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CC News [Issue 04: 16-3-09] - The Fuzzy Pengui Interview

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CC News [Issue 04: 16-3-09] - The Fuzzy Pengui Interview

Postby samuelc812 on Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:40 pm

Issue #04:



Hello all and welcome to the fourth issue of the Conquer Club Newsletter!

It has been another very busy but also very exciting fortnight in the Conquer Club Community. The biggest news came when ConquerClub's Community Manager Twill hung up his lightning rod and entered into his retirement, the CC News Team wishes you all the best in the future. We also welcomed 2 new admins in an effort to fill Twill's giant shoes, Optimus Prime emerged from his retirement to become the new Volunteer Co-ordinator and we also welcomed Hyasri who is the new Community Manager, he has come to us with 4 years of Community Managing experience on other high profile gaming communities.

We have also got 2 new reporters for the Conquer Club Newsletter. Firstly, please welcome The Neon Peon who has come on the CC News Team as Suggs & Bugs Reporter and secondly, please give another warm welcome to InsomniaRed who is our new Community Opinion Reporter. Thankyou to everyone who applied in response to the last issue.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue!

samuelc812 - News Director




Doesn’t it seem as if we are thundering through 2009 at a terrific pace? Already we are closing in one the end of the first quarter. Before we know it the summer will have arrived here in the northern hemisphere. The sky will be blue. The clouds, when they do appear, generally white and for a few months all things growing will put their best foot forward.

These seasons seem to be yet another reflection in that outside world of this world of cc. Have you noticed the way your games go? You start of in the spring with your attacks seeming to have a bounce to them, your armies seem to do well and you sense that things are generally going your way. Then your summer arrives and it seems you can do little wrong. You attack and everything rolls right for you, your defence withstands the greatest assaults and your win rate rises. Then the edginess of autumn sets in. Those attacks sometimes don’t go according to plan. Just occasionally the numbers set against you, but with the memory of your summer so recent, you shrug this off and continue. As this season continues it seems you are grinding to a halt. Then the dreaded winter sets in. Your attacks are useless or even worse. The numbers seem to go against you no matter what you do and you find yourself shedding points all over the place.

Indeed real life does reflect the world of cc in so many ways. But remember, every game you play during the purgatory of your gaming winter is another game closer to the next spring.

Moving to the latest news, well there is one item that has so obviously dominated recently. The retirement of Twill. Like a whisper in the crowd the news spread just as, with searing timing, the last issue of the CC news went live. Nothing official was posted, but those who looked into the ‘Much ado’ forum saw the gossip nearly 24 hours before this momentous event was officially announced. Now rather than deliver an interminable and platitudinous article on this retired Community Manager I would rather ask who exactly Twill is. Maybe that question should be what is Twill? Is he, as some perceive, a dastardly alter ego of Lack? Is Twill merely a construct of your imagination dear reader? If this was so, then perhaps you are the Supreme Deity and cc is nothing more than a higher level construct so you can while away a few hours rather than playing with yourself. Does it really matter now what Twill was? Is Twill going to be yesterday’s news before we know it? Do we really care? So many questions are left unanswered. Once again showing how cc reflects real life and vice versa.

Moving on from this, I have been following a thread for the last couple of weeks. Optimus Primus Stove, or Stovey as I like to think of him, posted his sabbatical from Bob. Now I was a tad concerned with his statement of enjoying the fruits of BOB but I breathed a sigh of relief when I realised this was, in fact, a piece of software. Talking of software, I see chipv’s new map rank scoreboard is hitting the streets. This should provide some interesting discussion in the near future. Naturally I was pretty chuffed to see my sequential score.

Now what’s all this latest craze of people posting that they are leaving? Get a grip you lot. This is an internet game site, not the United Nations, or even your local office that you spend your days in. You are but a series of letters on a screen, that when read make a name, that’s it! I am sorry to disillusion you but seriously, do try to get out more.

