Conquer Club


The Royal Galaxy
our ambitions to to develop this clan from obscure reputation to a place where can fit our clan name ! We've a desire to dominate & conquer this clan world!
Average Score1,912.6
Score Range1,097-2,750
Clan War Record1/4 (25.0%)
Clan Game Record114/246 (46.3%)
j1mathman (Leader), Prince_Tottenham (Leader), worldconquer (Leader), antcowan, Brainalack, BrutusCorvus, CC888, Domination_44, Grendel18447, ianphull, jeremscarem, King Phillip, kostko, lt.Futt, Onagras, Pilager, radiojake, rebreath, Runeldo, Sohail88, Tenacious D, TheRookThief

Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
666Atlantis vs The Royal Galaxy - Dec 2013ATL VS RGX2013-12-31 - 2014-04-17War Active/ Games ActiveATL 32 VS RGX 28 Details
635The New Crusade vs The Royal Galaxy - Sept 2013TNC VS RGX2013-09-10 - 2013-12-12War Complete/ Games InactiveTNC 21 VS RGX 20 The New CrusadeDetails
633Knights Templar vs The Royal Galaxy - Sept 2013KNT VS RGX2013-10-10 - 2014-01-24War Complete/ Games InactiveKNT 11 VS RGX 30 The Royal GalaxyDetails
615Retribution vs The Royal Galaxy - Aug 2013RET VS RGX2013-09-06 - 2013-11-23War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 38 VS RGX 23 RetributionDetails
583The New Crusade vs The Royal Galaxy - Jul 2013TNC VS RGX2013-05-08 - 2013-07-22War Complete/ Games InactiveTNC 30 VS RGX 13 The New CrusadeDetails