Conquer Club

Game 94428

Round 17

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
No Spoils

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:cheerios rule n/a 0 0 0
g:jasontheklutz n/a 0 0 0
b:niels87 n/a 0 0 0
y:robertivo n/a 0 0 0
p:lerks22 4.5 0 0 0
c:striker1234 4.0 42 58 38

Game Log

2006-10-26 15:10:35 - Game has been initialized
2006-11-07 18:07:13 - lerks22 eliminated robertivo from the game
2006-11-07 18:07:13 - robertivo lost 22 points
2006-11-07 18:07:13 - lerks22 gained 22 points
2006-11-08 17:04:25 - lerks22 eliminated niels87 from the game
2006-11-08 17:04:25 - niels87 lost 21 points
2006-11-08 17:04:25 - lerks22 gained 21 points
2006-11-09 02:55:12 - cheerios rule eliminated jasontheklutz from the game
2006-11-09 02:55:12 - jasontheklutz lost 16 points
2006-11-09 02:55:12 - cheerios rule gained 16 points
2006-11-10 15:23:03 - striker1234 eliminated lerks22 from the game
2006-11-10 15:23:03 - lerks22 lost 17 points
2006-11-10 15:23:03 - striker1234 gained 17 points
2006-11-18 16:42:38 - striker1234 eliminated cheerios rule from the game
2006-11-18 16:42:38 - cheerios rule lost 13 points
2006-11-18 16:42:38 - striker1234 gained 13 points
2006-11-18 16:42:38 - striker1234 won the game

Game Chat

2006-11-01 07:19:47 - robertivo: Die andere verstaan ons niet (alle engelstalig). Het ziet er voor ons beide niet zo goed uit.
2006-11-01 07:21:58 - robertivo: Wat dacht je van een samenwerking? We kunnen om te beginnen proberen het paarse team uit australie te werken. Jij kunt dan de bonus voor australie opstrijken. Wellicht kunnen we ons daarna samen op een ander continent richten
2006-11-01 17:45:14 - lerks22: ek kan julle verstaan be careful
2006-11-01 18:54:02 - niels87: Ja is goed. Eerst maar paars wegwerken dan. Daarna help ik jou verder met europa ok?
2006-11-02 11:02:50 - cheerios rule: english???
2006-11-02 14:17:04 - lerks22: whats happening is yellow and blue are arranging an aliance
2006-11-02 14:19:03 - lerks22: they think we cant understand them unfortunately for them i can this is illegal how do we report this behaviour
2006-11-02 14:26:59 - lerks22: robertivo niels you are both liars and cheats why dont you just F*** off
2006-11-02 17:03:11 - striker1234: yeah dat aint cool
2006-11-02 17:09:03 - striker1234: everyone whos english and wants to truce untill niels and robertivo are gone say I
2006-11-02 17:15:43 - striker1234: yeah i can read it to, basicly robertivo and niels are dutch and there plan is get rid of purple (Me) and then go for europe
2006-11-02 17:58:41 - robertivo: "Use diplomacy to coordinate a group assault on the game leader." That is what you can read on the homepage of conquerclub. So its not illegal at all. Besides: what happened to everything is allowed in war.
2006-11-02 18:00:07 - robertivo: We are both merely trying to survive and that is only possible if we defeat the strongest player in the game and that is Striker. Nevertheless, compliments to lerks; Didn't think you would decode it so soon.
2006-11-02 18:00:31 - robertivo: Well, at least the game is becoming interesting now.
2006-11-02 18:56:07 - lerks22: you are a liar and a cheat you say to your fellow arsehole that they are all english speakers and asume we wont understand then you form an illegal allience ie one which the rest of the players are not aware of see the rules you cheesehead tosser
2006-11-03 15:54:56 - robertivo: I thought you were native English speaking, but apparently a dutch guy like me can read the rules in english better than you. I didn't write them, i just used them.
2006-11-03 16:34:18 - striker1234: Just because I have a higher ranking doesn’t mean I’m the game leader. Rule Number two of conquer club is No secret alliances, you had every intention to making your alliance secret buy speaking a different language, you have even referred to it as your c
2006-11-03 16:34:48 - striker1234: code. You have broken the therefore you are a cheat and spoiling the game for other users. Either play fair or don’t play at all.
2006-11-03 19:48:12 - lerks22: lets get rid of the cheats and then play properly between ourselves
2006-11-04 06:29:56 - robertivo: If this rule really exists, than I apologize. I will look it up right now. I saw an advantage and tried to use it, because I read on the homepage that alliances were allowed.
2006-11-04 06:31:15 - robertivo: O.k. You are right: Rule 2 no secret allainces. I violated that rule. Haven't read it until now. Apologies to all of you. Won't happen again.
2006-11-05 09:29:46 - niels87: striker is right at all points. it's our screwup and not fair. saying that its my first game ever isn't an excuse. So I appologize to you guys.
2006-11-06 14:34:16 - niels87: I give my armies up since I played unfair. Hope u guys aint mad. Have fun now bb
2006-11-06 18:14:08 - striker1234: ok yeah fair play to niels take comment offhis feed back lerks.
2006-11-07 15:06:29 - robertivo: I will follow Niels example...
2006-11-07 18:07:36 - lerks22: bye bye bastard
2006-11-07 18:14:36 - niels87: lol
2006-11-08 00:42:49 - cheerios rule: just dont cheat
2006-11-08 18:25:58 - striker1234: that was a school boy error fogeting teh fortification was chained lol
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