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CC Dispatch [Issue 75: 11-07-2012] The Safari Zone

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CC Dispatch [Issue 75: 11-07-2012] The Safari Zone

Postby Dukasaur on Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:03 am


Welcome Comrades to the 75th edition of the Dispatch :) This is our Diamond or Platinum Jubilee Issue, depending on whose rules you apply!

Apparantly Victor's escape from the hippo's basement was short-lived. The hippo's henchmen recaptured Victor within days and so far we have not been able to discover his new place of internment. We did receive a coded message, something about Father Guido Sarducci and Linda. Our best cryptographers are on the case; we should have further updates as the weeks roll on.

On a more serious note, Viceroy63 has decided to part ways with us. I would like to thank Viceroy for the work he did here. Although he wasn't with us for a long time, his work output during that time was enormous. The first Executive of the newly-launched Strategy section, he faced the daunting task of creating something where there had previously been nothing. Viceroy wrote articles both in quantity and of quality, and he will certainly be missed.

DoomYoshi now steps up to the plate and will attempt to keep the Strategy section rolling along. Please join me in wishing DoomYoshi the best of luck in this task!

In this issue, we feature the Interrogation of Safariguy5, and an issue chock-full of other articles. Down in the Platoon report, QuickSilver again produces our only bilingual column. Every now and then I have a look at it and challenge myself by trying to read the French version. In Cartography, Koontz1973 proves his dedication to CC by interupting his vacation and posting an article anyway. The OSS features Viceroy63's last article. In War Games, DaveH continues his demonstration of how to almost completely automate the running of a tournament.

In CC news, Whac-a-Mod is almost done, with only a handful of games still in progress. For those who are impatient to see an (interim) score, check out:Whac-A-Mod V: Returning For More [Whac-An-Admin!]

The big eye-opener for forum watchers is Mr Changsha's thread in GD, Why CC's Membership is (actually) Declining. For those of us who have long struggled with finding an explanation for CC's decline, this is, I think, the most plausible and coherent theory put forward thus far, and deserves some consideration.

Victor Sullivan
Chief Executive

Acting Chief Executive


Several departments are seeking help, including Freestyle, Tournaments, and Strategy. If you have a knack for writing, this is a great chance to do what you love and help the CC community at the same time!

If you would like to apply to join the news team, please visit the thread below for more details! :)

Click here for Recruitment Details...


Hope the dog days of summer are not too sizzling readers. I get an interview this issue and we have another Scum Insider. Time to kick back on the porch with a cold one.

You Stay Classy, CC.

Freestyle Executive

The Scum Insider by safariguy5


show: Interrogation of safariguy5


Welcome to the 75 edition of the Strategy Section of the Newsletter.

In this issue there is only one article and that is because My heart is no longer one with the Newsletter Team. For personal reasons I have decided not to write for the Newsletter any longer as it stands today. After 11 short editions and 26 written and posted articles in the Newsletter, some of them while teaming up with others and one of them written by some one else; This will be my last article in the Newsletter.

Thank you all for reading me. It was truly, a pleasure!

Ex. Strategy Executive and Reporter

Classic Secrets: The North America Problem by Viceroy63


Hello again my friends, and welcome to your favorite part of the Newsletter, "War Games", where you can find information about CC Tournaments!

We have another excellent article by DaveH in his Tournament Tips series, while WorldCup4James again gives you coverage of the hot new tournaments in signups with Join This? Or Not!

Tournament Executive

Tournament Tips by DaveH
show: Excel coding to set up a tournament - Part 1

Join This? Or Not! by WorldCup4James


Koontz1973 is having a well earned rest, or a sneaky getaway or maybe I am telling the truth in the News section? Well, you'll have to put up with me for this issue and probably the next to give you my take on the News and the Maps in Development articles. And for my sins I've run out of time to do another article but you've got a great article from Flapcake called Voices from The Bin to entertain you all.

Now I was having a wee think to myself. You are all obviously enjoying the newsletter and the Cartographic Surveillance articles in particular. But it's time for you to do something for me. It's winter where I am and I need cheering up. Why don't you send me a quick PM to tell me what your thoughts are on the Cartographic Surveillance articles? I'd like to know what you want to hear about or are you just happy with the eclectic range of stuff heading your way each fortnight? Whatever your thoughts, I'd like to hear them!

And a few words from Robert Orben:

Every speaker has a mouth;
An arrangement rather neat.
Sometimes it's filled with wisdom.
Sometimes it's filled with feet.

STOP PRESS: Koontz1973 is in a holding patern pending his sojourn and has cracked in a last minute report. An opportunity for us all to get our thinking caps on! Check out his article - Food for Thought Very aptly named!

thehippo8 -- Foundry Executive

Foundry News by thehippo8

Maps in Development by thehippo8

Voices from "The Bin" by Flapcake

Food for thought koontz1973


We have a cracker section up this week as both Skill and Quik live up to their names to give a double dose of news on the latest action on the Clan Scene.
We start off with a brief run-through of the results from the first round of Conquer Cup 3, then move onto Final action in Newcomers Cup 2, and a very informative look at the Clans involved in NC3!

We then present our feature article for this month for non-clan members to learn about the pro's and cons to joining a clan, before wrapping up with our (no longer exclusive) Clan Rankings as the baton passes onto IcePack after this July update!

I also invite you all to post questions to me as the latest interviewee of the dispatch!

Clan Executive

CC3: Round of 32 by QuikSilver

NewComers Cup 2 Finals by Skillfusniper33

NewComers Cup 3 Round 1 by Skillfusniper33

Clan for Newbies by QuikSilver

French version:

F400 Ranking by Gunn217 (PR)


Stay Tuned for the next issue of the ConquerClub Dispatch for an interrogation of Leehar. Post any questions you may have for them here --> Interrogation with Leehar

Submitting Your Own Articles

If you have a story you think the ConquerClub Community would find interesting, you can submit your articles to Victor Sullivan and you may just see your article published in the Newsletter!


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