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Game 9531897

Round 180

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
No Spoils

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:chapcrap 4.9 0 0 0
g:happyfeet 4.9 86 314 71
b:GoranZ 4.9 0 0 0
y:Tiller 4.9 0 0 0

Game Log

2011-08-06 10:42:15 - Game has been initialized
2011-08-14 18:51:23 - chapcrap eliminated GoranZ from the game
2011-12-11 22:04:57 - happyfeet eliminated chapcrap from the game
2011-12-12 12:41:52 - happyfeet eliminated Tiller from the game
2011-12-12 12:41:52 - happyfeet won the game
2011-12-12 12:41:52 - chapcrap lost 16 points
2011-12-12 12:41:52 - GoranZ lost 26 points
2011-12-12 12:41:52 - Tiller lost 22 points
2011-12-12 12:41:52 - happyfeet gained 64 points

Game Chat

2011-11-14 02:40:59 - happyfeet: i guess chap didnt want that peace time
2011-11-15 00:17:06 - chapcrap: How about I take my castle back, then take one of yours, then ask for peace?
2011-11-17 14:14:40 - Tiller: chap, both of your stacks next to me are higher than mine, but happy's are way higher than yours, and both of your incomes are also 30%-40% bigger. Don't force me to fight you.
2011-11-18 20:32:02 - Tiller: Chap, one more time and you're getting yourself bombed. I can't afford 25 armies per turn, and if you keep at that I'll have to reduce your income accordingly as much as I can.
2011-11-19 17:34:07 - chapcrap: what are you talking about?
2011-11-19 17:40:30 - Tiller: You took Bishop, and moved in in force, so I took Lord Chamberlain because that cost us both 15 less armies to get back my income. Ever since then I tried to leave 30-40 armies on my councillors (til this turn when I couldn't afford to), and after your
2011-11-19 17:43:28 - Tiller: turn but before happy's I end up with less than 10 on Lord C, til you took this turn at least.
2011-11-24 15:03:41 - Tiller: Fine, I give up, I'm pretty much toast as soon as happy decides to attack, I can't compete with that kind of stack. Never could.
2011-11-26 22:31:32 - happyfeet: this game is never going to end
2011-11-26 22:33:33 - happyfeet: so what are we going to do about this because if i attack ill be ganged up on like the whole game
2011-11-26 22:34:06 - happyfeet: so lets just figure out a plan for me to win :)
2011-11-26 23:23:57 - Tiller: I don't know. It's not exactly in my best interests to wait, because both of you have more income and more autodeploys than I do, but there is nothing I can do about the huge stack hovering next to me that's bigger than anything I could concievably field
2011-11-26 23:26:13 - Tiller: to counter it, but there's also no point at all in my attacking either, I will get stomped no matter how much I have in reserve, plus I don't even want to advance. Just like always.
2011-11-29 13:34:25 - Tiller: ... and how am I supposed to deal with a 168-stack and an 81-stack when I have 12 income and you guys have more than double that?
2011-11-29 22:48:33 - happyfeet: i only hit you since you hit me
2011-11-30 06:40:01 - chapcrap: i didn't hit you
2011-11-30 06:41:06 - chapcrap: delusional
2011-11-30 06:41:17 - chapcrap: give me my castle back, or i suicide you
2011-11-30 18:13:31 - Tiller: So my reward for not attacking where you were vulnerable despite major provokation was to lose 60% of all my armies on the map? Happy, you're a complete ass sometimes, you already had a massive advantage over me, there was no need for that
2011-12-01 13:23:11 - happyfeet: i hit chap a lot harder than i hit you
2011-12-01 13:28:25 - happyfeet: someone has to attack and i hit both of you to keep it even and then you both hit me back im the only one weak here
2011-12-01 16:53:10 - Tiller: As I said, I lost more than half my troops in that one attack. If chap lost more it's only because he's way bigger than I am because he's got the income.
2011-12-01 17:14:56 - Tiller: (or at least, historically he's had the same large income advantage over me that both of you have, which I have to make sure you don't ever lord over me again, otherwise I'd have not hit nearly as hard as this)
2011-12-04 15:05:36 - happyfeet: tiller maybe you should consider help me attack chap he has double the amount of troops as me
2011-12-04 15:06:09 - happyfeet: and i cant even see all his troops
2011-12-04 15:12:35 - Tiller: Why did you not leave me the castle instead so I'd have some troops to do it? I left you 100% alone last turn so you could concentrate on your other side, yet again you killed dozens of mine that were just sitting there, and you've deployed 100% of your
2011-12-04 15:13:35 - Tiller: income against me and me alone since I lost my castle and just used your extra troops against chap. Why should I help you out if you keep pulling that?
2011-12-04 15:21:15 - Tiller: I took that as an observer, not to attack. If it stays there unmolested for long enough, maybe I can switch priorities, but I'm not even half finished rebuilding what you initially destroyed in 1 turn.
2011-12-04 23:10:16 - happyfeet: i just did what you say im just getting back what was mine
2011-12-04 23:13:08 - happyfeet: it only a matter of time chap takes us both out if we dont do something about it
2011-12-05 05:41:35 - chapcrap: the game is FAR from that
2011-12-05 05:41:52 - chapcrap: don't be silly
2011-12-05 05:42:08 - chapcrap: you both have plenty of men from what i can see
2011-12-06 17:18:06 - chapcrap: stop stealing my caslte and i won't retaliate
2011-12-07 16:01:58 - chapcrap: stop it yellow
2011-12-07 20:41:01 - Tiller: So I took 10 armies from you in a place where we were both auto-building to an uncomfortable level (at a cost of 16 to myself by the way), when you've got over double my income again, so you decide to take almost 50 from me? I'm not going to take that one
2011-12-07 20:43:08 - Tiller: lying down... happy, if you're still up for it, you just got yourself an ally in trimming chap down a bit.
2011-12-08 00:30:37 - happyfeet: yeah ive been trying to trim him down
2011-12-08 00:52:16 - Tiller: Now chap, I attempted to use restraint, all I retook was things you took from me anyway, and overall the past bunch of turns I've done (slightly) less army damage to you than you've done to me just last turn. You're still much bigger than I am, but I've
2011-12-08 00:55:53 - Tiller: still got the vast bulk of that catapult that's been sitting idle for the past 50 turns or whatever, so don't go crazy, I don't think either of us want to escalate this too far.
2011-12-08 06:31:56 - chapcrap: that just happened
2011-12-08 23:25:53 - Tiller: I see restraint was not what I should have done. I don't think I'm coming back from this unless I disengage immediately though, I left a path for chap to easily take everything back from the noble, then I'm going to need about 40 rounds to recover from
2011-12-08 23:25:58 - Tiller: this.
2011-12-08 23:28:45 - Tiller: (though that's assuming he goes after his home castles again... if I take another major hit from him then happy's got the game)
2011-12-11 16:04:36 - Tiller: So you're intentionally just throwing the game chap? And over the loss of 10 freaking troops?
2011-12-11 18:41:12 - chapcrap: no, i'm not throwing the game, i went after a lot of attacks because i was tired of a building 3 player game
2011-12-11 18:41:18 - chapcrap: and it didn't work out for me
2011-12-12 05:30:06 - Tiller: Well, killing off my H catapult and castle so I couldn't deal with happy anymore, not taking the path through the king I left for you to evacuate Noble A safely without losing both of us many armies, and then stranding about 75 armies on T2 over the past
2011-12-12 05:31:06 - Tiller: couple of turns to die on the neutral reset certainly looked like suiciding.
2011-12-12 15:43:49 - Tiller: gg, congrats happy
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