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[Rules] Redefinition of the farming rule

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Re: Redefinition of the farming rule

Postby BadgerJelly on Thu Feb 16, 2012 7:58 am

Woodruff wrote:
BadgerJelly wrote:Yeah that takes for ever though.

No it doesn't.

BadgerJelly wrote:I'd rather be able to place 15 troops at the start and have all territories randomly assigned with 1 army on. Is that possible here?

You just described what I was telling you about...manual deployment.

Yeah sorry getting words crossed with another site :P
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Re: Redefinition of the farming rule

Postby Gen.LeeGettinhed on Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:31 am

-keep The Farming Rule basically as is -- purely related to taking advantage of unranked ? new recruits
-foster the grouping of other things as Ranching, etc. -- or NEAR-Farming, there are HUGE differences: or Farming in the second or third degree
-if you go after 1v1 ranchers, then before that, go after 3v3 and 4v4 that is even harder for lower ranks/lesser experience to win against

before you change ANY rule:
-FAIRLY take into account loser/winnerx20 pts that causes this behavior
-talk to LARGE sample of people that "have been taken advantage of", group by farming/ranching and type, etc. see how they REALLY feel, not how haters THINK they might feel
-talk to people that leave CC, see if it's due to farming/ranching (difference) or low access to RT games (that ranchers give them)
-check into and see how many PAID players played after being talked into it by farmer/ranchers sometimes they are talked into it -- you'll be surprised.
-think about making a Power rating IN ADDITION to score. changing Scoring now is like changing Basketball layups to 1 point after the fact.

Just a few thoughts shooting from the hip
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