With the GD forum fairly quiet there is little else to report this edition. However, after searching high and low I found this little nugget of a post which I truly think deserves the post of the week award. So without further ado and to the sound of trumpets being played by assembled asthmatic ant bands I give you TImminz’s response to a question by Mr Adams:

Timminz wrote:
Mr_Adams wrote:Why do I get the overwhelming feeling that this whole thing is a BS thread? :lol:

Probably because you're so damn insightful.

A bit like me then eh Timminz!



  • Fast News
  • Fortnightly Poll
  • Current Signups
  • Tournaments Guides, Tips & Tricks
  • Editor's Note


  • February 10th, 2009 Optimus Prime posted: it returns...
    After an incredible number of rumors, on March 12, 2009 at 8:00am MST, we finally know the truth. Also with his new position as Volunteer Coordinator, Optimus Prime decided to stay in tournament organization business and hosted Point Grabbers XI: The Return Tournament. Don't worry if you missed the sign up... you're not then only one. Infact we have a new record,the tournament was full after only 12 minutes! :shock:

  • Tournament Directors announces the new tournament winner medals on February, after a month seems that all medals are assigned. As we can see here, killmaniac has the leadership with 27 won tournaments, an hard record to break! (If you didn't receive your medal, please send a PM to one of the Tournament Directors).

  • Tournament Newsletter, Gozar posted the #64 issue - here

  • thekidstrumpet interview - submit your question - here


The number of tournaments increases day by day. We asked you, on a scale of 1 to 10, which is the quality of tournaments.
Has this big number of tournaments caused a lower quality or not ?

Last Poll :

Question:On the whole, how do you judge the quality of tournaments?

Results :

    10...........6%..........(1 vote)
    9..........17%..........(3 votes)
    8..........39%..........(7 votes)
    7..........11%..........(2 votes)
    6..........17%..........(3 votes)
    5...........0%..........(no votes)
    4...........6%..........(1 vote)
    3...........0%..........(no votes)
    2...........6%..........(1 vote)
    1...........0%..........(no votes)

    Total votes: 18



Here below the last week current signups (last update on March 14th):

    Melee Assassin
    show: options

    The Sailorseal Cup
    show: options

    Puzzle Mix
    show: options

    NCAA March Madness Doubles Style Tournament
    show: options

    Kot's Random Feudal Singles
    show: options

    Complete Control - USA
    show: options

    UK Get away
    show: options

    show: options

    Roman Gladiator
    Organizer:DJ Teflon
    show: options

    An Evolutionary Tournament III
    show: options

    "Blind Date" doubles tournament
    show: options

    LittleBigWorld 2
    show: options

    CC Golf Championships
    show: options

    American Idol Season 8
    show: options

    b00060's Classic Shapes Tournament III
    show: options

    The Conquerer of the Celts
    Organizer:Tang Kai
    show: options

    sports tournament
    show: options

    Trains Across The Sea
    show: options

    Final Fantasy Wars - FF II
    show: options


Guides & Others on CC about Tournaments

How to Organize a Tournament

This is the last part of this "quick tournaments guide".


Last issue we learnt how to create and to keep track of all tour games. Now that all games are played, you have only to celebrate the winner and reward him with a little bit of “spotlight.” Finally add the [winner] tag in the title of your first post, so Tournament Directors can move the tournament in the completed subforum.
You will receive a PM from one of the Tournament Directors, who notificate you that your privileges for that tournament have expired. Now be patient, you'll receive your tournament contribution achievement in few time.

If you have some interesting ideas or suggestions about, please contact me with a PM.
Thank you


Hello, my fellow conquerors, and welcome again to the Foundry section of the CC Newsletter!

Unfortunately all we have is the bare bones this week due to unforeseen computer problems so this is samuelc812 filling in for the.killing.44 this week.

