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Noted PinkFroyd [ka]

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PinkFroyd [ka]

Postby Flap on Sun Dec 03, 2023 11:57 am



The accused are suspected of:

Being Multis
Conducting Secret Diplomacy
Severe PM Abuse
Other: Referring to a topic which isn't a topic to make fun about. 'Israel killing innocent children'. This is an online game for fun, not a platform to speak out about harsh opinions or politics. I have played this game for way too long to let someone just get away with those sort of accusations. True or not true: this kind of statements should not be tolerated i.m.o.

Game number(s):

Game 22730024

Comments: See the explanation above
Captain Flap
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Re: PinkFroyd

Postby Ltrain on Mon Dec 04, 2023 1:53 pm

I scrolled through mountains of in game chat looking for this one line. I didn't see anything else other than chat about the game. Personally I'd say just ignore it, but I don't make the decisions around here!
2023-12-01 16:22:02 - PinkFroyd: Flap yeah you are innocent like Israel with killing all that children.. but who cares, you going to win, gg bystander
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Captain Ltrain
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Re: PinkFroyd

Postby king achilles on Mon Dec 04, 2023 8:42 pm

I would have to agree with Ltrain. PinkFroyd does have this tendency to say one liners like that once in awhile and it's not frequent. I will note your report in his record. Feel free to put him in your Foe list and to rate him accordingly.
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Sergeant 1st Class king achilles
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Support Admin
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Re: PinkFroyd [ka]

Postby Flap on Tue Dec 05, 2023 1:20 am

Thank you for your reaction. I'll respect your decision
Captain Flap
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