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J-Bone [cleared] KRK

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Re: J-Bone [cleared] KRK

Postby ke_rassa on Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:20 pm

lt.Futt wrote:
Barney Rubble wrote:Well Well ,
Now you try to justify your actions even though KRK has made the right ruling.So now you flame my wall and foe me .Nice attitude thank god Im not a newbie on this site looking to you to help me find my way
Face it J Bone beat you in what he felt was the most effective way he could .Cant argue with success now can you .
Just so you know Calling someone a "Ladyboy" on his wall could be construed as bigotry and in this case I will cut you a break and not file a report .These guys has enough real complaints to deal with

Freak. How can you defend start trash talk me, and when I drive it right back in your face, you start crying? Grow up, freak.

And where did you get in the picture anyway? Why start trash talk me around the site and think you'll get away with it? Jeeeez-chr!

Come out in the sun. Stop fool yourself in your cave.

You can't go throwing the F word around like that all Willy Nilly! Show some respect. Just because you don't like his comment it does not mean you get to call him a "Freak". What is this site coming too that someone like you could be an SoC training advisor?
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