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Tournament: Whac-A-Mod 3 May 2010 - Trivia: Winner of King Sam's Assassin Tourney

Game 6986468

Round 11

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerTargetSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:king sam 4.7   0 0 0 0
g:Blinkadyblink 4.8   4 3 6 0
b:jon_snow 4.8   6 16 32 10
y:Army of GOD 4.7   1 8 14 0
p:Dylan14 4.6   1 13 29 0

Game Log

2010-05-16 01:17:14 - Game has been initialized, your target is
2010-05-22 15:34:06 - jon_snow eliminated king sam from the game
2010-05-22 15:34:06 - jon_snow won the game
2010-05-22 15:34:06 - king sam lost 22 points
2010-05-22 15:34:06 - Blinkadyblink lost 22 points
2010-05-22 15:34:06 - Army of GOD lost 17 points
2010-05-22 15:34:06 - Dylan14 lost 13 points
2010-05-22 15:34:06 - jon_snow gained 74 points

Game Chat

2010-05-16 01:21:31 - jon_snow: gla
2010-05-16 01:30:42 - Army of GOD: Good luck. Thought I was red for a second. X(
2010-05-16 05:38:08 - king sam: good luck
2010-05-16 18:11:21 - king sam: it would be pretty silly to keep after me like that aog if im not your target, this is an assassin game.. u know that bonus wont stand
2010-05-16 20:34:08 - Army of GOD: I'm not "keeping after you". I'm just taking Europe. And hell, considering how unlucky I am lately, it's worth a shot.
2010-05-16 20:59:24 - king sam: 2 out of the 3 territories you have taken was mine, thats why i said u should probably not help my assassin soo much
2010-05-16 21:00:19 - king sam: and i told u your not going to keep that bonus
2010-05-16 21:54:39 - jon_snow: yea! I got a card!
2010-05-17 00:22:07 - king sam: your going to have to break that bonus yellow has blue cause i couldnt do it
2010-05-17 17:38:45 - jon_snow: done.
2010-05-18 01:36:53 - king sam: well i took his 10 stack there in moscow down to 5 in hopes you can break it again..
2010-05-18 16:40:23 - jon_snow: I did, but its someone else's turn to pick up the baton. Green can come up from Nairobi or pink from Asia.
2010-05-18 16:40:35 - jon_snow: Or Yellow can give it a rest already. :)
2010-05-18 17:28:31 - Army of GOD: Just let me have it. =D
2010-05-18 18:20:18 - king sam: if he keeps that bonus its game over guys.. me and blue have done our share and i doubt either of us can do it again, mb someone else can pull their weight.. mb who ever has him in their crosshairs
2010-05-18 18:21:08 - king sam: green i will hit cairo and give you the ability to do so with your 10 stack
2010-05-18 22:18:35 - king sam: wow mod dice worked
2010-05-19 00:56:21 - king sam: blue u might want to move from chicago.. im willing to bet he takes the bonus again, and i will need that stack to break it up
2010-05-19 01:02:17 - Army of GOD: Pink's so going to win this...
2010-05-19 01:23:49 - king sam: yeah he is
2010-05-19 01:25:31 - king sam: aog u baffle me with this fixation on that bonus and lack of care for taking out non targets in the process
2010-05-19 02:51:45 - Army of GOD: I'm not sure what you're talking about, I only took out 2 of your territs before you attacked me in Europe. You're the one who made it so that none of us would get any strong.
2010-05-19 03:25:56 - king sam: you have attacked me 5 times and other people 4 times.. 2 of those 4 being blue at moscow to regain that bonus.. i havent made it so no one would get strong, me and blue have been trying to fend you back from getting the 2nd largest bonus on a small board
2010-05-19 03:27:04 - king sam: and everytime without fear of what your doing you have attacked non targets and lessened others strenghts that arent your target allowing it easier for someone to win by eliminating myself or blue
2010-05-19 03:29:21 - king sam: pink is running away with this because instead of you deploying on manilla and going after your target pink you decide to attack others to get back a bonus that you will not hold... how many more rounds will you let this go on?
2010-05-19 14:12:55 - jon_snow: yellow, when you take a bonus like that you make yourself a target, and its usually a mistake.
2010-05-19 14:15:34 - jon_snow: I'm leaving your bonus intact so you can go fight pink.
2010-05-19 14:45:51 - king sam: im done trying to explain it to him... this makes me remember why i stopped playing assassin games, no matter how much fun they are you will always have 1 or 2 in every group that ruins the whole game
2010-05-19 18:08:57 - Army of GOD: See, you guys are just as much at fault. Red, by trying to keep me in line, you've made yourself incredibly weak instead of building yourself up. Your self-created "World Cop" belief doesn't have to exist. Yes, I would've had Europe, but does that mean i
2010-05-19 18:09:00 - Army of GOD: Woudl've won?
2010-05-19 18:09:47 - Army of GOD: You've guarunteed that you wouldn't win yourself by trying so hard to break my bonus.
2010-05-19 19:14:39 - king sam: Yeah I have made myself incredibly weak as you take yet another territory from me that you didnt have get a have now conqyered 11 territories and 3 have been your target... 6 of them have been me..
2010-05-19 19:14:54 - king sam: but your right Im the one that has kept myself weak...
2010-05-19 19:17:21 - king sam: i got a 10 set im cashing aog and as long as pink leaves me in tact at delhi im coming after you with full force... keep attacking me to reclaim that bonus, see how it works out 4 ya
2010-05-22 15:34:29 - jon_snow: gg everyone. Score 1 for the community
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