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Game 8719342

Round 278

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
Team 1:
r:RUBENIUSSS 4.8 0 0 0 0
g:darth emperor 4.9 0 0 0 0
Team 2:
b:MyTurnToWin 4.8 0 0 0 0
y:conquerhero 4.8 0 0 0 0
Team 3:
p:pretorius77 4.6 9 117 212 103
c:Falconet 4.8 0 0 0 4
Team 4:
o:riskitall25 4.8 0 0 0 0
s:edgarhons 4.8 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2011-03-19 09:48:28 - Game has been initialized
2011-10-05 08:27:31 - darth emperor eliminated riskitall25 from the game
2012-03-29 23:51:25 - Falconet was kicked out for missing too many turns
2012-06-14 09:23:39 - darth emperor was kicked out for missing too many turns
2012-07-19 22:05:39 - pretorius77 eliminated MyTurnToWin from the game
2012-08-12 21:56:38 - RUBENIUSSS eliminated conquerhero from the game
2012-09-30 07:16:45 - RUBENIUSSS was kicked out for missing too many turns
2012-09-30 11:22:44 - pretorius77 eliminated edgarhons from the game
2012-09-30 11:22:44 - pretorius77, Falconet won the game
2012-09-30 11:22:44 - RUBENIUSSS lost 24 points
2012-09-30 11:22:44 - darth emperor lost 24 points
2012-09-30 11:22:44 - MyTurnToWin lost 17 points
2012-09-30 11:22:44 - conquerhero lost 17 points
2012-09-30 11:22:44 - riskitall25 lost 20 points
2012-09-30 11:22:44 - edgarhons lost 20 points
2012-09-30 11:22:44 - pretorius77 gained 61 points
2012-09-30 11:22:44 - Falconet gained 61 points

