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[Issue 112] Current Recon

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[Issue 112] Current Recon

Postby Dukasaur on Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:44 am


Last week on CC was almost completely defined by the big Valentine's Day event. This was the first Community Event overseen directly by BigWham. I asked some of the people who worked on producing this event to give me their impressions of how the day went.
show: big wham

show: trinicardinal

show: pconnolly365

show: sempaispellcheck

The most recent tournament in the Championship series, The Championship - Flat Rate/No Spoils has been posted, as well as the most recent TPA Major tournament, 7 maps for 7 game types [TPA4 Major].

On the scoreboard, we have had a very dynamic situation, with three new conquerors in the last two weeks. Universalchiro reached the pinnacle on February 7th, Freefalling123 on February 13th (and again today) and Great-Ollie on February 18th. In the eight-year history of Conquer Club, only 30 players have held the top honour! For a complete list, look at the list of Conquerors on the medals page.

The Dispatch congratulates our three latest Conquerors!

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