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In order to better serve you we are using a support ticket system:

  1. First, please read the "Instructions" sections if you are not familiar with how the game works.
  2. Next, take a moment to consult the Frequently Asked Questions below, which addresses most common issues.
  3. If you need further assistance, please open a support ticket below or send an email to

We always appreciate your input, so if you have a suggestion, please post in the Suggestion Forum (after searching first to avoid duplicate topics).

Frequently Asked Questions

About my account

1. I didn't get my activation email, where is it?

Check your bulk mail folder and add to your email contacts. You may sign up again but be sure to only activate one account. Keep in mind that sometimes the email is just delayed taking the scenic route through the internet.

2. I can't login, why?

First, make sure that you're using the right password. Fill out the "I forgot my password" form and try again with the password we send you. Still having problems? If you are using Internet Explorer, go to Tools=>Internet Options and drop the cookie protection level to "Medium High" (under Privacy tab) or [recommended] add to the Trusted sites (under Security tab). If you are using Firefox, go to Tools=>Options=>Privacy=>Cookies and check off "Allow sites to set Cookies" or [recommended] click on Exceptions to "Allow" If you have McAffee or some other internet security software installed, you may also have to set it to allow cookies from

3. I don't want my account anymore, will you delete it?

Once accounts are created they will not be deleted. However, if you do not take a turn for 30 days, your account will drop off the Scoreboard. If your account contains personally identifiable information, we will remove such items upon request.

4. How do I change my username?

We take requests for minor cosmetic changes to usernames of Premium members. We also take requests for username changes of any member if their username contains personally identifiable information. Because player reputation is important to the integrity of the game, we do not allow any other changes to usernames. Please don't create a second account as that will just get you banned. Open a support ticket below to request a username change.

5. Can I change my email address or password for Conquer Club?

Sure, just visit Control Panel -> Profile -> Edit account settings.

6. My country flag is wrong. Can I change it?

Your country is determined automatically by looking up your IP address in a GeoIP database. It isn't meant to reflect your nationality. Furthermore, the database is only 99% accurate so some members may show an incorrect location. Unfortunately there is no way to override your country flag.

7. How long is it before an inactive account gets deleted?

Accounts do not get deleted, but they will drop off the Scoreboard if there is no activity in 30 days.

8. What is an avatar and how can I use one?

Avatars are small pictures that display each post. Each user may choose his/her own avatar. To use an avatar visit Control Panel -> Profile -> Edit avatar. You may use an image that is hosted on another site as your avatar. To do this, just enter the URI into the text field. It is recommended that the images are small and do not deform tables or distract people. If you have an image on your computer that you would like to use, you may upload the image to the server that the board is on. You may upload an image on your computer by clicking the Browse button. You may also upload an image by entering the URI that the image is located at.

9. What is a signature and how can I use one?

A signature is a picture or text appears below each of your forum posts. To add a signature visit Control Panel -> Profile -> Edit signature. From the forum guidelines: Signatures larger than 150 pixels high by 600 pixels wide just scream "I am compensating for something" and should be reduced in size.

10. How do I advance in rank? Can I get demoted?

Players move up and down the rankings as determined by their score and experience. Ranks requirements are explained in the Instructions.

About premium membership and other transactions

11. Can I mail my payment for premium membership to you?

No. We don't want to deal with bounced cheques, cash lost in the mail, regular visits to the post office and manually updating records. All you need is a credit card or chequing account to pay via PayPal. Please use it if you can. Alternatively you can ask a friend or relative to buy you a Premium Membership Gift Certificate, always accessible from the Home page.

12. I paid for premium membership but I still don't have it. When will my account be updated?

As indicated on the Upgrade! page, payments made from a chequing account take 4 business days to clear. Don't worry, everyone gets what they paid for!

13. Will I be kicked out of my active games when my premium membership runs out?

Nope, you can continue playing all those games. You will only be limited from playing new games until you either fall below the game limit or renew your premium membership.

14. If I re-purchase premium membership before it runs out, does it get added to end of my expiration period?

Yes, you will get 12 months added to whatever time you have left. You don't have to wait until your premium membership expires!

15. I referred so-and-so, why didn't I get credit?

If and only if a new player clicks on your link just before joining Conquer Club, it automatically counts as a referral. Whenever your referrals purchase premium membership you get a bonus. You can view your referrals and bonuses at any time by visiting the Players Referred and Bonus History tabs of the Referral Program page. If you are sure that a new player clicked on your link before joining Conquer Club and it doesn't appear under Players Referred, please contact the General Inquiries department below.

