Conquer Club
Tournament: Musical Chairs: Eastern Hemisphere Tour [TPA] - Finals Game 5.2

Game 7698658

Round 12

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:Bones2484 4.9 6 45 80 23
g:kratos644 4.8 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2010-09-26 14:41:00 - Game has been initialized
2010-09-27 23:06:21 - Bones2484 eliminated kratos644 from the game
2010-09-27 23:06:21 - Bones2484 won the game
2010-09-27 23:06:21 - kratos644 lost 17 points
2010-09-27 23:06:21 - Bones2484 gained 17 points

Game Chat

2010-09-27 04:09:57 - kratos644: gl--
2010-09-27 19:31:39 - kratos644: Sigh... 8v1 and I lose 5. Maybe the dice want you to win
2010-09-27 19:32:03 - kratos644: Oops that was for the last game I took a turn in lol
2010-09-27 19:35:26 - Bones2484: The one where you are winning by a lot? :P
2010-09-27 19:37:52 - kratos644: I don't know anymore. I do like that one though :D
2010-09-27 19:46:01 - kratos644: Nice turn lol
2010-09-27 19:46:09 - kratos644: Looks like you'll get the win. Congrats
2010-09-27 19:46:53 - Bones2484: Was an amazing fought tournament by both of us. Glad it's finally over though, I was stressin many times!
2010-09-27 19:50:38 - kratos644: Hehe I bet. Looks like my strategic move of making killmanic vulnerable for you to kill first was in vein :P
2010-09-27 19:52:43 - Bones2484: :)
2010-09-27 19:52:53 - Bones2484: I was waiting for one of you to weaken the other.
2010-09-27 19:52:57 - Bones2484: Glad you did that to him!
2010-09-27 19:54:10 - kratos644: I was gradually losing that battle so I said well if I weaken kill bones will probably kill him and I don't have to win just not be the first one killed :P
2010-09-27 19:57:35 - kratos644: Mwhaha I've taken oceania you can't win now :P
2010-09-27 19:58:09 - kratos644: So looks like we won the games we got first move in? haha
2010-09-27 20:00:49 - Bones2484: Haha, good catch
2010-09-27 20:01:09 - Bones2484: lmao, oceania kicked my ass
2010-09-27 20:01:14 - Bones2484: Comeback time!
2010-09-27 20:05:51 - kratos644: Unfortunately when you're down about 40 troops there isn't much coming back :P
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