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CC Dispatch [Issue 74.2: 23-06-12] Office Strategic Services

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CC Dispatch [Issue 74.2: 23-06-12] Office Strategic Services

Postby Leehar on Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:01 pm


Welcome to the 74th. Edition of the Conquer Club Newsletter, the strategy section. This marks my 10th. edition with the CC Team and today I am proud to present to you Six articles.

Leading us is CrazyMilkShake5 with an intriguing look at the Beta Map, "Eurasia." With helpful hints and photos for game play and insightful strategies, don't you miss out on "Beta Strategy: Eurasia" by CrazyMilkeShake5.

Then Macbone and I team up to bring you some more classic secrets to help you ponder your Standard Classic Games. Be sure to read, "Classic Secrets: The Time To Strike" by Viceroy63 and Macbone.

And "Strategy Talk," is a new column where we will be discussing various types of strategies and ideas. In this issue we talk about B.O.B. Who is he and what does he do? Well, find out more in, "Strategy Talk: About B.O.B." by me, Viceroy63.

"Tale's From the Trenches," is yet another newly created column where we shall talk about various stories, strategies and ideas having to do with Trench Warfare games. In this issue we present a brief visual account of a Trench game and a Dukasaur. So check out, "Tales From the Trenches: A Dinosaur's Tail" By me, Viceroy63.

Any news from the SoC worthy of reporting can be found in the column, "Inside The SoC" By Dhallmeyer and Viceroy63.

Which leads into another new column, "SoC Spot Light." Each Issue, the spot light will be turned on a different SoC student or instructor. In this issue we turn the Spot Light on Pascalleke, the newest Member of the SoC Team. And congradulation Pascalleke. We hope to see more from you in future Spot Lights.

Whew! am I exhausted from that introduction to this section or what? But happy to present all of these articles on behalf of all of us involved in the Strategy Section, on this, my tenth posting of the Strategy Section of the Conquer Club Newsletter.


Strategy Executive

Beta Strategy: Eurasia by crazymilkshake5

Classic Secrets: The Time To Strike! by Viceroy63 and Macbone

Strategy Talk: About B.O.B. by Viceroy63

Tales From the Trenches: A Dinosaur's Tail by Viceroy63

Inside The SoC by Dhallmeyer and Viceroy63

SoC Spot Light: Pascalleke by Viceroy63


If you would like to apply to join the Strategy News Team, PM Strategy Executive, Viceroy63!

Submitting Your Own Articles

If you have a story for the Strategy section you think the ConquerClub Community would find interesting, you can submit your articles to Viceroy63 and you may just see your article published in the Newsletter!


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