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Game 7907956

Round 20

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:onbekende 4.8 0 0 0 0
g:Nside 4.7 0 0 0 0
b:Steelfoot 4.8 5 27 48 33
y:BIGMEANIE 4.7 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2010-11-03 22:13:14 - Game has been initialized
2010-11-12 02:23:56 - BIGMEANIE eliminated onbekende from the game
2010-11-12 12:40:08 - Steelfoot eliminated BIGMEANIE from the game
2010-11-12 12:41:00 - Steelfoot eliminated Nside from the game
2010-11-12 12:41:00 - Steelfoot won the game
2010-11-12 12:41:00 - onbekende lost 14 points
2010-11-12 12:41:00 - Nside lost 13 points
2010-11-12 12:41:00 - BIGMEANIE lost 26 points
2010-11-12 12:41:00 - Steelfoot gained 53 points

Game Chat

2010-11-05 15:58:37 - BIGMEANIE: u didnt do that
2010-11-05 16:09:54 - Steelfoot: Ok sorry I was sure you were getting Larnaca (2), to get to bonus.
2010-11-06 10:48:04 - onbekende: can't take Morpholi :(
2010-11-06 14:12:35 - Nside: why?
2010-11-06 15:39:05 - Steelfoot: Yes why? Never liked thoose guys.
2010-11-06 17:44:43 - onbekende: mistook some border >_>
2010-11-07 23:36:37 - BIGMEANIE: red u fool
2010-11-07 23:36:55 - BIGMEANIE: so tired of getting noobed by ppl like u
2010-11-07 23:37:20 - BIGMEANIE: dont even reply as i wont be able to see it
2010-11-08 18:18:52 - onbekende: grats?
2010-11-08 21:38:37 - Nside: i'm tired of this waiting thing of everyone..
2010-11-08 21:41:05 - Nside: please stop this 'only deploying my troops and get a spoil' thing.. i need some action... you're not really winning by gathering troops en waiting till everyone kills eachother
2010-11-08 21:43:31 - Nside: blue you can easily take more regions and kill everyone but because you're afraid you wait until you have +100 troops or something??
2010-11-08 21:46:50 - Nside: i hope we can all bring some action in the game.. i don't want to win, i just want a good game,, no waiters but people who take some risks
2010-11-09 15:27:14 - onbekende: I did my fair chare of going around a tad ago :D
2010-11-09 16:06:38 - Nside: you're right but blue is playing lika a coward.. getting sick of that...
2010-11-09 16:16:11 - BIGMEANIE: well blue realizes that these types of games are usually decided not necessarily by the most skilled player, but the most irratiaonal, reckless, or impatient player
2010-11-09 16:16:15 - BIGMEANIE: as i do
2010-11-09 16:16:50 - BIGMEANIE: that is, they are usually decided when one player decides to go on a rampage, bringing others down with him
2010-11-09 16:17:59 - BIGMEANIE: im not saying it makes for a great game, but its not like i can do anything worthwhile after red senselessly attacked me
2010-11-09 21:22:35 - Nside: a bit waiting on someone else is not the problem.. it's that blue had +40 on one region and wasn't doing anything (still not very much)
2010-11-09 21:24:01 - Nside: he could have easily taken the paphos regoins and expand a bit, but still only deploying his troops taking a card and end his turn... coward..
2010-11-10 07:28:18 - onbekende: actually blue couldn't attack me beforehand, as he had cornered his +40 army with his own territorie, hence I hardly defended paphos as it was hardly needed :D
2010-11-10 08:30:03 - Steelfoot: Sorry I havn´t read this log until, now.
2010-11-10 08:31:04 - Steelfoot: Green I don´t play this game for action, I think there are much better games for that
2010-11-10 08:32:13 - Steelfoot: If you want som action I suggest you play a speed game vs one player.
2010-11-10 08:34:04 - Steelfoot: I rarley play thoose games ´cause there is 90% luck 10 skill, so we look att CC from different angels.
2010-11-10 08:36:05 - Steelfoot: No I like for it´s form of strategy, and attacking at the right moment, in order to win the game.
2010-11-10 08:39:15 - Steelfoot: If a 100 meters runner starts in a marathon race, he will easaly take the lead, but for what use he fails in the long run.
2010-11-10 08:42:56 - Steelfoot: I will play this game in the way I think is the best, if you like to call me coward I can live with that, want change my view at CC.
2010-11-10 14:49:25 - Nside: i do understand your tacktik, it's just that it's not so fair to just wait until everyone kills eachother off and then run away with the victory because just no one could ever win to all your gathered troops because of doing nothing..
2010-11-10 14:49:34 - Nside: hope you understand my point of view
2010-11-10 15:44:09 - onbekende: I understand you green, so stop attacking me >_>
2010-11-10 16:28:02 - Steelfoot: Thanks for your answer green, it´s just that we look at the game from different sides.
2010-11-10 16:30:37 - Steelfoot: I think it´s fair to wait attacking, I wouldn´t mind if you do so. It always come to a point when it gains you to a large attack.
2010-11-10 22:10:14 - BIGMEANIE: gree you are are terrible. such poor strategy. thank god i wont ever have to play with you again.
2010-11-10 22:11:16 - BIGMEANIE: what on earth is the point of attacking me WHEN BLUE IS CLEARLY LEADING
2010-11-10 22:11:35 - BIGMEANIE: honestly, i just dont understand how somebody can be so bad at this game.
2010-11-10 22:12:12 - BIGMEANIE: now i will make sure blue wins as out of the 3 of you, he is the only one with some sense
2010-11-10 22:18:47 - BIGMEANIE: gg blue, would enjoy playing another game with you minus two extra idiots
2010-11-10 22:20:51 - onbekende: /me drops the "so this is how big shots think" thought on the table
2010-11-10 22:20:52 - onbekende: :D
2010-11-10 22:23:28 - BIGMEANIE: before i foe you green i would really love to hear what you were thinking when u decided to kill nearly 20 of me when blue has such a huge lead
2010-11-11 05:00:06 - BIGMEANIE: lol and then red comes and attacks me, leaving blue alone
2010-11-11 05:00:15 - BIGMEANIE: what a bunch of idiots
2010-11-11 08:27:16 - onbekende: *whistles*
2010-11-11 14:36:21 - Nside: because you didn't do anything but sleep there was no way we could ever win against blue.. the only way for me was gaining more regions en try to outnumber him with my troops..
2010-11-11 14:37:43 - Nside: against 3 regions of 30 troops each we can't do anything,, especially not when no one is attacking anyone,, i just want to die in this game because it was lost way back already
2010-11-11 17:18:11 - BIGMEANIE: next time time to make an alliance or at least use chat in some productive way before you decide to go apeshit and drag other players down with you.
2010-11-11 17:18:19 - BIGMEANIE: timr try*
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