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CC News [Issue 03: 2-3-09] - Interview with sully800

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CC News [Issue 03: 2-3-09] - Interview with sully800

Postby samuelc812 on Sat Feb 28, 2009 6:56 am

Issue #03:



Hello all and welcome to the third issue of the Conquer Club Newsletter!

Well it's been a very busy fortnight in the community of ConquerClub. With the Whac-a-Mod and Admin contests as well as the opening of "The Society of the Cooks" to the public, the past fortnight has had something for everyone to get involved in. New contest and tournament medals as well as a Foundry forum revamp have been just a few of the innovations we have seen in the past fortnight, more information on all of that in this issue of the Conquer Club Newsletter. You can now receive copies of previous issues, just see the instructions that are detailed at the end of the issue.

We also say another farewell to jnd94 who served as Suggs and Bugs Reporter for the past 2 issues. We wish him well in the future and hope that one day he returns to us.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue!

samuelc812 - News Director




We are now seeking staff to fill two positions, both the "Community Opinion Reporter" and the "Suggs and Bugs Reporter" positions are now vacant and we are seeking staff to fill these positions. If you are interested in reporting for us, please fill out the simple form below and send it to samuelc812.


Personal Statement:


Is it me, or is the weather getting a touch warmer here in the northern hemisphere? The other day I was taking my usual stroll and I noticed tiny green buds appearing on the trees in the Square my grand house looks out on (the servants don't get to see them as they live their paltry lives below stairs of course). It got me to thinking, this never ending cycle we see is a bit like cc. New members arrive, some leave, some grow and work their way up the scoreboard to become old and established, some grow to a lower level and spend their time happily in the shade; others start with great gusto only to lose interest and disappear like those growing shoots that never make it and wither. Indeed CC does seem to reflect real life in just so many ways, or maybe it's the other way round? Who knows...

This reflection of real life is something I have seen a lot of over the last two weeks. The announcement of the Whac-A-Mod spectacular was delivered with a certain level of self deprecation by The Fuzzy Penguin, a Mod who has certainly grown into the position in my opinion. The watching crowds were certainly kept entertained as the games progressed and for a time it seemed as if the community were going to beat the odds. Unfortunately this was not to far be it for me to wonder whether the mythical patches were quietly wheeled out and used like some latest stealth bomber but the Mods did get a superb run of results. Notwithstanding all this, we can all look forward to more of the same. Well done to the admin and Mods team for getting it together.

Apropos this real life metaphor. Last weekend, I attended a conference in London. A seriously boring day was followed on the Saturday night by a somewhat riotous dinner. During the day, attendees had been asked to put their names in the hat for an X factor game after this dinner. Now by the time this came round, yours truly had managed to sink a few bottles of pretty nifty red so was feeling mischievous. The names were read out and a lovely lady on our table was called forward as one of the 6 candidates. They had to talk about something or other, I paid no heed, and votes were cast by the audience. She got through round one and I recognised that help may be needed to get into the final as the other 2 semi finalists seem to have some very vocal support. So I sent a couple of the chaps round the other tables to surreptitiously swipe a few voting slips. Suffice to say she got through to the last 2 and then won the competition. She suspected something was afoot, as well she might, there were somewhat more votes cast than people in the room...naturally the organisers failed to spot this. So when she sat down she asked how it had happened. A young chap upped and told her I had organised a 'block vote' to ensure the result. I grimaced but was pleasantly surprised by how friendly she then became. This only goes to prove that when one has control of the situation, one can generally ensure a win. Something we all need to remember when playing this world domination stuff.

But enough of these nicey nicey matters. It's time to uncover the venomous, prick the pompous and generally goose the grandiose. Well not quite....actually it is a particular thread that caught my attention this week and I thought I might give you my take on it.

The thread that caught my attention in GD was called 'A farmer gets killed'. Now when I read this title my initial thoughts were that some poor farmer had overused the genetically modified crops and like some deadly triffids they had got him, however, this was not about that strange world outside but about the real stuff of sit back, have a glass and enjoy.

