Tribal War - Ancient Israel v16.1 [2013-12-14] pg23 XML&GFX

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Re: Tribal War - Ancient Israel v16.1 [2013-12-14] pg23 XML&

Postby josko.ri on Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:20 am

I found this map interesting. In general, I like maps where one territory can attack multiple others around, like it is in this map and in the other Tribal War map.

One thing I like about the map: Principle of many LeviteCities or Refugees which start with 2 neutrals but are worth +1 auto deploy. In such an open map where all attacks are coming to play very quickly, going for some +1 bonuses which are inside our outside the center zone can be one sneaky strategic move. In fact, I have almost lost my game which was kind of secured win because my opponent took those regions and started having bigger troop yield than me. It is especially interesting with Nuclear spoils, and with unlimited reinforcements. In addition to this, the SS and SW bonuses greatly increase strategic level of the map. If is huge risk to spend troops to kill 3 neutrals, but trying that and succeeding to hold it can turn around lost game into winning game.

One thing I dislike about the map: Two center zones with many regions (Eastern and Western War Zone) have no bonus value by itself, so owning any region there (excluding those where neutrals need to be killed) cannot have bonus impact. It would be better to include 3-4 remote regions (one from Eastern War Zone, one from Western War Zone and one from Judah and/or Gad) to make some additional bonus, so someone may think about sneaky move to aim to own that bonus. I think similar bonus principle is used in other Tribal War map, and I like that very much on the other map.
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