Conquer Club
Tournament: Nothing But Neutral Ground: New World - Finals

Game 7552232

Round 9

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:Derek the Great 4.9 0 0 0 0
g:Gifton 4.9 3 33 229 23

Game Log

2010-09-01 17:37:53 - Game has been initialized
2010-09-07 16:58:33 - Gifton eliminated Derek the Great from the game
2010-09-07 16:58:33 - Gifton won the game
2010-09-07 16:58:33 - Derek the Great lost 15 points
2010-09-07 16:58:33 - Gifton gained 15 points

Game Chat

2010-09-02 07:18:38 - Gifton: hi - gl
2010-09-02 11:16:58 - Derek the Great: Thanks Gifton! You too
2010-09-03 05:11:44 - Gifton: 4 U 2 NV for Gifton.
2010-09-05 16:40:12 - anamainiacks: LOL, both missed a turn :P this'll be interesting...
2010-09-05 23:56:56 - Derek the Great: Not going to change the result...
2010-09-05 23:57:36 - Derek the Great: gg Gifton! Very well played! Glad you got to defend your title.
2010-09-06 14:07:16 - Gifton: sorry about the missed turn - was flying back from tanzania and got stuck in Addis Ababa....took 41 hours to get home....urgh
2010-09-06 14:09:42 - Gifton: cheers, Derek - though it's not quite over yet, although i do have a good advantage. gg to you too
2010-09-06 14:14:31 - Derek the Great: Ouch! 41 hours... that's awful!
2010-09-06 14:14:48 - Derek the Great: Fat lady is in full warble now.. well done!
2010-09-06 14:16:16 - Gifton: yeah, it was a pretty bad trip....the worst part was when a lady 4 rows back had a heart attack about 2 hours into crossing the Atlantic (from Rome to Washington DC) and we had to turn around and make an emergency landing in France to get her to a hospita
2010-09-06 14:18:25 - Derek the Great: Geez... something to tell the grandkids about one day I guess... :)
2010-09-06 14:18:48 - Gifton: yeah!
2010-09-06 14:19:18 - Gifton: thanks for the game and gl in the next tourney - and thanks to anamaniaks for organizing
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