It seems that kylegraves1 had the temerity to break some clan rule and so was banished. This elicited his anger and the start of the whole thing. Sully stepped in and rightly pointed out that King Herpes, the sometimes Conq. and head of said clan had been seen playing with all sorts of rankers, lucky KH I say! Poor old Kylie reposted with his being removed from his clan and placed on the dreaded foe list. Serbia stepped in saying that Kylie should be glad, followed by DAT_WAT_SHE_SAID assuming our Sulls was 'avin a larf. Baldy Adonis told us that Sulls moonlights at the cc comedy club, while tsioumiou, doing the right thing, defended the actions of the clan. It must be said though, that his last two points were chortle inducing. I reached for a bottle or two of the vintage stuff and settled in.

A little skirmish ensued between tsioumiou and the follically challenged one before demonfork entered, stage right, to remind us of kylies past history. At this point it became obvious the baton had passed from taramasalata to the demonic fork as he battled on for his clan's reputation. LFAW, of the Major variety, told us he had always thought that Kylie was one of KH's sidekicks, then EagleofGreenErth soared in (geddit?) and it seemed the baton had been passed once again. Now at this stage I began to wonder if these guys weren't in fact a pretty slick operation, with each one stepping in as the other pulled out (stop sniggering at the back Jones). Owenshooter (the black Jesus) popped in with one of his usual withering comments, and the battle moved on. Bones (second mention for this member!) sidled in and took a swing which the soaring one riposted. A side order scuffle of the clan sigs variety was quickly joined with Owenshooter pointing out that some words seemed close to the BpBs own style. This was ignored as the main event moved on. TheOtherOne jumped in and made a defence of his clan, however, his efforts were not repeated so one wonders if he had stepped out of the set order of defenders. At this point the situation was heating up, so the Mod Night Watchman attempted to diffuse the state of affairs. After this it seemed the clan in question was back in planning as posts went unanswered. Then lanyards stepped in....this was starting to prove my theory! But like those fights one enjoys in a bar (well like those fights I used to enjoy when I was young and handsome instead of just handsome!) the situation developed into a series of slugging matches around the virtual room.

Then it seemed the plan had been resolved....back in came the demonic one, quickly followed by the heavyweight of the clan, KH himself. Initially he tried to reduce the situation to a simple level before making something of a statesman's statement (shorely shome mishtake there Fc....ed). Now others may not have realised what I had seen, but this was a clever move. Clearing the decks had given KH room to manoeuvre. Control of the information flow ensured everyone was 'on message'. A few posts followed then TheSameOne stepped in with a touch of the towels between rounds. You can imagine the scene, KH returns to his corner, swaggering, knowing he has defended himself well and TOO (I can't be doing with repeating these long names can you? Unless it's to have a quick bit of fun of course) flaps him with a towel while looking mean and pouting at the opposite corner.

By now we were on page 5 and this within a couple of days! In strides Matt Hardy with a reiteration of how this all came about, quickly followed by a classic Owen comment. Things were really hotting up again. KH steps back into the ring, then Timminz joins the fray. A flurry of verbal fisticuffs follows with that old anti hero JR dredging up an old accusation just to add to the mix. Lancehoch promptly blows the whistle on that one and we moved on. KH and Timminz rejoin the exchange as the blows got steadily lower. By now one could see KH standing in the middle of the ring, daring anyone who was of a mind. Some crazy Mexican made a few chuckle with his little diversionary asides then it was back to the fight. Kylie, having been missing for some time, threw a right but KH was ready for this and in sonorous tones pointed out ‘he’ was allowed to speak for the clan. This made me certain I was correct; the cannon fodder had been thrown in to the defence first to soften up the opposition, only for KH to do the real work. However, with a stinging left hook Owen pointed out that KH may have also applied his skills to defending his clan in other areas recently…the crowd gasped at this point, would KH stumble? Indeed not, he had his defence…he wasn’t the leader at those times!! “Phew” went the crowd. Then JR popped another jab…it seemed to me that at this point the whole event had turned from the original point into KH versus the rest. In came the follically challenged one again. KH attempts a block on that bolo punch but TFC Adonis hits straight back. The bell went and the corners were abuzz. Once again TOO purses his lips and glares at the others while flapping around his heavyweight. Another member, thezepman taunts from the side of the ring while KH steps back up with TFC Adonis…it seems this whole affair is degenerating…and then up waddles the Penguin, blowing the whistle and moving the whole thing to flame wars.

