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[GP] Escaliting Spoils Tweak

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Re: Escaliting Spoils Tweak

Postby Dukasaur on Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:20 pm

Pedronicus wrote:
AndyDufresne wrote:
Pedronicus wrote:the up and down the mountain idea with a peak of 35 sounds fairer. It's even better if the increase in armies is 3, so make the peak 36.

I'm not sure I'd say it is fairer, it just makes strategic cashing different. I'm afraid that the Ascent-Descent mountain scheme would just lead to more escalating game stalemates than normal escalating already does.

Hm, but all of it is food for thought!


More esc stalemates?


Kindly point out some esc stalemate games in play right now and I'll shut up

I'll point out just one, which held up one of my tournaments for a month:
Game 10230966

Actually, I'll throw in a second one. Just in case you think 41 rounds is not enough to call it a stalemate, here's the oldest one on the site: Game 3852526

Anyway, I'm not supporting this suggestion, because I honestly think that my version is better: for anyone who hasn't noticed it.
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