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CC Dispatch [Issue 100: 6-08-2013]

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CC Dispatch [Issue 100: 6-08-2013]

Postby safariguy5 on Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:43 am

Issue 100 is finally here. After some late nights, and hand wringing, we've finally gotten all the answers to the questions we asked and sorted out a few late additions. Hope you all enjoy the three (3!) interviews we've got as well as commentary from former newsletter greats.


Okay, here's what we have on tap for you:

The first regular section is Mess Hall and Interrogation Room, which includes articles related to general CC topics and interviews of players, moderators, and administrators.

The Platoon Report covers all aspects of the Clan scene.

War Games discusses the current state of affairs in the tournament world.

Cartographic Surveillance gives an overview of mapmaking and new maps in development

Finally, our Next Mission Brief includes such things as the closing credits and information on how to subscribe.
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