I don’t know about you dear reader, but after that little lot, I was in need of a second bottle of the Vintage stuff! What a barnburner this turned out to be….it could run and run…..

I think we can call that a fully consumed slice from Fc for this edition, but before I go, where would we be without the usual little gem of a post from somewhere over the last two weeks….so step up lance with a great response….

Kalano Sanchin wrote:Is it possible to find a new account of an account that was banned for reasons not relating to him. He was allowed to start a new account and all I was just wondering if we could find him for a reunion game. Check out the game if you wish Game 2908336

To be followed by...

lancehoch wrote:expro has already been busted with assassin0174.




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    - Tournament Directors announces a new medal for Tournament winners - here

    - Total Tournaments by Type - Last update February 21, 2009 - here

    - Hall of Fame Update - Last update February 23, 2009 - here

    - Tournament Newsletter - Gozar posted the #62 issue - here

    - Tournament Thread Link - Added a link to the tournament thread inside of each tournament game - here

    - What is going to happen on March 12, 2009 at 8:00am MST? - here

    - Stahrgazer interview - submit your question here


Last Poll

Last poll was about franchise tournaments...

Poll Result:

Question:Do you think Franchise Tournaments are a good addition to CC?
Poll ended at Thu Feb 26, 2009 12:24 am

Yes, it's a good addition... 16... 94%
Indifferent, i don't organize tournaments... 0... 0%
No, i think it's useless... 1... 6%

Total votes : 17

New Poll

Question:On the whole, how do you judge the quality of tournaments?

If you like to give us your opinion, you can find it here.
(Every poll takes only the community opinion)


Here below the last week current signups (last update February,28 ):

    Feudal War Assassins!

    Foundry Update 9.2
    Organizer: Natewolfman

    Discworld Terminator
    Organizer: DJ Teflon

    Double Dutch Doubles
    Organizer: Lindax

    Around All CC's Maps: Circus Maximus
    Organizer: HighlanderAttack

    Tournament: 1v1 Capitalism
    Organizer: lhcguy

    Around All CC's Maps: The Citadel
    Organizer: HighlanderAttack

    Qwert Bracket Tournament V
    Organizer: Qwert

    Map Blaster V: The Wrath of Agrona
    Organizer: brandoncfi

    ppgangster's WHITE GOLD Tourney
    Organizer: ppgangster

    The Ocean Race – Laser Class
    Organizer: ppgangster

    Yanks vs Rebs
    Organizer: Elijah S

    Luck or Skill
    Organizer: conquerAce

    Around All CC's Maps: City Mogul
    Organizer: HighlanderAttack


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    player name

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How to Organize a Tournament


Last week we learnt how to open a public signup for your tournament.
Now that you have enough players, you must get "Tournament Privileges".
Now you have simply to fill the form below and PM it to one of the tournament directors.

Tournament Organizer: Put the Tournament organizer (and co-host if applicable and will be making games) name here

Tournament Name: Put the name of your Tournament here. Make sure you use proper spelling and capitalization, because it will be the label for your games.

Tournament Thread: Copy/Paste the link to your Tournament thread here

This process could take a while (up to 24 hours) so please be patient.
When you got the privileges you can create games for your players.
There only one simple rule: never create games other than for the tournament the privileges are granted.
To create the games, go to "Start a Game" page, scroll (if necessary) to the selected tournament name, decide upon a password for each of the games, and fill out the details that you decided.You will have to go through this process for each game you need. Then assign your participants their game numbers and individually PM them along with passwords. (It's raccommended you write down all passwords and game numbers.)
Now simply you have to keep track of all the games. If some players don't join your games, you could PM one of the reserves and let them know they are in!

Next issue we learn the last few things about to organize a successful tournament.

