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CC News [Issue 05: 30-3-09] - Interview with Twill

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CC News [Issue 05: 30-3-09] - Interview with Twill

Postby samuelc812 on Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:50 am

Issue #05:



Hello all and welcome to the fifth issue of the Conquer Club Newsletter!

Well it's been a relatively quiet fortnight in the Conquer Club Community, yet it has gone fast and was full of exciting things. The main event was the St.Patricks Day Holiday, which saw us spend 2 days with free speed games on the limited edition St.Patricks Day Map. With a big thanks to oaktown and the foundry team, the map was a hit with a total of 5856 games being played on the map over the two day celebration.

We also saw Hyasri finally receive his Red tinge as a fully equipped Administrator, i think i speak for all when i say that the community is eager to see what our new Admins can bring to their new positions.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue!

samuelc812 - News Director




This week we are looking for an assistant for Clan Reporter jpcloet, who is finding it a bit of a stretch writing for the newsletter every 2 weeks as well as performing his Clan Directing duties. He has requested a helper/assistant to help him with the Clan Reporting side of things. If anyone is interested in helping jpcloet with clan reporting, please contact samuelc812 via PM, by filling out this simple form.



Well, here we are, the first quarter of the lunar year gone already and we march inexorably towards the full spring and summer, or autumn and winter depending on your position to the Equator. The other evening I watched some birds creating a nest in the formal gardens at the back of my mansion. It was fascinating to see them flying backwards and forwards gathering the materials, placing them and building. Before I knew it some hours had passed and I was unable to raise myself from my chair due to an excessive intake of the vintage stuff. The following day I pondered on this and realised that once again real life reflects cc. We join a game and build our position. We take a bonus if we are lucky and then we continue ensuring the ‘nest’ we have built is strong and able to withstand the winds that will surely arrive. Either this or we are watchers, fascinated with seeing someone else build this nest while we sit quietly, then realise that so much time has passed we are unable to move freely. So before this bottle of particularly nice Offley Boa Vista Vintage Port 1963 is emptied I think we should take a gander at what’s been going on.

Well this edition could not go by without mentioning Robinette. How does she do this? How does she manage to get not one but two threads in GD? Back in late January we were presented with the 4th avatar thread, then following this was the 500th game. I was fortunate enough to be invited to this particular game; I was unfortunate enough to lose it. Congrats to Robinette for pulling off something of a coup, I would have laid money that this result was not going to happen. I see it also elevated Robinette to a Brig rank, so whilst going against my traditional attitude I must congratulate her for achieving this.

Is it me, or is GD still going through something of a famine of good threads? On the front page I counted no less than 8 threads sent to other forums, 4 locked and 2 newsletter stickied threads. Out of a page list of 50 this means 28% are effectively out of the action. I even noticed a thread where the OP asked for it to be locked, but this one was left open! Perhaps we are seeing the long slow death of what was a great main forum, who knows, hopefully this drought will not continue for ever.

There is one thing we should all keep our eyes open for. The ‘invaders’. I see whoever this is has decided to try to launch an attack. Now the only question I have is how committed is this person. I read they want to bring the site down, reduce scores, do damage and generally be a pain in the rear. However, as I see it there is a huge flaw in his/hers/their logic. If you target senior ranks they will quickly learn to do one thing, after all they didn’t get to this rank because they are the most stupid people about. What will happen is they will collect as teams, doubles, triples, quads, by doing this they insure themselves against being alone against a team such as Game 4567874. The net result of this is that the clever invader has forced the division between score holders even further. Is it not one of the complaints by lower score holders that higher score holders gather in teams to make page after page of games waiting? So well done to whoever this is, not the best thought through plan in the world, but then you showed how much real imagination you had by numbering your multis. But before I close it has to be said there is another side to this. It would be easy to denounce and shout from the pulpit, but would that be totally correct. Look at the world outside cc. We all know anything can happen. Well in cc this is just another ‘anything can happen’ moment.

The quote this week really has to come from this subject. As if to show how clever he/she was, they decided to change the name of a thread in C&A to ‘INVSASION’ at which point john9blue stepped to ask:


Is that better or worse than an invasion?

