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New York 1695 v15

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Re: New York 1695 v15.1

Postby iancanton on Mon Feb 26, 2024 2:23 pm

plurple wrote:ok so after a short delay I have made the xml changes and put them on beta. I have a few games up if anyone is able to go over there and join to test.

The changes:
- Have reduced the batteries to 1 neutrals from 3 each.
- Have upped the Fort to 8 neutrals from 5.
- Have removed the connection between yard A and yard D.
- Have removed the connection between yard B and yard C.
- Have made Four B'way A, Five King St B and One Whitehall C start as Neutral 3 to reduce the starting with a bonus to a minimum. Which also makes the number of region that are handed out 44 which is a better number as is a golden number :D

New York 1695 v1506.xml

v15.1 is live for all new and active games! the highest game number to start under v15.0 was Game 23057513.

for future reference, please remove the spaces from xml file names as, in bW's words, they "cause some grief in the process".

ian. :)
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Re: New York 1695 v15

Postby Minister X on Thu Feb 29, 2024 2:00 pm

The rule "all streets revert to neutral two after every player's turn" needs to be reworded. At the very least, the apostrophe needs to be moved to the other side of the 's' since this way it refers to a single player. Better yet, find wording that's much less easy to misinterpret. Maybe: "Streets revert to two neutral before the owner's turn." Or: "Streets revert to two neutral after a full turn of all players is completed." Something like that. I invented this game and was confused by this rule!! :shock:
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