If you have some interesting ideas or suggestions about, please contact me with a PM.
Thank you


Hello, my fellow conquerors, and welcome again to the Foundry section of the CC Newsletter!
  • Recently Quenched & Beta Maps
    • Wales
  • Foundry News
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    • Preliminary Reviews
  • Author's Note
Recently Quenched & Beta Maps
    The monkey (AndyDufresne) only quenched one lonely (yet still great) map over the fortnight, so let's have a good go at it:
    WalesMaker: MrBenn
    Our Draft CA, MrBenn, has had his second map quenched, this one about the country in Benn's home of the United Kingdom, Wales. This map — the 3rd in, as Benn says, a "British version of the USA Map Pack" — boasts a unique type of gameplay with the introduction of the original idea, "Shires." The idea is that there are 2 groups (a CLAN and Settlement) within a Shire, and each are battling for control. Holding one of each gains +1 army, while all within a colored region are the normal bonuses added on to the individual shire one.
    Besides the intriguing gameplay, when this map goes live it will surely be one of the best-looking maps up for play on the site. In the thread (available by clicking "Wales" at the top), praises of the map as "one of, if not the, best graphical map on the site" by multiple users, yours truly included ;)

Foundry News
    Click image to enlarge.

    On February 24th, 2009, 7:52 pm, the Map Foundry underwent its 2nd major revamp, shuffling subforums around and renaming them as they were chucked around. As shown above, the Drafting Room is now home to the Ideas subforum (previously its own subforum to the Foundry itself) and the Recycling Bin(previously a subforum of the Ideas subforum) moved there as well. From there, the Final Forge saw a new subforum created in itself, the Viewing Gallery, home to all quenched and non-Beta-marked maps. The Beta maps are now marked [Beta] and stickied in the Final Forge itself, and the not-yet-quenched maps bump themselves down from sticky to regular threads. Outside of there, the previously-named "Foundry Discussion" has been renamed to "Not Maps (Mostly)" (although that is under debate here).

    In response to the New Drafting Guidelines, a new project, headed by the previously mentioned MrBenn, the Foundry has opened a form of reviewing, highlighting the maps close to getting the Draft stamp, which will move them from the Drafting Room to the Main Foundry, where the majority of a map's development is discussed. Just click on the title of this subsection (PRELIMINARY REVIEWS), and reply, putting your name on the list for the PM asking for feedback on a particular map. It's a great process helping mapmakers get more feedback on maps (sometimes) destined to become a Conquer Club-playable map! As a mapmaker, I know I speak for us all when I say that we want and need more feedback from the CC community, so come pitch in!

If you have some interesting ideas or suggestions about, please contact me with a PM.
Happy Conquering!
I'd like to give a special thanks to tlane for helping me with the URLs in this issue :)


Last issue we looked at how THOTA changed the landscape of clans on the site by issuing their challenge to all of the other clans on the site. Today clans challenge each other in a variety of ways. The most common is a thread in Callouts, where one clan calls out another, often with the initial and pre-war discussion done between the leaders via private message.

A good example is the Generation 1 and Legion of the Damned challenge thread. This is a very good example of how to run a challenge and display the results. The first post includes the number of games, the types of games being played, the settings that are allowed and the maps that are not allowed. Results are also posted, and are conveniently color coded with all the games in the challenge being tagged with [Game][/Game] often allowing clan members to wish their clan mates "Good Luck" in the game chat. The thread title is also updated to show the current score, and also who has won. Game results are posted by the winning team in the thread and updated by the original poster. Once the challenge is complete, often some bragging and/or congratulations are in order. It's quite common to see some great sportsmanship in clan challenges.
Bones2484 wrote:Wow, thanks for the competition LoD. It was great, and everyone I played against was very classy. That CCC game to end it all was epic. Both sides played amazing.

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, from as small as 3 games to as large as 100 games. There is no standard way of setting up a challenge. The most common setups are some combination of singles, doubles, triples and quadruples, along with each clan picking an equal number of home maps and settings. Singles are often played in Singles3 or Singles5 which is a best of 3 or best of 5 series for 1 point, but do not appear in many challenges at all. The most common limitations are to NOT include Speed, Freestyle, or Beta maps, and sometimes maps that are generally obscure to the common clan player. Most clan wars are now a minimum of 20 games in part due to the Clan Leader's Association's entrance requirements and due to the minimum requirement to be included on the Unofficial Clan Ladder.