I can only say from limited experience it all depends on what kind of invasion you are comparing it with John. I am sure an invasion of suppurating, erupting skin pustules allied to an invasion of skin ticks is far worse…as I am sure ‘Invader’ can tell you!



  • Fast News
  • Tournament Interview with...
  • Current Signups
  • Editor's Note


    - Amazzony, with 4,705 tournament games created, takes the leadership and bypass Optiums Prime (here)
    - Tournament Hall of Fame Update (here)
    - Tournament Newsletter issue #66 (here)
    - Interview with Sailorseal - submit your questions (here)
    - Top 10 Tournament Winner Update (here)


DJ Teflon

A new face in the tournament organizing business, specializing himself in speed type.

Q: Tell us about you...

    Well, when I can drag myself off the laptop I enjoy playing ragga music, supporting the mighty reds and chasing round after pretty, voluptuous ladies. I have a current vacancy by the way. For a job, I help offenders into training or looking for work.

Q: Why did you start to organize tournaments?

    I guess its my competitive nature. Plus, I found I wanted to play in a tournament with regular turns – so I created the Freestyle King of Europe. This was fun but made me realise what would be most satisfying would be a speed tournament. As I enjoyed running my casual tournaments and kept getting ideas I carried on with them too. Maybe I have an organising gene?

Q: You organized and still organizing speed tournaments.Why do you choose this "dangerous" type?

    Yes, very dangerous. Maybe I'm not patient enough for casual games but I had to try it as I really enjoy both speed games and tournaments and I knew it would be great fun to combine the two.
    And its a great buzz when its all happening, especially if you win.

Q: Some suggestions for other members that want to organize speed tournaments?

    Bear in mind that I've not been doing this long, so these are only the first lessons I've learnt.
    Coded is running assassin tournaments and may have additional advices, he uses a different format which looks like a winner too. Anyway, here’s what I have learnt so far in a rather over-sized nutshell:
    • Set-out clear rules and be well organised - just like a casual tournament, but with extra time and effort at first. Try running a casual tournament first to get the hang of the organizers job.
    • Be very clear about the start times and remind players regularly in the days leading-up to games. This will also re-assure them that you are on top of things.
    • Dont expect hundreds to sign-up. Not many players will be available at your stated time. Aim for 20-24, then you are still likely to have 16 if some dont show. Keep your tournament brief and straightforward, otherwise players might not be able to see it all through.
    • The big problem is players not turning-up, someone is bound to develop cancer of the laptop, irritable keyboard syndrome or an allergic reaction to PMs. Seriously though, even the most organised and committed players can have something happen in their lives. It means you have to always have a back-up plan. For example, having 4-player games set-up, with a 3-player game ready if someone doesn't show.
    • If you have a bracket tournament, reserves are hard to recruit, Why would someone want to be on line especially then find out they aren't needed? Recruit reserves from live speed games an hour or so before the games start - they are already on-line and some will give it a go. This has worked extra well so far for me. You can also use yourself flexibly, like a reserve, placing yourself in a game with a player missing.
    • Again, with bracket tournaments, be flexible with the format of the first round. If you have 20 players, be prepared for 12 turning-up and recruiting another bunch from live speed games. But also be prepared for nearly all of them turning-up and having 8 extra from live speed game recruitment. I have a tournament ending tomorrow. In the first round I had 5 4-player games set-up. With the last minute recruitment and most players turning-up I changed this to 6 games. I was equally prepared for 4 though.
    • Be on-line at the start time, even if you're not playing. You can then adjust things and send PMs with the back-up game(s) if you need to. And be prepared for a manic time with PMs as the start time approaches and players are waiting for someone to show.
    • Stick at it. After the first tournament you will have some die-hard players that will be chomping at the bit to play more speed tournaments. This will make the next one much easier for you as you gather a collection of regular and reliable players.

Q: Future plan? I heard about a world speed tournament in your projects...