Game Chat

2012-07-17 20:01:06 - pretorius77: whats the matter you must be scared this how we do it where i;m from you finish it leave no doubt!!!!!!!
2012-07-17 20:02:33 - pretorius77: i should have already done it to you red manned up and hit yellow so it's your turn
2012-07-17 20:04:28 - pretorius77: but since you wanna sucker punch you might as well consider your game over cause all my troops will go on you
2012-07-17 20:04:50 - pretorius77: next turn so do what you can
2012-07-18 03:06:31 - conquerhero: hey, pink - there was no sucker punch! what are you talking about? you are the strongest on the board and the logical one to attack. You still have more armies than anyone else.
2012-07-18 20:47:09 - pretorius77: oh yes there was you don't know what your talking about me and blue were enganged in a movement of troops and on the log it even says there will be no movement till a response is clarified and in the midst of those discussions he moves another army
2012-07-18 20:49:04 - pretorius77: on the other side of the board oh and hey do your best yellow cause i got your whole team covered in troops team 2 you lose that's a guarantee
2012-07-18 23:48:56 - MyTurnToWin: Pink, you said up the chat log there's be no movement.... I never agreed to that. We had no truce .... perhaps you assumed I would agree.
2012-07-18 23:49:59 - MyTurnToWin: We know and knew we couldn't win..... so we decided to make some movement on the board.... and I believe that is acceptable game play.
2012-07-19 01:36:20 - pretorius77: yes we didn't agree on anything but we were in a dialog about board and then without killing it you just popped off woth that move so ok i didn't say nothing about illegal gameplay i commented on the sneak thief way you went about it that;s al
2012-07-19 13:46:54 - MyTurnToWin: "Sneak thief" isn't a kind or nice term, it implies something done illegally.... or did you expect me to announce when and where I'd attack?
2012-07-19 13:48:20 - MyTurnToWin: Sorry pink..... but you weren't prepared for anyone to attack you and you are just super annoyed. Get over it and enjoy the game.... after all you are still winning and most likely will since red and gray aren't jumping in and attacking you also.
2012-07-19 21:53:51 - pretorius77: attacking me your team has 2000 troops and a 36 man draw i don't know what grey is wiating for or red they should be puncing on you or really yellow
2012-07-20 07:26:35 - edgarhons: Gotta admit, I'm not that sorry about missing that turn anymore
2012-07-22 23:34:21 - conquerhero: hey, grey - congrats on the win!
2012-07-23 21:30:39 - pretorius77: yeah red after we coexisted the whole game i don't see why your hellbent on fighting me instead of grey who did no fighting or made any attempt to fight down blue or yellow but your giving him the win whatever
2012-07-25 00:27:02 - RUBENIUSSS: Then why do you attack Chiquito?
2012-07-25 19:49:47 - pretorius77: i moved one spot to give me a somewhat defendable border i didn't run thru you also you have to give me the east side avenue out to get to yellow so i can finish what i started before you and grey got involved
2012-07-25 19:52:30 - pretorius77: all that means is moving the stacks in eastern forest back so i can get out to him
2012-07-26 19:22:36 - conquerhero: leave yellow alone - he's a nice guy who needs lots of help, not antagonism
2012-07-26 22:15:55 - edgarhons: Considering how costly it is for you to attack for Anish., and how much damage I'd do were I to break you there, I find your tactics a bit odd
2012-07-26 22:16:09 - edgarhons: *from Anish.
2012-07-27 01:14:37 - conquerhero: I don't have many options
2012-08-01 23:01:32 - pretorius77: red i don't know why you are boxing me in and letting those guys go wild i have no option but to fight you i don't know why you put all your men spread out against me in SA and let them run free on your ones in north america
2012-08-01 23:03:44 - pretorius77: if you wan't to kill us both then go ahead and stop wasting time if not move them to one side or the other so i can get to them and stop there bonuses you tactics make no sense
2012-08-02 11:57:31 - RUBENIUSSS: You are attacking me and breaking my bonus!!!
2012-08-02 11:59:17 - RUBENIUSSS: I want North Amazon and stop reinforcing your borders!
2012-08-02 19:06:35 - pretorius77: then move out of eastern forest bonus so i can go out of the continent if not i'm land locked
2012-08-03 10:47:54 - RUBENIUSSS: Is it Ok? Enough to travell!
2012-08-03 19:25:39 - pretorius77: that works great i just didn't want to have a meltdown between us for no good reason there is no gain fro either of us at this point if that happened
2012-08-04 03:44:11 - conquerhero: hey, grey - how about putting some pressure on pink!
2012-08-05 04:14:41 - pretorius77: hey yellow this is a singles game if you wanna team up with grey then maybe red and i will you handle your own buisness don't beg for help besides he 's already helping you he hasn't fought you at all yet
2012-08-05 05:10:07 - conquerhero: beg???? you & red cooperated together so you could attack me!!! You kind of have a double standard.
2012-08-05 17:49:33 - RUBENIUSSS: Well, yellow at first I was trying to do a change of cards with you from Tuscarora, maybe you dont understood it so...!
2012-08-05 20:49:42 - pretorius77: no not at all i let him know what i was thinking and possibly what could possibly happen and then he made options for me which worked for both of us
2012-08-08 03:25:46 - conquerhero: red & grey - are you ever going to attack pink? he now gets a deploy of 31
2012-08-08 19:08:05 - pretorius77: yellow don't get so upset were both dead neither one of them can afford to fight me or it gives the win to the other besides i'm using all my men on you so why would they
2012-08-08 19:09:31 - pretorius77: i was wondering why red hasn't moved on him anyway myself because he knows that i could always help if needed a little but your dead no doubt
2012-08-08 19:17:58 - conquerhero: yep, I'm dead - not upset, just looking for others to do something - perhaps they think it's to their benefit to have me gone - ah well, it'll all play out
2012-08-12 21:57:10 - RUBENIUSSS: Good game yellow!
2012-08-14 07:10:04 - edgarhons: Red I'll no longer attack Pink until I see you do.
2012-08-15 09:18:29 - pretorius77: Red i'll no longer KEEP attacking grey until I see you really do LMFAO
2012-08-22 09:19:55 - RUBENIUSSS: Dont attack me pink...!
2012-08-24 23:07:42 - pretorius77: red i cant believe you i got the lowest troop count and you keep hitting me when last round i didn;t even touch you fine then
2012-08-28 13:29:27 - RUBENIUSSS: I was at hollidays this days...a patner hold my games!
2012-09-21 07:00:08 - edgarhons: Go ahead and play selfish again red
2012-09-21 07:01:00 - edgarhons: See if it works out
2012-09-24 08:53:55 - edgarhons: Ugh. 275 rounds and it's decided by missed turns
2012-09-29 07:16:50 - edgarhons: gg
2012-09-29 07:17:15 - edgarhons: I have a new appreciation for the poor tribes of the Rockies
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