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Welcome to the Callouts Area!

Postby jpcloet on Fri Jul 03, 2009 1:44 pm

Welcome to the Callouts area.

The main section of Callouts is for:

  1. General Callouts for Public and Private Games
      Please indicate the game numbers and tag them with [Game][/Game]
  2. Account Sitters
      When looking for account sitters, please indicate when you will need the sitter, as well as the number of games you have on the go, plus include any special instructions.

      I will need a sitter from Friday May 1st 5PM EST, until Friday May 8th 9PM EST. I have 20 active games and most of my games are team tournament games. Please check my private messages for tournaments and join the tournament games as required. If you can do this for me, please pm me for additional details/instructions. Thanks!
  3. CC Contests
    • Tournament Reserves Needed
        Please do not post a thread for Tournaments that are looking for regular players as those threads should be kept in the Tournaments area in this special thread. If you are having challenges with getting players for your tournaments, you can ask a Tournament Director for suggestions as to how to best fill your Tournament. If you are looking for a Tournament to join, please look in the Create/Join a Tournament area.

    There is a sub-section for Create/Join a Social Group, check out the Create/Join a Social Usergroup area.

    If you are looking to Create/Join a Competitive Clan, check out the Create/Join a Competitive Clan area.

    Please note [Closed] in the thread title once the games are filled or your callout has been fulfilled, so that it can be moved to the Archives.

    If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Community Team.
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