    I'm running a speed league, regular games on Fridays, and I'm now taking sign-ups for a second season. I've learnt a lot from it which will hopefully make season 2 a big success. The aim is for divisions suitable for people in different time zones in europe and north america. If all goes to plan, I'm hoping I'll get some help from someone in Oceania to have a division there and make it a world speed league.
    Otherwise, I will continue to run one day bracket tournaments on saturdays (I’m recruiting for one of these now too) - every couple of months, as well as a friday bracket tournament over a couple of weeks, The latter has run the smoothest so far.
    Most of all, I'm hoping other organisers will either join me in running more speed tournaments or have a go themselves - I'd love to play in someone else's speed tournament.

Q: Which is your favourite map? And which is the worst one?

    I have phases with different maps. The map which has endured most is WWII Western Front – ideal size for 4-5 players, some nice graphics and gameplay features too. I’m always up to try new maps though, exploring without having to move! Not sure if I have a worst map although I’ve lost most points on St. Patrick’s.

Q: About your opinion, which are the best and the worst things in the tournament forum?

    It seems to work really well from my point of view, the directors and mods do a great job. Its easy to sign-up and easy to post a new tournament. I wouldn't change it, apart from a few voluptuous ladies’ phone numbers being posted perhaps.

Q: Do you agree with the new medal for tournament winners?

    It's a great move. Winning a tournament is never easy and worth a medal. Plus, it makes recruitment easier as it gives players a little extra motivation.

Q: What do think about "franchise system"?

    I'm all in favour of giving extra recognition to tournament directors that run a lot of tournaments. I'm not sure that the players know much about it though. A seperate medal may be worth considering?

Q: Which is your favourite Tournament Director?

    I've not really been playing long enough to say really. Anyone putting their own time in for others.


Here below the last week current signups (last update on March, 28th):

Zero Hour
show: options

King of the Hill
show: options

007: "Bond, James Bond" #2: From Russia With Love
show: options

European Football
show: options

Qwert Bracket Tournament VI
show: options

Territory War
show: options

Gc's 1v1 AoR3 Tourney
show: options

2009 IIHF World Women's Championship
show: options

Speed Terminator II
Organizer:DJ Teflon
show: options

Double - Classic Art
show: options

The James Doubles Invitational
show: options

Discovery Series - Islands
show: options

2009 AFL Tournament League
show: options

Around All CC's Maps: Doodle Earth
show: options

40kguy's fudal war map tournament
show: options

Total Darkness: John Karem's Story
show: options

WorldFitz Dubs Tourney V
show: options

DBZ's Space Madness Trips Tourney
show: options

Gc's 1v1 AoR2 Tourney
show: options

If you have some interesting ideas or suggestions about, please contact me with a PM.
Thank you


Hello again, Folks 8-) . Not too much has been happening in the Foundry of late, with quenchings coming in batches (small one this fortnight) and not much news to be had. But, as always, maps are progressing through the Foundry, and your feedback is wildly welcome!

  • Recently Quenched & Beta Maps
    • Centerscape REVAMP
    • Pelopponesian War
  • Foundry News
  • "Come one, come all!"
  • New: Map Making Guide!

Recently Quenched & Beta
In place of the much-despised "shapes" Centerscape map (which replaced Middle Earth), RjBeals put together this great draft for the REVAMP competition, which he won by a small landslide. But time constraints took charge, and he sent the file to WidowMakers for finishing and quenching. This should see a very small Beta period, if any, for the gameplay of Centerscape/Middle Earth remains the same and the only thing to check would be XML issues.

Another historical map from the qwert map factory, this conquest-style map depicts the war throughout Ancient Greece. Great graphics perfected by one of the longer Main Foundry stays (much noticed by qwert, one might say), this should offer some great games to be had!

Foundry News
"Come one, come all!"
By clicking the above-linked title, you can sign yourself up for a chance to stamp some maps for graphics! Unfortunately, gimil's wild social life ( :lol: ) has taken over, so he doesn't have as much time as normal to be a stamper. So here's your chance to play gimil on a map!

