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sherifm nathan???

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sherifm nathan???

Postby waderg on Tue Apr 24, 2007 8:38 pm

These are suspected Multis or Secret Alliance prob a multi
Suspect users: nathan??? sherifm

Game number:

Comments: Hi very strange happenings in this game. it is a singles game, and they never attacked each other. unless it benifited both like in a team game, until I suggested they were the same person. reading game chat in another singles game they had together leads me to believe they are the same person. fortifying only the borders next to our singles and leaving no defence on each others borders because they knew it would not be attacked, they both fly the same flag, and once I shut up they thought things had cooled off and then took consecutive turned immediatly after each other. the game is almost over now and nathan is the bigger threat, but still sherifm will not attack him. nathan??? is clearly the account and sherifm the pawn.

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