Complete A-Z List of official strategy guides

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Complete A-Z List of official strategy guides

Postby gimil on Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:57 am

Below is a complete list of all official, strategy guides created by the strategy ad-hoc group. These guide have been created for the purpose of helping the average new player get to grips with different maps and settings. It should be noted that these are not guides that will result in a best fit approach to any strategy. They are purely intened to help give a foot hold in understanding basic strategy in particular maps ands settings so that the player can learn and evolve their own strategic thinking in their own way for their own purpose.

These are beginners guides to settings and maps:

  1. Classic & Classic-Style Maps by Stahrgazer

  2. Africa by Nagerous
  3. Age of Merchants by Laughingcavalier
  4. Age of Realms 2 - Magic by Stahrgazer
  5. American Civil War by Nagerous
  6. Arctic by BaldAdonis
  7. Arms Race! by N00blet
  8. Asia by Gilligan
  9. Austerlitz by Gilligan
  10. Brazil by Alstergren
  11. British Isles by Alstergren
  12. Cairns Coral Coast by Stahrgazer
  13. Canada by Alstergren
  14. Caribbean Islands by Gilligan
  15. Conquer Club University (CCU) by BaldAdonis
  16. Discworld by Alstergren
  17. Doodle Earth by Nagerous
  18. Dust Bowl by Danryan
  19. Egypt: Lower by Jricart
  20. Egypt: Upper by Jricart
  21. Europe by Alstergren
  22. Extreme Global Warming by Slowreactor
  23. Feudal Epic by Danryan
  24. Feudal War by Danryan
  25. Forbbiden City by Danryan
  26. France by Danryan
  27. Germany by Alstergren
  28. Greater China by Gameplayer
  29. Greenland by Rdsrds2120
  30. Middle East by Danryan
  31. Midgard by L M S
  32. Mongol Empire by Danryan
  33. New World by Thunderhue
  34. NYC by Dako
  35. Operation Drug War by Danryan
  36. Peloponnesian War by Master Fenrir
  37. Poison Rome by Danryan
  38. Portugal by Jricart
  39. Rail USA by Master Fenrir
  40. Route 66 by Master Fenrir
  41. San Francisco by Sdh
  42. Soviet Union by Stahrgazer
  43. Space by Nagerous
  44. Supermax: Prison Riot! by Danryan
  45. Tamriel by Alstergren
  46. USA by Alstergren
  47. WWII Eastern Front by Master Fenrir

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