The All New Map Making Handbook!
In the link above the Map Making Handbook is enclosed! This, in the works for months, has combined the requirements, tools, XML tutorials, and many other useful facts in map making for both the beginner and anyone else visiting!

Happy Conquering, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to PM by clicking my signature below!


I mentioned last episode that I would talk about the clans competing in the 2009 Clan League, and the Clan Leaders Association (CLA) from which all participating clans belong to.

The idea to gather all the leaders of the competitive clans is not a new one. This group existed previously, but did not last very long as it did not have a real purpose. I was not a clan leader at the time, but I'm told it was mostly used to arrange clan wars. From my experience organizing clan wars, it seemed to me that it was the same 7-10 clans who were always involved in clan wars and tournaments, and made up the basis of competitive clans on CC. I approached several clan leaders if they were interested in forming this group again, for the purpose of advancing clans on the site. The CLA had strong support and was started with 7 founding clans. Each clan sends 2 representatives to the CLA group.

The founding 7 members are:
De Veroveraars der Lage Landen
Generation One: The Clan
Legends of War
Legion of the Damned
The Regulators
The Horsemen of the Apocalypse (THOTA)
The Imperial Dragoons

The initial discussion revolved around the charter of the CLA and what all clans needed to do to join the group.

In order to join the CLA, any clan wishing to join must adhere to the following 3 requirements:
1. One competitive clan rule enforced
2. One completed clan challenge of at least 20 games.
3. Three months as a clan

Rule 1 was interesting, in that many clans thought that they were following that rule already. However, many clans were finding that some members were actually in other clans. The founding members were quick to address their own clans, and all founding members were in compliance within a short time. The definition of "competitive" was discussed at length, and still is today. The main definition used is "competitive in clan wars".

Rule 2 and 3 combined will show that a clan is truly competitive and can organize at least a small challenge. It often takes 2-3 months just to get a clan together and working, plus some additional time to actually complete a challenge. Many clans try and challenge the established clans, but due to the high level of skill in the established clans, many first time clans are losing pretty badly in their first challenge.

Since the creation of the CLA, many other clans have joined including:

Black Sheep Squadron, EMPIRE , Immortal Assassins, Imperial Britain, Marvel/DC Heroes, Mythology, Nemesis, Sky Force, The Last Warriors, The Spanking Monkeys, The Untouchables, ++The Legion++, and The Warlords of Wort.

This collection of clans discusses a variety of clan related topics like challenge settings/limitations, future clan leagues, clan requests for the admin, and often votes on changes to the Unofficial Clan Ladder.

As always, you can find Clans who are recruiting here and you can see a list of all the clans and usergroups here.


This week's communtity opinion topic was centered around the administration changes within TeamCC lately. Conquer Club's long-time Community Manager, Twill has retired and in his place Optimus Prime oddly enough came out of retirement to administrate, as well as our CC newbie, Hyasri who came to join the admin team with a resume full of experience. It seemed the community had mixed emotions about these changes, as seen in the Community Opinion thread in the General Discussion forum. (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=81512)

Almost half of the people voting in the opinion thread thought that TeamCC's decision-making is for the best and that they are only trying to help the community. A quarter of the voters didn't think things would be changing much either way. A few others are glad to see a new face but are a bit leary that the fresh face is a bit too fresh for their liking. A couple want to hang onto Twill and never let go!! (or something along those lines, if not those exact words)

"Everyone should give the new guy a chance" says karel, adding that he thinks Optimus Prime will do quite well, and many agreed with him! A few posters wondered why our new admin seemed to be in hiding around the forums, but he came in and reassured those with doubts that he was alive and active, just trying to learn the ropes and not rush into anything in hopes of avoiding any rash decisions.


Thanks to everyone who put in their opinions, and if you ever have a suggestion for a Community Opinion piece, feel free to PM me any ideas!


show: The Twill Interview


Scores at the end of Week 1

show: Community Competition Scoreboard


Stay Tuned for the next issue of the Conquer Club Newsletter for an interview with the cartographer who looks so good in blue, gimil. You can submit your questions here --> Interview with gimil

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