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Errata Corrige - Bonus Collections

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Errata Corrige - Bonus Collections

Postby thenobodies80 on Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:22 pm

Hello Foundry Goers,

recently we had to take a small hiatus with checking xml files and uploading new maps because, after doing some test, we noticed that the collection feature didn't work as expected.
Since lackattack coded the feature, we had to knock his turtle shell again and wait for his help to understand what was wrong with collections.

Luckily, the old turtle has peeped out from his shell and gave us a good explanation for the issue. Without explaining all the story, I'm happy to tell you all that there was no bug or necessity to code the feature again, so the collections 100% work! :)

Here a simple explanation of what you have to do to use collections:

The <required> tag is mandatory if you have multiple bonus levels, and the value to write into this tag should be the lower bonus level for the collection.
So, if for example you have the following continent, which has multiple bonus level into it, you need to add after the components tag a <required> tag.

<bonus required="2">1</bonus>
<bonus required="3">2</bonus>
<bonus required="4">3</bonus>

If you notice the value into the required tag is the same value we have in the lower bonus level:

Code: Select all
 <bonus required="2">1</bonus>

In this way the game engine knows that you need only 2 regions to qualify for the bonus. If you don't add the required tag the collections bonus is given only when you hold the whole continent (the highest level of bonus).

A final note, at the moment the name for the bonus is only one, so all bonus levels have the same description in the game log, indipendently if you hold the whole continent or just a part of it. We're working to have it changed and we hope to obtain a better system to have a detailed description for the game log soon.

I've already modified the dedicated section of the xml guide.
Sorry for the inconvenience and for the double work that it might have caused.

Let me know if there's any question or concerns about it. ;)
Have a great day
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