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Enhanced in-game note taking

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Enhanced in-game note taking

Postby battlemania on Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:45 pm

Concise description:

  • An additional space in each game's page for personal note-taking purposes with screenshot capability


  • Separating the 'note to self' function from the current 'game chat' window; and enhance this new window with the function to post screenshots(either by attachment of uploaded image file; or preferably with a 'add screenshot of current game' button.

How this will benefit the site and/or other comments:

  • Improve players ability to analyze moves and general game progression. Example; screenshot shows troop numbers that cannot currently be deducted from game log; It would be useful in fog games to make more educated deductions of what occurred
  • It would provide a more convenient in-game alternative for players to take screenshots and record statistics
  • Eliminates the risk of inadvertently posting 'notes to self' in open game chat when the selection box was not ticked
  • Provide better intelligence gathering; both for strategic and dispute purposes
  • This could give an edge to those willing to take the time and also enhance their enjoyment of playing
  • Players would not have to rely on memory alone which can be an issue for; lengthy games, when many similar games are being played, or for those with memory problems
  • It has the potential to reduce conflicts and bad behaviour that stem from misunderstandings of what actually occurred. Hard evidence would be available to resolve these issues. Thus it would help CC to be a more positive, harmonious and rational community

Thanks, Battlemania
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Re: Enhanced in-game note taking

Postby 2dimes on Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:15 am

It's not a bad idea but...

You should get a giant cork board. Take pictures of the screen and print them, so you can write notes and pin string between them, like they do during an investigation on television.

Would work way better.
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