16. I completed an offer for Conquer Credits, why didn't I get credits?

If you don't get your credits and want to follow up on it, here's what to do:

  1. Reply to the email you got when you first completed the offer/survey. Your reply will contain all the relevant information and this is the fastest way to get your issue resolved.
  2. If you don't have an email to reply to, click Need Help? link located on the Conquer Credits page and contact Peanut Labs through the Need Help? box.
  3. If you are unable to find the link or the survey/offer you are writing about is no longer listed in the Need Help? box, simply visit the Peanut Labs online Help Desk at
  4. If Peanut Labs didn't resolve your issue, reply to this ticket and we'll see what we can do on our end.

About the rules

17. Can more than one person play from the same computer?

The short answer is yes. Our Multi Hunters are pretty good at distinguishing roommates & family members from people with multiple accounts. However, some members prefer playing only in team games with people from the same computer to avoid accusations of cheating.

18. Can I make an alliance or truce with another player?

Yes, but you must conduct all diplomacy in the in game chat.

19. Can I let another player take a turn for me when I am away from the game?

Players are allowed to account-sit for others as long as they are not opponents within the game. It is common courtesy to announce in game chat that another player will take your turn(s) during your absence. Babysitters should only do what is necessary to take the turn(s) and should not interact with the community, start or join new games (except for ongoing tournaments). Furthermore, you should only take another player's turn if they are in danger of missing a turn, not for the purpose of gaining a tactical advantage.

20. Is it against the rules to reveal in game chat an opponent's position or strength in a Fog of War game?

Information or misinformation in game chat is acceptable, however, as with any tactic or strategy, you may be rated by your opponents as they see fit.

21. I think someone is cheating and has broken the rules, what should I do?

When you suspect secret diplomacy, you should leave the players in question appropriate ratings and add them to your foes if you no longer wish to play with them. If you feel certain about players engaging in secret diplomacy or if you suspect multiple accounts, consider reporting them in the Cheating & Abuse Reports forum by posting a new topic.

About the dice

22. How does the dice work?

We have a series of 50,000 true random numbers from Each time the game engine processes an assault or auto-assault, it select a random spot in the series to read from using a pseudo-random computer function. Each time the game engine rolls the dice, the next number is read in sequence from the series (e.g. in a 3v1 attack 4 numbers are read sequentially). The series of 50,000 true random numbers from is replaced every hour. As of June 2010 we process 1,000,000 assaults per day.

23. Seriously, how could I possibly lose X troops while assaulting a region that only had Y? Are the dice broken?

The dice on this site are randomized by and by being an active member of Conquer Club you experience a very large number of dice rolls so it is natural to occasionally get your ass kicked. It is human nature to remember the losses more than the wins.

24. Why is the amount of data on my dice stats more/less than I expect?

First of all, we only started recording dice stats as of May 2011 so battles before that date are not included in the data. We only store the last 100 battles per player over all opponents as "recent" stats, so if you filter recent stats by opponent over 25 battles there there might not be 25 "recent" battles with that specific opponent and less data will appear than expected. Also, auto-assaults are considered a single battle so recent stats may contain more data than expected if there were auto-assaults.

25. How is luck calculated on my dice stats?

For dice distribution, luck is the actual average roll over the expected average roll (i.e. 3.5). Luck can range from -100% for an average roll of 1.00 to +100% for an average roll of 6.00.

For battle outcomes, luck is based on the ratio of kills over losses. For each type of battle (e.g. 3 vs 2, 1 vs 1, etc.) we know the expected ratio of kills over losses for both assault and defend based on the table below.

  3 vs 2 3 vs 1 2 vs 2 2 vs 1 1 vs 2 1 vs 1
Assault 54.0% 66.0% 39.0% 57.9% 25.5% 41.7%
Defend 46.0% 34.0% 61.0% 42.1% 74.5% 58.3%

Luck is how many percentage points the actual ratio is above or below the expected ratio. To calculate total luck (i.e. assault + defend) we take a weighted average of ratios based on the amounts of assult battles and defend battles.

Red and green are used to emphasize negative and positive luck, respectively.

About gameplay

26. How do I cash in a group of spoils?

When you have a valid group (one of each colour or three of a kind) the game will automatically prompt you to cash in during deployment.

27. How do I surrender or drop out of a game?

Once a game has begun you can no longer drop that game. The only way to get out is to win or lose. We suggest winning.

28. Why do people get extra troops when they miss turns?

The fact is that things come up in real life and many people cannot reach a computer every single day. People who missed a turn are not receiving any bonus, only the troops they would have normally received. Getting the troops for turns missed encourages people to return and continue playing the game, which is one the most important things. A decent player will be able to keep track of how many missed troops an opponent can add, and act strategically to counter the extra troops.

29. My opponent missed 3 turns. Why were they not booted out of the game as a deadbeat?

An opponent only becomes a deadbeat if they miss 3 consecutive turns, not just any 3 turns in a game.

