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Re: Chariot of Fire[pending]es

Postby king achilles on Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:31 pm

Apparently, ES has got some real life stuff to attend to so I will close this case instead.

After further review of the evidence presented here and some relevant posts and pm's sent to us, we found Chariot of Fire - guilty of account sitting abuse.

Let me remind that Account sitting is only for situations where the player is in danger of missing his turn. It is not for the purpose of safeguarding someone's games, 24 hours/day for as long as you want, nor is it for people who will intentionally not take their turns so that their account sitter or clan mate can take the turn for them. It is not a 24/7 responsibility of anyone to look after the games of their friends or clan mates as this can be seen as account sharing where more than one person is already freely logging in to one account whenever these people want to. You can only take this too far.

CoF, you have been warned before and this is already your 2nd major infraction of the same case and therefore, you get a one month ban for this. Do not be responsible for other people's games. Your friends should be responsible enough to play their own games and not share their account with you because they know you are there to prevent them from missing a turn and they would do other stuff instead. This dependency should stop from this point on. Let them play their own games. If this was all your own freewill then just the same, this has really got to stop.
To those people who shared their account with CoF and let this happen, you should take better care of your account to prevent this from happening again. You are as guilty as CoF and shall also get what is due for you. After evaluating the game chats, those people who willingly and knowingly let this happen, have also receive their due for this.

For your own good, please do take note of this:
Night Strike wrote:This right here is the completely FALSE mentality that gives rise to all of these stupid clan-sitting cases and blatant rule violations. You do NOT have the right to have someone else's password 24/7 in case they MIGHT miss a turn. Account sitting is supposed to only be used when people know ahead of time that they will be away from the computer and can change their password to a temporary one for the duration of the account sitting. Jumping into everybody's turns simply because they might miss is utterly ridiculous. A missed turn is literally not the end of the world. If you lose a game or clan war because of it, then so be it. Breaking the rules to have someone jump on your account anytime they want is not worth it. If Chuck was missing too many turns and becoming a liability in the clan war, then why did you keep putting him in those games? You deal with the problem when the next set of games become available, not when you have their password and can log in any time you feel like it. It's that mentality that every single game must be won at all costs (including breaking the rules) that has caused so many people to make clan wars completely intolerable to everybody else who doesn't adhere to that fundamentally flawed philosophy.
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