  • Recently Quenched & Beta Maps
    • San Marino
    • Eastern Hemisphere
  • Foundry Newsletter
  • Author's Note

Recently Quenched & Beta Maps
San MarinoMaker: Ruben Cassar

Another small yet very stylish map by Ruben Cassar, this map has been in the Final Forge for quite a while, and is finally up for live play under Beta. While being average size this map has plenty of bonuses that should be easy to get and hold onto. A great addition to his already successful Luxembourg and Malta Maps.

Eastern HemisphereMaker: oaktown

What happens when you slice the world in half then age it 90 years? This map showing the far side of the world around 1910! It's the time when the great European empires are crumbling, and the creator has worked hard on making gameplay appropriate to the time setting. Expect a fresh world experience soon. This is another fine map by oaktown, sure to be a map for many great battles.

Foundry Newsletter

If you don't know yet the Foundry Newsletter has been in a bit of a lull and needs some help. If you don't think you are good at map-making but you still wish to contribute to the Map Foundry than this mite just be your chance to contribute to the Foundry Community by helping out and joining The Foundry News Team. If you're interested send a PM to the Senior Editor TaCktiX today and ensure a better tomorrow :)

To view their latest issue you can visit this link --> Foundry Newsletter

If you have some interesting ideas or suggestions about, please contact me with a PM.
Happy Conquering!
I'd like to give a special thanks to samuelc812 for filling in for me this issue :)


We have looked at several of the major clans over the first 3 versions of the CC News. We've also talked a little bit about clan war challenges and how they happen and are managed. This week, we will look at something new in clans this year, which is the 2009 Clan League.

The 2009 league is actually a second attempt at a clan league. The first league was a doubles league done via the tournament forum. The league ended up folding due to the Tournament Organizer abusing his tournament rights and then getting the rights removed. An attempt was made to continue the league; however, there was not a full commitment by all of the clans.

The current league is also a doubles league, however, the league is being run privately without any tournament rights and is the largest private league (publicly known) on the site at 1350 games over a 24 week schedule. This has taken a great effort by all the clans involved and has been running successfully for 10 weeks now. The league is made up of 15 of the major clans on the site, all of whom belong to the Clan Leaders Association (CLA). The membership to the CLA was a requirement to join the league; however, not all CLA clans did join. (I will discuss the CLA in the next episode of CC News)

The 2009 League is just over one-third complete, and there have been several changes in the leader. Currently on top of the league sits The Spanking Monkeys at a record of 33-12 in part thanks to a recent weekly result over De Veroveraars der Lage Landen of 10-0 which is impressive as VDL are no pushovers. Immortal Assassins were leading last week, but have recently run into a hot EMPIRE clan. Several clans are taking shots at THOTA since they are not in first (not yet anyways) but have done well through a tough early road schedule against some of the best clans. Look for them to take a run at the top soon, as The Spanking Monkeys are currently in tough against The Imperial Dragoons and EMPIRE in weekly battles. Also lurking around the top of both the Clan League and the Unofficial Clan Ladder is a clan called The Legends of War who also have been one of the top clans on this site. There are some great battles going on between many clans.

Who will end up as the top clan? Watch and find out!

As always, you can find Clans who are recruiting here and you can see a list of all the clans and usergroups here.


show: The Fuzzy Pengui Interview


Well we have had a surprising amount of people sign-up for this competition. We all thought that more people would want to add to their contest medal count or get their first because they missed out in the Whac-a-Mod Competition. Well we have 16 participants who all want to put their knowledge of CC to the test. A scoreboard will be kept here in the Newsletter during the course of the competition. Participants will get their first set of questions tomorrow, Good Luck! :)

show: Competition Participants


Stay Tuned for the next issue of the Conquer Club Newsletter for a Farewell interview with former Community Manager, Twill. You can submit your questions here -->

Also our two newest recruits The Neon Peon and InsomniaRed will debut in the 5th issue of the CC Newsletter.

Submitting Your Own Articles

If you have a story you think the Conquer Club Community would find interesting, you can submit your articles to samuelc812. If the CC News Team enjoy it than you may just see your article published in the Newsletter!


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