30. Help! I don't see the game board, only numbers! What can I do?

Waiting patiently usually does the trick. If not, try pressing Control & F5 in any game where the game board does not appear. Manually clearing your Internet cache may also work.

31. New Recruits are always dead beating is there any way to avoid playing with them?

We were all at one time new recruits and when you started you wouldn't have wanted to be excluded from certain games. We feel it is better to treat everyone equally. If you really don't want to play with them though you can always go premium and play private games with people you know.

32. What happens to the troops and spoils of a player that is kicked out for missing too many turns?

Normally, after someone is kicked out for missing too many turns their troops become neutral and their spoils are returned to the deck. However, when a player is auto-kicked in a team game, the first surviving teammate inherits the troops and spoils. When players are auto-kicked in a terminator game their troops remain on the map, and you can still get spoils (and points) from them if you eliminate the deadbeat before the game is over.

33. If you eliminate an active player what happens to his spoils?

You get them.

34. How did my opponent cash in a group of spoils in the middle of his turn?

If by eliminating someone you have five or more spoils you are then forced to turn at least one group in but you can turn in as many groups as you have available.

35. If my time runs out before I end my turn will I still get a spoil if I conquered a region?

No. Keep your eye on the clock! One hour after you start your turn it will end and you will lose any spoils you may have earned.

36. Can I join a Doubles, Triples, or Quadruples game without having other team players in mind?

Sure, you can. But it is advised to go into any team game with players you know.

37. My team holds an entire zone why aren't we getting the bonus?

In order to get the bonus for a zone one single player must hold the zone.

38. How can I get a whole zone without assaulting my team mate?

You can't. The best thing to do is reinforce all but 1 of your troops from the region your partner needs, this will make it easier for them to take the region.

39. Can I start a new game once I get eliminated, even though it remains on my active list?

Once you are eliminated from any game it does not count toward your game limit, if you are non-premium.

40. Is there a certain amount of time a game can or will last?

Games currently can last anywhere from minutes to months.

41. How do I participate in a tournament?

Check the Join A Tournament page.

42. How are points calculated?

The scoring formula is explained in the Instructions.

43. What is the reinforcement ratio to regions held?

The player will receive one troop for each three regions under their control, with a minimum of three per turn (unless otherwise noted on game board).

44. I just started a sequential game and I didn't get to take the first turn. Why not?

The starting order in a sequential game is randomized so while sometimes you will get to go first that is not always the case.

45. Can I view a friend's game?

Sure, just head to the Game Finder and enter either your friend's name or the game number.

About miscellaneous stuff

46. Is there any software to install?

You don't need to install anything, but there are a number of tools available to enhance your conquering experience.

47. How do I change alerts and notifications about game turns and invitations?

You can adjust your alert and notification settings on the Game Settings page, by checking or unchecking the desired boxes.

48. Do games awaiting players have an expiry date?

Only private casual games, if not filled, are deleted after 15 days.

49. How do I get good ratings?

One way is to be active in the game chat, contributing something to the game and causing the other players to have a better experience.

50. One of my ratings disappeared, what happened?

A rating can be deleted at any time by the person who originally left it.

51. Game Chat messages disappeared, what happened?

You placed the author(s) on your Foes List, so their messages were filtered out of the Game Chat.

52. How do I make my own map?

Check out the Map Foundry forum. The first few topics contain everything you need to know about Conquer Club cartography.

53. What is a clan or usergroup? How do I join one? How do I start my own?

By being in a usergroup/clan you get access to a private forum and the ability to associate with friends and similarly minded members. To join a usergroup/clan, look out for recruitment topics in the Create/Join a Clan forum or contact the leader directly. To start your own, follow these directions.

54. I want to organize a tournament how do I start?

You should start out by consulting the Tournament Handbook. If you have any further questions you can always contact our friendly tournament directors.

55. Who is in charge?

The admin team is: bigWham (Webmaster), blakebowling (Operations), and King Achilles (Support). Additionally, Conquer Club has a large team of volunteer leaders that take responsibility for many aspects of the website.

56. Can I join the team?

ConquerClub is maintained in large part by the volunteer TeamCC made up of members from the community who have taken on the responsibility of moderating, managing the Map Foundry, coordinating Tournaments, handling cheating accusations and helping members like you find answers to their questions.

If you would like to join TeamCC the best way to do this is to be "modly" in the forum: If you cannot moderate without the tools and title, you will have a hard time moderating with the tools and title. Existing TeamCC members are always looking out for potential members who are active, helping out others, organizing tournaments, commenting on maps in production, and who don't let themselves get baited and don't bait others.

Be active and helpful and someone will approach you.

57. Can I exchange links or advertise with your website?

We have an Affiliated Websites forum for cross-promotion and we offer text links at the bottom of some pages. Please contact the General Inquiries department below if you are interested in such things.

Support Tickets

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