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Map Making Tools - Updated [24/11/08]

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Map Making Tools - Updated [24/11/08]

Postby Twill on Wed May 10, 2006 9:32 pm

How should you host and post an image of your draft? Use or or or some other similar website. Then use the link with "BigImg" tags.

Several members of the community have created tools to help the process of map creation along:

Official Mapmaker Tool XML tool
Checks the validity of XML map code

Jota's Map Assistant
The Map Assistant is a Java application that provides a GUI for generating the coordinate data for Conquer Club maps

MrBenn's 88 Army Cursor
The 88 army cursor can be used in conjunction with Jota's Map Assistant for perfect centering results first time - the cursor is not Mac compatible

Kevinc's XML Map Reader
Allows you to see the links between countries easily. So, once you've created your XML and map, and just want to debug'll be able to see if you've made all your connections correctly

lackattack's XML Tutorial
Pretty graphics are not enough to make a successful map. You also need to think up good gameplay rules and write them down in an XML file. This tutorial will explain how to do that. Don't worry, you don't need any technical skills or special software. Just pay attention and fire up your favourite text editor, such as notepad.

WidowMakers' How to make proper Army Circles
How to make good looking, correctly sized and centered army circles and armies on your map the first time.

WidowMakers' Army Circles PNG File
I just thought I would make these pics to help anyone out there having issues with army shadow circles. They are 22 pixel diameter circles. Use the png file to input them into your maps.

mibi's Army Number PNG image
Transparent PNG image of the 88 digits used to represent XML generated numbers.

Widowmakers' Continent Bonus Spreadsheet
CairnsWK's Continent Bonus Spreadsheet
Oaktown's Continent Bonus Spreadsheet
An Excel Spreadsheet to assist to determine continent bonuses for Maps; includes instructions on how to use it! (Right click on link and choose "Save Target As" from the menu that appears.)

MrBenn's Bonus Probability Calculator
An Excel Spreadsheet to assist in determining how likely a player is to drop a specific bonus (regular or build-your-own).

Widowmakers' Spreadsheet based XML Tool
I made and excel based XML writer. There are instructions on the first tab of the excel file.


And for image development, many users have sworn by:

Fireworks 30 day free trial.

GIMP Free, open source.

Paint.NET Free download.

Illustrator 30 day free trial.

Inkscape Free, open source.

Photoshop CS3 30 day free trial.

Hosting Sites:
To be able to get a map through the foundry you need to upload your images and XML onto a hosting site. Here are some sites that our map makers also swear by:
Highly reliable site that lets you upload and store image files. 1GB storage space and 25GB of monthly bandwidth allowance for free members.
Free file storage with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. Additional tools/plugins that allow for quick and easy uploading of images.
Good hosting site that allows you to upload any file type. Good for both XML and images. Small bandwidth and storage allowance.
A free file hosting site. 1GB of personal storage space. 50mb maximum file size limit. 5GB of monthly bandwidth. Direct link to XMl files.

Thank you to all of the above for their help in making tools for the community. If you make or spot any new tools, please send Andy a message so it can be added to the list.

Have a great day, may your maps be mappy.
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