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Rail USA

Postby Master Fenrir on Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:34 pm

Rail USA
Map by cairnswk
Guide by Master Fenrir

Click image to enlarge.

Rail USA is one of four rail maps by cairnswk, the other three being Rail Europe, Rail Australia, and Rail Africa. The opinion on these maps is polarized, people tending to either love them or hate them. Rail USA is one of the smaller and easier to understand maps in this series, and is a good starting point when you have decided to take a ride on the rails. With gas at $3.00 per gallon, nobody will blame you.

There are 67 total regions with 14 bonus zones, including the Chicago bonus. Though the spider web design of rail maps may seem different than a more traditional map, acquiring the bonuses is done in the same way. Bonus zones are acquired by holding every station along an entire rail line. These lines are color-coded on the map, and the bonus key at the top matches the colored name of the rail line to its bonus value.

Due to the size and linear design, I recommend 6 or more players and escalating spoils for standard, terminator, and assassin games, and triples with any spoils for team games.

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How to play...
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Re: Rail USA

Postby AndyDufresne on Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:21 am

This ends the Official Map Guide.

However, there may be relevant strategy discussion outside the scope of this basic map guide located in the below further discussion.

Please keep the discussion general so it applies to many situations. Guidance about your specific games should go in the main Strategy forum.
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