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Player Rating

Postby HardAttack on Wed Jan 21, 2009 7:25 pm

Concise description:
  • Players avarage ratings, after some hundreds of games they gets stuck. Lets say they gets fixed cos of every new game completed, and every new rating left has nothing to do very much to change the avarage value of the player's avarage rating. Lets assume a player has an avarage rating of 4.7 ( me :) ) and i need to get 300 or more consequetive 5 stars to barely rise my rating to 4.8.
  • Question : If i am able to take 300 consequetive 5 starts in my last 300 games, then do you believe it is fair me to be represented with 4.7 rating ? Isnt it possible, i just removed the reasons for those players left low ratings, simply i ve changed, i have become a more fair player etc, and isnt it now i deserve to be represented with a higher rating ?

  • I suggest the rating calculation to change from avaraging whole ratings left so far to avaraging the last 500 ratings..(In mathematics : Its name is windowing or screening...) (here 500 is an example, but might be 750 or 250...)

This will improve the following aspects of the site:
  • In this way, you will give a chance to those players who has low ratings to change. Simply low ratings will not be something permanent but according to players last performance, they then will able to increase his avarage rating.
  • If the suggestion made here viewtopic.php?f=4&t=75541 takes its place in application, my suggestion will have a better mean.
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Re: Player Rating

Postby maroco on Thu Jan 22, 2009 8:26 am

Personally, I think the rating system is crap. There is little difference between them and I have noticed that the rating given by a person is more a reflection of themselves. I have seen many examples of players being marked down for attitude and there is no chat in the game!!??

I had another idea on this rating thing and it goes like this...

Scrap the numbers thing.
The four tags you can attach to a players like backstabber, friendly, good strat, deadbeat etc is simply shown by the number of players that have tagged you.

So, at the end of each game you simply use 4 of the tags.
The rating number is replaced by an icon. The icon mean "View Tags" (or something).

When they click it, they are given a breakdown for the player which would look like this...

Votes for Maroco...
Good Strategy (129 Votes)
Friendly (111 Votes)
Paranoid (82 Votes)
Deadbeat (4 Votes)
And so on.

This would give you a much better idea of what sort of player you are playing. You can still play a 4.7 rater now that is an ass.

My 2 cents anyway.
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