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A former brigadier is giving points and tokens

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A former brigadier is giving points and tokens

Postby Zemljanin on Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:49 pm

Note: Technically, I was never a brigadier. With score about 3300, I was only a colonel (equivalent to current brigadier); in those times you needed over 3500 points to be a brigadier.

My current score in The Temple of Jinn is: 2 victories and 9 defeats. I lost some games due to being unlucky, but 82% defeats in 1v1 games? It's obvious that I suck at the settings. However, I am hooked :D...

I am going to play until I learn. And when I learn, I am going to play as long as anybody wants to play against me...
My partial goal is 36 wins in next few weeks. How many loses I have to suffer until I reach 36 wins? Don't know and DON'T CARE. I am ready to endure...

So everybody is free to invite me (up to 5 games) according to Monthly Challenge specifications:
Map: The Temple of Jinn
Players Per Game: 2
Game Type: 1v1 Standard
Initial Troops: Automatic
Play Order: Sequential
Spoils: No Spoils
Reinforcements: Unlimited
Round Limit: 20 or 30
Round Length: 24 Hours

Obviously, if I get 1000 invitations, I can't accept them all. But, if your invitation expires without being accepted, just issue another one. The cue could be long, but couldn't be infinite...

People was giving points away before. But this time, besides easy points - you are getting a TOKEN for each victory :)

Hurry up, you have to reach me before I learn! :)
The lowest rank: Question Mark
The lowest score: 1000
The lowest place on the scoreboard: don't remember
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