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A/B Switch for Legend

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A/B Switch for Legend

Postby Aleena on Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:26 pm

Though I understand the size limitations they made for maps, I've noticed the the Legends are slowly getting larger and larger taking up a good portion of some maps forcing the maps to be smaller and smaller.. .

Soon I hear we will be getting an update to allow maps for 12 players plus and this update will work with my current map "War of the Roses."

Since this site is still growing and making updates like this, I wonder why do they not allow a future update that allows the Legend, History, and/or Story to be on a second JPG file of equal size of the map.

This way it will free - up the map space for more spaces and details...

And all they need is a small toggle button next to the image that allows the player to flip flop between the two images depending on what they want to look at.... So if your playing a game and want to double check a Bonus area - you will not be able to just see the legend on the map, instead with a quick click of a button, the map, changes over to an equally detailed and colorful cover page that explains all the bonuses and the story line of the current map.. Even though this second image will mostly be words - it will have to be held up to the same presentation standards of the maps themselves - It can not just be a white screen with black text.... It would be like pulling the rules out of the box when playing a board game (which these rules will be decorated like a cover of the box itself) - all the rules of board games are not usually printed on the boards - so why should they have to be here....

Just an idea for a future update that will allow more freedoms and growth to the map making experience.
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Re: A/B Switch for Legend

Postby zimmah on Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:10 pm

I agree, i think it's a good way to allow more room for the actual map.
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