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CC Dispatch [Issue 101 18-08-13] Announcements Galore

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CC Dispatch [Issue 101 18-08-13] Announcements Galore

Postby Dukasaur on Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:39 am

A big welcome to mcshanester29 who has joined the newsletter staff in the War Games department! A special hello to trinicardinal, who has gifted us with a guest article in the Platoon Report!

I hope that you are noticing the many changes we have been making in the Dispatch over the last few months, as we make it a more useful and comprehensive resource. More is yet to come. Starting with this issue, it is our resolution to include coverage of all recent announcements in the Late-breaking News section. As if luck was on our side, this new resolution has been accompanied by a large number of announcements to cover. It's been an eventful two weeks on CC!

Here's what we have on tap for you:

In the Mess Hall you will find the "this and that" which doesn't have a section of its own. StubbsKVM presents the final installment of his play-by-play account of an SoC training game. Safariguy5 presents another installment of the Scum Insider.

The Platoon Report covers all aspects of the Clan scene.

War Games is all the news from the Tournament world.

Cartographic Surveillance is our regular look at the Foundry.

Our Next Mission Brief will tell you who is the interrogation target for next issue, and information on how to subscribe or how to sign up to join the newsletter staff.

Dukasaur - Chief Executive

And finally some late-breaking news are contained in the Main Section of the Dispatch. (The version posted here in the Announcements forum is for the benefit of those who have gotten accustomed to seeing it here. The FULL version is now only published in its original location in the Newsletter Issues forum.)
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