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Tournament: Mission - Survive the Longest V1.3 - Elimination 2 – highlanderattack vs hardattack

Game 4045491

Round 8

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:HardAttack 4.8 0 0 0 0
g:HighlanderAttack 4.8 5 12 14 7

Game Log

2009-01-16 02:22:33 - Game has been initialized
2009-01-17 21:43:49 - HighlanderAttack eliminated HardAttack from the game
2009-01-17 21:43:49 - HighlanderAttack won the game
2009-01-17 21:43:49 - HardAttack lost 15 points
2009-01-17 21:43:49 - HighlanderAttack gained 15 points

Game Chat

2009-01-16 02:44:16 - HighlanderAttack: hey gl--how did u like that speed win the other day--u thought you were safe with all those big numbers around u and I took that chance on PZ
2009-01-16 07:20:36 - HardAttack: hehe yes it was great mate
2009-01-16 15:24:13 - HighlanderAttack: i think a few people thought it was too risky-but it never would have got back to me
2009-01-16 15:24:31 - HighlanderAttack: If I have a chance I take it--I hate sitting back and watching someone else win
2009-01-16 15:24:41 - HighlanderAttack: It does suck bad when you fail though
2009-01-16 16:15:07 - HardAttack: nowadays i m having that taste of fails a lot mate
2009-01-16 16:15:29 - HardAttack: and bad taste cos you then starting to feel the responsibility of the game and how you pissed etc
2009-01-16 16:19:51 - HighlanderAttack: had one last night--they suck--but that is life--reality is I am gonna play the way I have to so that I win-If they dont like it they dont have to play with me--lol
2009-01-16 16:57:03 - HighlanderAttack: damn-what kind of dice are u having
2009-01-16 17:21:32 - HardAttack: lol
2009-01-16 17:22:54 - HighlanderAttack: whew-I thought I was in trouble for a quick out
2009-01-16 17:22:58 - HighlanderAttack: now it is anyones game
2009-01-16 17:46:01 - HardAttack: hehe, not knocking out from the tourney
2009-01-17 04:32:49 - HardAttack: is there anyone who lost before round 8 ?
2009-01-17 04:32:55 - HardAttack: but for sure there must be
2009-01-17 21:44:11 - HighlanderAttack: gg
2009-01-17 21:44:22 - HighlanderAttack: hope I didnt knock u out
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