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Doubles Partner 2000+

Postby RiffArt on Fri Jun 07, 2013 4:45 am

Hi All,

I'm looking for a doubles partner at a similar level to myself (2000+). I've not really played any team games so far, but am a fairly competent singles player. I tend to log-in at least twice a day (morning and evening) so I do keep games moving.

The settings I favour are:
    Flat-Rate or No Spoils (although Escalating Spoils may be okay if Trench)
    Adjacent or Chained re-inforcements
    Fog/Trench optional
    I prefer Automatic to Manual Initial Troops (fairer for whomever goes last imho)
    24 Hour Round Length
    Preferably no Round Limit, or 100 Rounds if necessary (the best games I've found are those that go on for longer)
    Large maps (such as Eurasia, World 2.1, First Nations Americas, USA 2.0, Supermax) - although if you've got a favourite I'm willing to try most others out, although there are a few I don't enjoy

I'm not a subscriber and I've only got the one spot open at the moment, but will be looking for more doubles games in the future too. If anyone's interested, please either PM me/reply below/invite me to a game, preferably with players of a similar rank (a level playing field).

(If the settings above are ones you like too, please also keep me in mind when inviting people to future singles games with similar ranked players, because I often struggle to find a new game to join)

Hope to hear from someone(s) soon.

Edit: 45 views in 2 days but no replies... guess everyone loves Escalating Spoils (at least I hope it's that... 8-[ ). I'll start looking for singles games to join then, but if you do see this and I have 4 games on the go, you can still drop me a PM and when I've got a slot free will be happy to play doubles with someone.
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