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CC Dispatch [Issue 96: 1-6-2013] Please Check My Spelling!

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CC Dispatch [Issue 96: 1-6-2013] Please Check My Spelling!

Postby Dukasaur on Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:04 pm


Welcome Comrades to the 96th edition of the Dispatch :)

The Hippo is taking care of some urgent business, so I have the inestimable honour of bringing you the latest stage in our continuing redesign of the newsletter. In fact, if you're wondering why this issue is two days late, it is because I hoped Hippo would be here to celebrate this proud moment and I didn't want to deprive him of the honour. Well, c'est la vie, sometimes the cracker crumbs fall in unpredictable places.

Starting with this issue, we will no longer be going through our usual contortions to make the newsletter fit into one post. Instead, each major section will have its own post, although they will continue to be in exactly the same sequence as before, so you can choose to read the whole thing as one giant issue or just jump to the section you want to see first.

The innovations hippo introduced in Issue 95 will continue. The complete package will be published only in the Newsletter Issues Forum, while only the introduction and table of contents will be published in the Announcement Forum and in your Inbox (for subscribers.)

Okay, here's what we have on tap for you:

The first major section is Mess Hall and Interrogation Room, which includes another installment of Safariguy's Scum Insider and your interrogation of Sempaispellcheck. Truly, sempai is one of the most interesting, versatile, and cultured people we have on Team CC, and it's a pleasure to read his answers to your questions. As an added bonus, he completely translated all his answers, making this (I believe) our first fully bilingual interrogation.

The Platoon Report covers all aspects of the Clan scene. Team leader Swifte is aided by qwert, IcePack and betiko as they bring you all the stats from all the major clan events. CL5, CC3, F400... it sounds like a series of warships or space shuttle missions...:)

War Games is what we call the Tournament Section. In addition to all the usual features from DaveH and animainiacks, this issue features my interview with Brigadier IanG7.

Cartographic Surveillance is our smallest team, comprising only two people: Seamus76 and koontz1973. What this team lacks in size, however, they make up for in hyperactivity, and once again foundry matters are very thoroughly covered. In addition to regular features like Maps in Development, this issue includes a report on the Great Community Map Project as it enters the next major phase.

Finally, our Next Mission Brief includes such things as the closing credits and information on how to subscribe. In addition, we have a very significant policy announcement for the next issue.

Dukasaur - Aide Executive
on behalf of
thehippo8 - Chief Executive

And finally some late-breaking news:

Late-Breaking News: Runewake2 Joins! by Dukasaur

Late-Breaking News: API fixed! by Dukasaur


If you would like to apply to join the news team, please visit the thread below for more details! :)
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Remember, you cannot reply to the mini-newsletter that is posted in the Announcements forum! In order to leave your feedback, please follow this convenient link to the main copy of Issue 96 posted in the Newsletter Issue forum.
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