Featured Clan: Generation One: The Clan

Generation One: The Clan started as a gleam in Optimus Prime’s eye in the final months of 2007. He had recently been named a Tournament Director. A few days prior, the site had made an announcement that new clans were now allowed to start forming again. He began by looking into existing clans, as a place to call home, but couldn’t find one that he liked enough to apply to. It was at this time that Optimus made the decision that he wanted to start his own. Gozar, who he had been working closely with on the Cairns Coral Coast Masters tournament, expressed interest in helping with the formation and they began to work on a theme. It was Gozar who had the idea for a Transformers theme, and the two of them eventually decided on naming their endeavor Generation One: The Clan instead of The Conquerbots. While recruiting the initial members, Night Strike expressed interest in helping to run the clan and the three of them have been in charge since.

G1 does have the reputation as being the tournament organizer clan. However, this is by no means a requirement or goal of theirs by any means. G1's recruitment is done purely on a nomination basis, and G1 has not had an “active recruitment” for quite a long time as they enjoy being a tight-knit community. All current members are allowed to nominate anyone that they feel would be a good fit with G1. Occasionally these may be real life friends, but often times they are just players who G1 has had good experiences with on the site. Since a majority of G1 spends most of their time in the tournament forum, that just happens to be where G1 interacts with and meet others the most. G1 does have three members who have been Tournament Directors and some of the best tournament organizers that Conquer Club has seen. Not everyone is involved with tournaments, though as G1 does have a few amazing map makers within their ranks as well as one self-proclaimed Red Wings loving forum spammer.

The members of G1 are solely concerned with having fun playing on Conquer Club. You will not see any of them caring about their rank. In fact, they pride themselves on congratulating members of the community for things other than points. They want to make this site a better place for everyone and this is generally done through the tournament and foundry forums.

As for G1's tournament accomplishments, its currently stands at a grand total of 104 tournament victories spread amongst 26 individual members, with 3 of their members in the top 5 of multiple tournament victory totals. They also have 5 of the top 7, on the most tournament games created list and 3 of the top 4 most tournaments completed.

Each of the clan members has a Transformer code-name and 2 of their members have Transformer names as their actual names (Optimus Prime and Arcee). The rest have all chosen a Transformer name to represent them upon being accepted into the clan. The names are basically used as something fun and novel to identify ourselves as a member of G1, but they have been used elsewhere. A few of their members have used the names in tournament organization, such as Godd’s amazing ”The Rescue of Optimus Prime” tournament!

Generation 1 is a solid clan who participate in both clan wars and tournaments. Give yourself a chance to meet them by playing in a tournament or even signing up for one that one of their members is running.

As always, you can find Clans who are recruiting here and you can see a list of all the clans and usergroups here. If you have any ideas for a story, feel free to PM jpcloet.


Unfortunately we are unable to bring you the Sugs & Bug News for this fortnight due to unforeseen circumstances, this section will return in the next issue.


This week i sat down with Multi-Hunter sully800 for a chat...

show: sully800 interview


Our first Community Competition will soon start, the signups have been extended by another 2 weeks. All you need to do is PM the.killing.44 stating your interest. This is the perfect opportunity for people who missed out on whacing a mod or who want to add to their contest medals.

All you need to do after signing up is answer 10-15 Questions each fortnight. They will consist mainly of Conquer Club Trivia as well as the odd brain bender, mind teaser or logic puzzle. At the end of 2 weeks the scores will be tallied and a scoreboard will be kept in the Newletter. The winner at the end of the contest which should last 2-3 months will receive a contest medal. The questions won't be too hard but they may challenge some newcomers. Either way this contest is for everyone, so sign-up and prove yourself as a Conquer Club whiz!


Stay Tuned for the next issue of the Conquer Club Newsletter for an interview with Global Moderator, The Fuzzy Pengui. You can submit your questions here --> The Fuzzy Pengui Interview

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