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Re: I dont c how to contact cc management.

PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2017 5:01 pm
by mrswdk
TeeGee wrote:Conquer Club and "The Conquer Club" are 2 totally different sites, the one with the girl ad is for the other site (some sort of feminist club I think)

I am always curious about feminism. In China feminism does not exist because it is not needed. Men and women have been fully equal for decades, as Grandpa Mao said that 'women held up half the sky' and enshrined this in the national constitution:

Article 48 Women in the People’s Republic of China enjoy equal rights with men in all spheres of life, in political, economic, cultural, social and family life.

The State protects the rights and interests of women, applies the principle of equal pay for equal work to men and women alike and trains and selects cadres from among women.