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The Best strategy for team games -setting the record straigh

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The Best strategy for team games -setting the record straigh

Postby Fewnix on Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:44 am

This came up in our usergroup Whom or What and I thought it important and fun to circualte it widely:
macbone wrote:Viceroy is absolutely right. If I had to distill team play down to its most basic elements, I'd say these are the key ingredients:

  • 1. Never miss a turn. (Although there are exceptions to this.)
  • 2. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Everyone should know the gameplan. Everyone should know what their role should be, and what the team's objectives are.
  • 3. Strategy. Be familiar with the basic principles of denying opponents bonuses, establishing your own, and eliminating weak players on the other team.
  • 4. Know the map. Classic-style gameplay is fairly straightforward, but for maps with Conquest gameplay or more complicated bonus structures and attacking paths (Waterloo, Stalingrad, Poison Rome, etc.), there's no substitution for familiarity with the map.
  • 5. Team chemistry. You may have assembled four brilliant tacticians, but if they can't work together, or their play styles don't mess, you won't be as successful.

Clans like KORT and TOFU have gotten to the top by following all the above guidelines, and say what you will about our recent Conquerors, but they've followed #4 religiously.

Also, will you please credit emelar as the author of this?

The real rules #'s 1,2, and 3 are Communication, Communication, and Communication

The 1st four are Bruceswar's priorities in order:
1- break bonuses
2- break populations to below 12 to break popln bonuses
3- take your own bonuses
4- eliminate a player
These 4 subject to the facts-on-the -ground when the beginning game-drop is first seen.

Other tactics:
5- fort to the person who follows you if possible
6- separate the enemy players
7-try to always attack since it is a one v one game in essence (except in 3 and 4 team games)
8- attack with 4's or better (unless 3v1 sometimes), leave no attackable singles, snatch up unprotected singles

9 A concept to consider is that you should preferentially attack the player who comes immediately after you. (Try to maintain contact with that player's countries, try to avoid contact with the countries of the player before you, and keep away from your team mates the countries that come immediately before them.)

The game is about the team. At any time any or all of my pieces or bonuses may be sacrificed to gain a significant advantage such as enabling the killing 2 of the enemy players or gaining a dominant position (We've seen partners who didn't understand that concept.)

- emelar

Bruceswar taught me #1-4, and I passed it on to emelar, who refined it into this strategy PM. =)
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