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"Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy". - Winston Churchill We are the competitive clan Retribution ! Founded in late 2011 by Master Kai, and revived by conde180711 and The_S...
Average Score2,108.2
Score Range1,170-3,161
Clan War Record11/15 (73.3%)
Clan Game Record485/810 (59.9%)
conde180711 (Leader), therealdeal_37 (Leader), The_Samurai (Leader), Al B. Damned, Anthrax821, Aussie02, chakon, Chris98, conrwronski, currahee68, danervinsucks, daniely, imacamper, Kantsi, King Engineer, kuma32478, Ltrain, Lyndir, miyuki-, moustache_vendor, randy pierce, Reaper616, riverj, santa.tank, schiballs, scholtz, shaggybb, Steve The Mighty, tankgirl99, theheadholes, thelord, trevor33, trlester, wamd9060

Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
1338Fire and Dice vs Retribution - Jun 2014FAD VS RET2014-07-07 - 2014-09-17War Active/ Games ActiveFAD 12 VS RET 23 Details
1336Fiso vs Retribution - Jun 2014FISO VS RET2014-06-23 - 2014-08-28War Complete/ Games InactiveFISO 22 VS RET 39 RetributionDetails
1254CL6 QG4 - KNT vs RETKNT VS RET2014-07-11 - 2014-08-07War Complete/ Games InactiveKNT 2 VS RET 6 RetributionDetails
1253CL6 QG4 - RET vs KNTRET VS KNT 2014-07-17 - 2014-08-03War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 6 VS KNT 2 RetributionDetails
1246CL6 QG4 - AOK vs RETAOK VS RET2014-06-29 - 2014-08-03War Complete/ Games InactiveAOK 4 VS RET 4 RetributionDetails
1245CL6 QG4 - RET vs AOKRET VS AOK 2014-06-29 - 2014-07-17War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 8 VS AOK 0 RetributionDetails
1238CL6 QG4 - RET vs MYTHRET VS MYTH 2014-06-14 - 2014-07-25War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 5 VS MYTH 3 RetributionDetails
1237CL6 QG4 - MYTH vs RETMYTH VS RET2014-06-13 - 2014-07-08War Complete/ Games InactiveMYTH 2 VS RET 6 RetributionDetails
1234CL6 QG4 - RET vs IDRET VS ID 2014-06-06 - 2014-07-21War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 5 VS ID 3 RetributionDetails
1233CL6 QG4 - ID vs RETID VS RET2014-06-04 - 2014-06-24War Complete/ Games InactiveID 5 VS RET 3 The Imperial DragoonsDetails
1230CL6 QG4 - RET vs ACERET VS ACE2014-05-19 - 2014-07-03War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 5 VS ACE 3 RetributionDetails
1229CL6 QG4 - ACE vs RETACE VS RET2014-05-24 - 2014-06-13War Complete/ Games InactiveACE 6 VS RET 2 Agents of the Chaotic EmpireDetails
1133Retribution vs Fire and Dice - April 2014RET VS FAD2014-05-09 - 2014-07-02War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 34 VS FAD 15 RetributionDetails
1117Retribution vs Grim Reapers - March 2014RET VS GR 2014-03-29 - 2014-05-25War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 43 VS GR 18 RetributionDetails
1015Retribution vs One Step Ahead - Jan 2014RET VS OSA 2014-02-11 - 2014-06-19War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 26 VS OSA 35 One Step AheadDetails
680Retribution vs The New Crusade - Jan 2014RET VS TNC 2014-01-16 - 2014-03-24War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 41 VS TNC 30 RetributionDetails
649The Fantastic Four-Skins vs Retribution - Oct 2013TFFS VS RET2013-10-31 - 2014-01-15War Complete/ Games InactiveTFFS 21 VS RET 40 RetributionDetails
615Retribution vs The Royal Galaxy - Aug 2013RET VS RGX2013-09-06 - 2013-11-23War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 38 VS RGX 23 RetributionDetails
612The Fallen vs Retribution - Aug 2013FALL VS RET2013-08-16 - 2013-10-22War Complete/ Games InactiveFALL 23 VS RET 20 The FallenDetails
603The Headless Horsemen vs Retribution - Sep 2013HH VS RET2013-06-29 - 2013-09-01War Complete/ Games InactiveHH 22 VS RET 19 The Headless HorsemenDetails
573Retribution vs Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus - Jul 2013RET VS VVV 2013-05-09 - 2013-07-01War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 31 VS VVV 10 RetributionDetails
553Retribution vs Always Kicking Ass - May 2013RET VS AKA2013-04-02 - 2013-05-15War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 26 VS AKA 15 RetributionDetails
533Retribution vs DYNASTY - Mar 2013RET VS DYN2013-02-10 - 2013-03-30War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 24 VS DYN 17 RetributionDetails
502Retribution vs The Headless Horsemen - Dec 2012RET VS HH 2012-10-31 - 2012-12-30War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 34 VS HH 27 RetributionDetails
477Retribution vs Fiso - Nov 2012RET VS FISO2012-10-06 - 2012-11-17War Complete/ Games InactiveRET 27 VS FISO 14 RetributionDetails
448The New Crusade vs Retribution - Sep 2012TNC VS RET2012-07-17 - 2012-09-16War Complete/ Games InactiveTNC 21 VS RET 20 The New CrusadeDetails