around greens 11 stack and follow in behind you to tear green up!
2009-01-17 19:36:09 - Kilazul: okay. Kinda thoughts thats what you were doing but wasn't sure
2009-01-17 23:44:51 - MostMackinest: gg all!
2009-01-20 23:27:24 - Tripitaka: Good game everyone!
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